Minecraft: All Minecraft Mobs and Monsters List 2022 (Detail Guide)

The Minecraft mobs are the most varied and large of any popular sandbox game you can play in 2022. Because of this, it’s easy to see why it’s hard to learn everything about all of them. You’ve come to the right place if that’s the case.

We’ve talked about every enemy in Minecraft, from the tiny Endermite to the scary new boss, Warden, who was added in version 1.19. So, let’s meet all the mobs that can be found in Minecraft in the year 2022.

Full list of all Minecraft Mobs (Updated Sep 2022)

All of the living things in Minecraft that are controlled by AI are called “mobs.” If you want to know more about a certain mob, you can use the table below to jump ahead and learn more about that mob.

Minecraft Mobs Types:

Mobs in Minecraft are set up to act in a certain way toward players. In light of this, we have put the mobs into three main groups:

  • Passive Mobs: These creatures don’t attack players.
  • Neutral Mobs: These mobs only attack players when something makes them do so.
  • Hostile Mobs: By default, these mobs are hostile to the players.

Passive Mobs of Minecraft:

The safest mobs in your Minecraft world are the ones that don’t do anything. Even if a player makes them angry, they won’t attack. The pufferfish is the only one that doesn’t follow these rules. If other mobs or players get too close, it will accidentally attack them.



Axolotls are aquatic creatures that can only be found in Minecraft 1.18’s new lush caves biome. They come in five colors, and one of them is the rarest Axolotl in Minecraft. Axolotls all prefer to live in water. They can also live on land for a short time, but not for long. Don’t forget that they move very slowly on the ground as well. But Axolotls can live on land for a long time if it rains.

Axolotls don’t bother players, but they will attack almost any aquatic mob, even ones that are already dead. Turtles, dolphins, frogs, and other axolotls are safe from them. You can use our guide to tame and breed Axolotls in Minecraft if you ever want to make an army of water warriors.




Allay is a mob that can fly in Minecraft. It won the 2021 mob vote. It takes items from players and looks for copies of those items in the Minecraft world. Then, if the Allay finds copies of the item, it picks them up and gives them back to the player. It is the only mob in Minecraft that can do something so complicated.

Allay is also the only Minecraft mob that can make copies of itself without a partner. Allay is without a doubt one of the most useful creatures in the game. With Minecraft’s Allay, you can even make farms that run on their own. The only limit is what you can think of.




In Minecraft, bats are passive flying mobs that live underground and make those places more interesting. They can be found in the cave biomes and in the biomes of the overworld that reach into the caves. You can find them flying or hanging upside down under solid blocks. If the bat senses you, it will take off as soon as it can. And it can see you even when you aren’t there.




Cats are passive mobs that you can tame in Minecraft. They only appear in villages and swamp huts. There are 11 kinds of cats in Minecraft. They all have the same traits, but their skins are different. In Minecraft, you have to breed cats to get all of these different kinds. Ghosts and creepers stay away from cats because they know cats will hiss at them.

Also, cats can’t get hurt when they fall in Minecraft, which makes them a great companion for long trips. If you tame cats in Minecraft, you can even get random gifts from them. But for you to get the gift, the cat needs to be able to touch you and sleep near you.




Chickens are useful common mobs in Minecraft, even though they may look simply. They are the main source of chicken, feathers, and eggs that can be eaten. Regarding how they act, chickens in Minecraft wander around randomly and don’t get hurt when they fall. By flapping their wings, they can always slow down their fall. But ocelots, stray cats, and foxes naturally attack chickens.

All chickens hatch from eggs, which is how they have their babies. You can pick up and throw chicken eggs, and sometimes a chick will pop out. Chickens can’t be tamed in Minecraft but raising them for food is a good idea.




Cods are a type of fish that only spawn in the oceans in Minecraft. Cod fish usually spawn in groups of 3–7 mobs, and they can be killed to get raw cod that can be eaten. A cod can’t survive outside water and dies even in cauldron water and waterlogged leaves and other blocks.




Cows are common Minecraft mobs that appear in small groups in grassy biomes. They don’t attack other mobs or players. Instead, when a player attacks them, they try to run away to safety. It also stays away from water, natural dangers, and steep drops.

