The Sims 4: 10 Important Facts to Consider Before buying Outdoor Retreat

Before Outdoor Retreat, there were no game packs for The Sims 4. In the first games of the series, there were only Stuff Packs and Expansion Packs. The Game Pack fills in the gap between Stuff Packs and Expansion Packs. It has fewer items but more game play than Stuff Packs and is smaller and cheaper than Expansion Packs.

10 Important Facts to Consider Before buying Outdoor Retreat

As the first of its kind, Outdoor Retreat is not as good as some of the Game Packs that came after it. Its niche focus also means that it can feel like a waste of time for players who do not care about vacations and outdoor activities. But this game pack is not completely boring. Before you buy Outdoor Retreat, here’s what you need to know.


You Can Take a Vacation to Granite Falls

Sims 4 granite falls

Vacations and the first vacation world, Granite Falls, are the most important new things in this pack. It has five rental lots, of which four have cabins for rent and one is a campsite. There is also a lot where sims can go to the National Park.

Sims can only go out into the world if they book a trip on their phone or computer. Sims can only go to the National Park when they are in Granite Falls, but all lots can be changed with the regular tools for managing worlds.


There is a new Skill in Herbalism

Sims 4 Granite falls in rain

With the herbalism skill, Sims can figure out what herbs are in Granite Falls. Once herbs have been found, they can be gathered and brewed to make different recipes. For these recipes, you will need herbs, common garden items, and insects. To make sure you have everything you need, you will have to go hunting for herbs and insects while you are still in Granite Falls.

There are more than a dozen recipes, and each one gives your sims a boost. Some add positive moodlets, some fill needs, and some get rid of negative moodlets. There are also a couple that are not as good.


Sims can gather Bugs

Sims 4 outdoor insects

The fact that you can collect insects is a niche part of the game. There are some rare insects that are worth a lot of money, but most of them are only worth a few simoleons and their use is questionable. Some insects are needed for herbalism recipes, but they do not do anything else besides fill out the collection.

Most likely, it will be used by people who like Kawaii Stacie’s Animal Crossing mod and challenge. They can use bugs to make a museum of bugs, fish, and fossils that would make Blathers proud.


There is a lot to find out that is a Secret

Sims 4 outdoor hermit hole

Explorers can find the hidden lot in the Deep Woods, where a hermit lives. This lot has some valuable resources and a hermit who can teach Sims how to make a new, more powerful kind of fertilizer.

You can catch the rare mountain lionfish there, and there are also a lot of wild plants, bugs, and other things to collect. Those who want to finish their collections should definitely go.


You will learn about a new Trait and Goal

The Sims 4: 10 Important Facts to Consider Before buying Outdoor Retreat

The pack also adds a new trait called “squeamish,” which makes Sims feel bad when they see bugs, vomit, or anything else that is not clean. They will also feel worse when death or violence happen.

Outdoor Enthusiast is the new goal, and it will show Sims how to use the main features of the new pack, like camping, exploring, and collecting.


Sims can go Camping

Sims 4 outdoor holiday family

The game now has camping, and Sims can buy tents and other camping gear from the supply shack in Granite Falls. You can also find these things in the normal build-and-buy catalog. Sims who want to stay on the campsite lot for a vacation will need to bring things to keep their needs up.

You can sleep, read, and WooHoo in a tent. They can also be put on any kind of lot, so you can camp in a garden or a park.


There is a new Get-Together

Sims 4 outdoor roasting marshmallows

Sims will be able to set up the firepit and have a weenie roast party. The firepits also give Sims access to new recipes, and they can use the fire to cook things like marshmallows and hot dogs.

By putting on a successful event, Sims can get a hand-carved chess table and a “let us go fishing” chair. Just do not put yourself too close to the fire.


Sims can do new things and interact with each other

Sims 4 outdoor games

Sims will be able to enjoy both the new social event and the horseshoe game, which can be played outside. You will also have new interactions with other people.

This pack adds two new activities: cloud gazing and stargazing. Both of these activities are best done with a friend, as they quickly improve focus and friendship. Sims can also tell stories to a group of people around a campfire.


The Build and Buy mode has a Rustic look to it

Sims 4 outdoor rustic furniture

Most of the items in the build-and-buy catalog have a rustic look. Some of them are for camping, and others belong in a log cabin. Even though they might not fit in a normal house, the items have everything you need.

With the new items, you can build log cabins, summer houses, and rustic additions. The camping items also go well with games where players start out with nothing and work their way up to a house.


The new clothes are made for Trips Outside.

Sims 4 outdoor campfire

The clothes in this game are made for going outside and having fun. The create-a-sim options are very flexible because they include sweaters, boots, and other sturdy casual items. They can also be used to make good clothes for cold weather.

Most of the clothes look like they were made for hiking adventures, but there are a few basics that can be easily put together with other pieces for a more casual look. You can also choose from some summer options.

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