In Minecraft, you can get milk from cows by putting a bucket on them. But you have to kill the cow to get raw beef or leather. Even though cows are useful, there is no way to make them your pet, which is a bit of a letdown. But you can still use wheat in Minecraft to make them follow you and breed cows.




Donkeys are tamable mobs that you can ride by putting a saddle on them. You can also put a chest on them to make them moveable storage. They spawn in groups of up to three donkeys in plains, savanna, and meadow biomes. If the donkey doesn’t have a saddle, it keeps wandering around and moving in random ways.

If you want to have a baby donkey, you have to feed it golden apples or golden carrots. To breed a donkey, you don’t always need another donkey. If there is a horse nearby, the donkey will instead mate with it to make a mule. There is only one way to cross-breed in Minecraft, and that is between horses and donkeys.



Foxes are well-known tamable mobs in Minecraft. They like to run away with dropped items in their mouths. You can only give them one thing at a time. If you want the fox to give you back the item it stole, you have to drop glow berries or sweet berries near it. It likes food more than anything else. Players can also use both kinds of berries to make foxes.

In the taiga, old-growth taiga, snowy taiga, and grove biomes, you can find these cute animals. In Minecraft, if you want to tame a fox, you have to do some cruel things.




Frogs are small, passive mobs that only appear in Minecraft’s swamp biomes. They were added with the mangrove swamps. Depending on the temperature of their spawn biome, the frogs can be orange, white, or green when they first appear. But no matter what colour they are, all frogs have the same traits. They all like to eat small magma cubes and slimes.

If the frog eats a small magma cube, it will drop a new item called “froglight” that is the same colour as the frog. In addition, if you hand-feed a frog a slimeball, it goes into love mode and lays eggs on a water block. When these eggs hatch, they turn into tadpoles. The frog doesn’t have a baby version like some other mobs that can be bred.




Horses are common passive mobs in Minecraft that you can tame and ride. You can’t put a chest on a horse like you can on a donkey. Instead, Minecraft lets you equip your horse with armour, and horses can run faster than most mobs. Both of these things make horses reliable in battle and can be used in your Minecraft ideas for a mediaeval house.

In the plains and savanna biomes, a herd of up to six horses can spawn. In Minecraft, each horse has one of 35 skins that can be seven different colours and have five different patterns. To get all the different kinds of horses, you can breed them with golden apples or golden carrots.




Mooshrooms are a type of cow that only appear in the rare mushroom fields biome. It has mushrooms growing out of its body, which the player can cut off with shears. In Minecraft, the only Mooshroom that can grow is a red one. But if lightning hits this mob, it can change into a brown Mooshroom with brown mushrooms growing out of its body.

In Minecraft, you can milk a Mooshroom with a bucket, just like you would a cow. In the same way, you can use wheat to breed Mooshrooms and get them to follow you. But, unlike a cow, Mooshrooms can also be used with bowls to make mushroom stew.




In Minecraft, mules are passive mobs that you can ride, tame, and equip with chests. They don’t appear on their own, and the only way to get one is to breed a horse and a donkey. Mules usually move faster than regular donkeys, but the speed they move at when they spawn is set randomly.

The last thing is that the mules in Minecraft can’t have children because they have already crossed-bred. To add to what you already know, this mechanic is similar to how they work in real life.




Ocelots are rare cat mobs that only appear in Minecraft’s jungle biomes. Like cats, they don’t get hurt when they fall and can keep phantoms and creepers away. However, unlike cats, they don’t like chickens or baby turtles.

They are afraid of players by nature, and if they get too close, they run away. But you can get an ocelot to trust you by giving it raw cod or salmon. The trusting ocelots don’t run away when players come near, and they can be raised with the same food.



All Minecraft Mobs and Monsters List 2022 (Detail Guide)

Rare passive flying mobs that you can tame are parrots. They only live in Minecraft’s jungle biomes and can make sounds like hostile mobs. Wild parrots can be tamed by giving them seeds from wheat, melon, pumpkin, or beetroot. If you train the parrot, it will fly around you and even sit on your shoulder.

Remember that parrots can’t eat cookies because they are poisonous, and if you give them cookies, they will die right away. Since they can’t have babies, it will be hard to find a new parrot to replace the one that died. The last unique thing about parrots is that they can dance. If a parrot is within three blocks of a jukebox, it starts to dance and keeps doing so until the music stops.




Pigs are small mobs that can be found in most grassy biomes in Minecraft. They can also be found inside villages in animal pens. You can kill the pigs to get pork chops or put saddles on their backs so you can ride them. But you have to use a stick with a carrot on it to move it.

As for how they work, when lightning strikes, pigs can turn into Zombified Piglin, a neutral undead mob. But I’ll talk about that later. Lastly, you must feed carrots, potatoes, or beetroots to pigs in Minecraft if you want them to have babies.




Pufferfish are a type of passive mob that is unique to the game. They are the only non-active mobs that can accidentally hurt the player. The pufferfish only lives in Minecraft’s lukewarm oceans. Unlike other fish, pufferfish don’t swim in groups. They also can’t live or breed anywhere but in the water.

The way pufferfishes protect themselves is what makes them truly unique. If another mob or player gets too close to the pufferfish, it instantly puffs up and deals poison-based damage to nearby entities. When it feels safe again, it slowly shrinks back down to its original size.




Like the frogs, the rabbits in Minecraft have different colours that depend on where they spawn. Yellow rabbits live in the desert, white and black-and-white rabbits live in snowy areas, and brown, black, and brown-and-white rabbits live in hilly areas. Wolves and foxes often attack rabbits because they hop around without a plan.

Giving rabbits carrots, golden carrots, or dandelions will help them have babies. But you can’t control them.




Salmon are common passive aquatic mobs in Minecraft that look like cods. They can be found in oceans and rivers. When killed, they are a good source of food, and you can find up to seven of them at once to fill your stomach. Salmons, as you might guess, can’t live on land or reproduce like other fish.




In Minecraft’s survival mode, sheep are the main source of wool and meat. They can be found in most of the game’s grassy biomes. They can be different colours, and if you have dye, you can use it to colour the wool of a sheep. Then you can use shears to cut off coloured wool from sheep instead of killing them.

Sheep can’t be tamed in Minecraft, just like other animals that people keep as pets. But you can still use wheat to make sheep. The baby sheep’s colour is a mix of those of its parents. As an Easter egg, you can give a sheep the name “Jeb,” which will make its wool change colours.


Skeleton Horse

Skeleton Horse

Skeleton horses are undead mobs in Minecraft. They might look scary, but they don’t do anything. They are a type of horse that shows up when lightning strikes a normal horse. The player can ride and tame these skeleton horses, which are one of the fastest ways to get around in Minecraft. They can even jump much higher than regular horses and players.


Snow Golem

Snow Golem in Minecraft

Snow golems are like iron golems in that they are useful mobs that attack with snowballs. But they don’t care if the players attack the snow golems themselves. When these golems move, they also leave a trail of snow behind them.

You can make a snow golem by putting a pumpkin, a carved pumpkin, or a jack-o’-lantern on top of two snow blocks stacked vertically on top of each other.




Squids are normal water mobs that can be found in Minecraft’s oceans and rivers. They swim with their tentacles and can’t live anywhere but in water. Most of the time, they don’t do anything when players attack them, and when they do, they release blank ink.

In Minecraft, you can kill them to get ink sacs. But don’t get too many because there’s no way to make more.


Glow Squid

Glow Squid

The glow squids are aquatic mobs that were brought over from Minecraft Earth. They appear in dark underwater areas. You can find them in deep lakes and underwater ravines. They are a glowing version of normal squids, but you can only really see how bright they are with RTX or one of these best Minecraft shaders. Even glow squids can’t have babies.




The only mobs in the Nether that don’t do anything are striders. They usually spawn in lava lakes in the Nether, and they can walk on lava without getting hurt. Putting a saddle on a strider makes it possible to ride it.

But to control the striders, they have to use a twisted fungus on a stick. You can keep striders from going near water by breeding them on warped fungus. They also get hurt by water and rain.




There are no froglets in Minecraft, but there are still tadpoles. Like frogs in the real world, they are in the larval stage and can’t live on land. They come from frog eggs and swim around until they get big enough to become frogs. You can put them in a bucket of water or use a slime ball to make them follow you.


Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish in Minecraft

The most common and diverse water mobs in Minecraft are tropical fish. There are more than 2,700 different ways to play the game. You can try to find them all in oceans, mangrove swamps, and the new lush cave biomes. You can find up to nine tropical fish all together. You can’t breed them or make them your pet, but you can kill tropical fish to eat them.



Turtle in Minecraft

Tutltles, which in the Bedrock edition are called “sea turtles,” are usually found in small groups of up to five mobs on beaches. But they don’t lay their eggs on beaches with snow or rocks. They can live on land or in the water. Turtles can’t be tamed, but seagrass can help them have babies.

Turtles lay eggs, which later turn into baby turtles, after they go into “love mode.” These baby turtles like the water better than the land. When they become adults, they drop scutes, which you can use to make turtle helmets and the Potion of Turtle Master. In Minecraft, there is no other way to get these scutes.



Villagers in Minecraft

No matter what kind of skills you have in Minecraft, villagers can help you almost always. They are friendly, and they can trade, mate, and do other things with others of their kind. Villagers are the most intelligent passive mobs in Minecraft, and you can find them in the villages.

Then, to make their lives more interesting, the game gives villagers their own unique job system. Depending on what villagers do for a living, they may be able to give you unique loot and good trade deals.


Wandering Trader

Wandering Trader in Minecraft

There is a special way for wandering merchants to show up in the game. In theory, they are like villagers, but you don’t have to go to a village to find them. Instead, these wandering merchants appear on their own within 48 blocks of the player. They always make with two trader llamas that are tied together.

You can trade with the wandering traders to get natural items like bones, saplings, and biome-based blocks. Even though most players don’t need the things the wandering traders are selling, they can still be helpful in some situations.

Neutral Mobs:

The neutral mobs don’t attack the player right away. Instead, they attack the player if they are attacked or something else makes them angry. The goats are the only ones who don’t follow this rule.



Angry bee in Minecraft

Bees are one of Minecraft’s cutest mobs. They don’t like or dislike anything, and they just fly around their nests and beehives. Because they can fly, they can’t be hurt by any fall damage in the game. If you know how to make a bee farm in Minecraft, you can use the bees to collect honey and honeycomb.

When it comes to being dangerous, the bees will attack you if you attack a bee from the swarm or destroy their beehive. When they get angry, the bees attack the player in a swarm and poison them. But it’s too bad that once a bee hits with its stinger, it can’t stay alive and dies in a minute.



Spider in Minecraft

Spiders in Minecraft are neutral mobs that can climb on all solid blocks. As long as the night level around them is at least 12, they won’t attack the players. If the light level goes down, the spiders will turn against the players and try to kill them. You can find them everywhere in the overworld except in mushroom fields and the deep dark.


Cave Spider

Cave Spider in Minecraft

Cave spiders are a type of regular spider that only lives in cave biomes, as the name suggests. They don’t spawn on their own; only the spawners in mineshafts can do that. These cave spiders are smaller than most spiders, but they are much more dangerous. Each of their attacks causes the player to become poisoned. They only get mean when the light level drops below nine or when it gets dark outside.



Dolphin in Minecraft

Dolphins are Minecraft mobs that can only be found in oceans that aren’t frozen. Dolphins are different from other fish because they sometimes jump out of the water to get some air. So, they can’t live too long either in or out of the water without moving between the two.

They are naturally nice to players and give them a speed boost if they swim near them. By giving them raw cod or salmon, you can even use them to find shipwrecks, buried treasures, and ocean ruins. But if you attack a dolphin by accident, the whole pod will come after you.



Enderman in Minecraft

Minecraft’s Enderman mob is a creative take on the internet myth of Slenderman. It looks scary, and you can find it in all three game dimensions. Its main abilities are to teleport and grab random blocks. You can walk around the Enderman and it won’t attack you.

But things will be different if you attack the Enderman first or look directly into its eyes. When set off, the Enderman will try to find you and kill you. It can even teleport out of the way of your arrows and attacks with its hands. Since Endermen don’t like water and are too tall to fit into small places, it’s pretty easy to beat them.



Goat in Minecraft

Goats are neutral mobs in Minecraft that only live in the snowy slopes, frozen peaks, and jagged peaks biomes. They can jump high and take less damage when they fall. Just like the cows and Mooshrooms, you can use a bucket on them to collect milk. Goats don’t mind when other players are around, and they don’t even react when you attack them.

But if you stand still for a few seconds, the goat will run into you. If it hits you, you will take a small amount of damage and be pushed back nine blocks. Fall damage is enough to kill you if you are pushed for nine blocks from the top of a tall, narrow mountain. In Minecraft, if they hit one of the few solid blocks, it might drop a goat horn, the first musical instrument in the game.


Iron Golem

Iron Golem in Minecraft

Iron Golems are one of Minecraft’s biggest mobs. You can use iron blocks and carved pumpkins, jack o’lanterns, or pumpkins to make them yourself, or they will appear around villagers. No matter how they were made, all Iron Golems in Minecraft are hostile to hostile mobs. They can’t get hurt when they fall or drown.

When it comes to players, an Iron Golem gets angry when a player attacks a nearby villager or the Iron Golem itself. But this mechanism doesn’t work for Iron Golems that are made by hand. Even if players attack a hand-made Iron Golem, it won’t attack them back.



Llama in Minecraft

Llamas are neutral Minecraft mobs that only appear in savannas and windswept hills. They are the only neutral mobs that you can give chests to. But instead of a saddle, you need to put a carpet on them to ride them. Llamas travel in groups, so you can lead one llama and get up to 9 others to follow. If you can’t find any more of them in the wild, you can use hay bales to make two of them have babies.

Llamas are the best way to move around your Minecraft house and go on long trips. Llamas are neutral by default, but if a player or another mob attacks them, they will start to spit. Each time a llama spits, it does one point of damage. Also, they naturally don’t like wild wolves, which is why they always run away from them.


Trader Llama

Trader Llama in Minecraft

Trader llamas are a type of llama that sometimes shows up with wandering traders. They are naturally hostile to all zombies and Illagers (Java only). Trader llamas usually don’t attack players unless they are attacked first. But if the player attacks the wandering trader, they can also turn hostile. Their damage from spitting and other traits are the same as those of regular llamas.



Pandas in Minecraft

Pandas are neutral creatures that only appear in jungle biomes. Most of the time, you can find them in the bamboo jungles. Like their real-life counterparts, the pandas in Minecraft have different personalities, such as normal, lazy, worried, playful, aggressive, weak, and brown. Each panda acts differently based on its own personality.

Only the pandas that are aggressive will attack players or other mobs when they are hit. But in Minecraft, pandas like bamboo and cake. The panda will follow the player around if they are holding a piece of bamboo.

Pandas are the only mobs in Minecraft that have special breeding rules and a gene system. This is because they are special. On Minecraft Wiki, you can find out more about the same thing.



Piglin in Minecraft

Piglins are neutral creatures that can only be found in the Nether. They are naturally hostile to players unless they are wearing a golden piece of armour. If you don’t bother them, you can give them gold ingots to trade. The Piglins pick up the gold ingots and throw something random back.

Attacking another Piglin or a Piglin brute can also make Piglins in a group angry. If you throw a gold ingot near them, it won’t take much to get their attention. Even though Piglins come from the Nether, they are not safe from damage caused by lava or fire.


Zombified Piglin

Zombified Piglin in Minecraft

The Zombified Piglin is a type of Piglin that is dead, as the name suggests. They are also only in the Nether, but a pig can turn into a Zombified Piglin if it gets hit by lightning in the Overworld. Piglins can be hurt by fire and lava, but Zombified Piglins can’t.

Zombified Piglins won’t bother you if you don’t wear gold, which is good news. You can only make them angry if you attack them or another one of their kind. If not, they are not doing anything. Also, unlike other zombie mobs, they don’t attack townspeople and travelling merchants.


Polar Bear

Polar Bear in Minecraft

Polar bears are one of the simplest mobs in Minecraft, and they only appear in icy biomes. They can’t have babies and won’t attack players unless they are attacked first. They are only mean to foxes, so that makes sense. If you kill a polar bear, it might drop raw cod or salmon. They can swim as fast as the players, so it’s best not to fight them in the water.



Wolf in Minecraft

One of the most useful neutral mobs you can tame and use in battle is a wolf. The wild wolves are naturally mean to sheep, rabbits, foxes, baby turtles, and skeletons, but they won’t attack players unless they are attacked first. But if you give a wolf a bone to tame it, it will attack every mob you attack as well. But they don’t attack creepers or mobs that have been tamed.

You can breed wolves with any kind of meat in the game, even meat that has gone bad. The player’s wolf pups are already tamed when they are born. All domesticated wolves wear a collar around their necks that can be dyed to change colour.

Hostile Mobs

In Minecraft, all hostile mobs are aggressive and will attack players as soon as they see them. Most of these mobs can’t be tamed, ridden, or calmed.



Blaze in Minecraft

Blazes are hostile mobs that only live in the fortresses in the Nether. They are made in the fortresses by spawners, and they float around until they are killed. All Blazes are immune from fire, lava, and fall damage. Because their body is always on fire, Blazes can take damage from water, rain, snowballs, and powder snow.

Blaze usually uses fireballs, which they shoot at their target if it is in front of them. If you don’t, you’ll also get damage from the Blaze when you touch it. If you kill a blaze in some way, it might drop one blaze rod. In Minecraft, there is no other way to get blaze rods, which you need to make blaze powder, which powers brewing stands.



Zombie In Minecraft

Zombies are a common type of hostile mob that appear in the overworld at night. They can also come back in groups of up to four in dark places underground. Some zombies can sometimes spawn with weapons, tools, and even armour. If you kill the zombie with the gear, it might drop the item you need. Also, if a normal zombie finds the dropped items, it can pick them up and use them to improve its own gear.

Small groups of zombies are easy to kill. But when they come in large groups, they can easily beat the player. But you only need to keep them away until sunrise, because all zombies start to burn in the sun. This mechanic doesn’t work if the zombie has head armour on or is standing in water or cobwebs.


Chicken Jockey

Chicken Jockey In Minecraft

The Chicken Jockey is one of the most annoying mobs in Minecraft, even though it might not look dangerous. They are a rare type of baby zombie, Zombified Piglin, zombie villager, Husk, or drowned riding a chicken. Chicken Jockeys move very quickly and are tough to hit. In Bedrock Edition, Chicken Jockey can also ride spiders and other mobs.

But it’s important to remember that the zombieized Piglin chicken jockeys are not mean. The others will attack you as soon as they can see you. Once the jockey is dead, the chicken they were riding will act like a normal chicken.


Zombie Villager

Zombie villager getting cured in Minecraft

Zombie villagers are a type of zombie mob that can appear when a zombie kills a villager. They can also show up in the overworld at night with regular zombies. If the villager who turns into a zombie had a job before they turned, their zombie self will wear the costume for that job. Villagers who turn into zombies in Minecraft are easy to cure and turn back into regular villagers.



Drowned with Trident in Minecraft

Drowned are the zombies that appear in the ocean, rivers, and water pools in the Minecraft biome called “Dripstone Caves.” It can also come from a normal zombie that drowns. The Drowned are different from other types of zombies because they can live both on land and in water. But what makes drowned truly unique is that they can have babies with tridents. In Minecraft, the only way to get a trident is to kill a Drowned who is holding one.



Husk in Minecraft

Husks are a type of zombie that only appear at night or in dark places in Minecraft desert biomes. They don’t burn up in the sun like zombies do. Everything else about them is the same as a regular zombie. When a Husk is submerged in water for 30 seconds, it changes into a normal zombie.



Creeper in Minecraft

Creepers are common hostile mobs in the overworld, and they tend to spawn at night or in areas with low light. Sunlight doesn’t hurt them like it does zombies. They only attack the player, not any other mobs in the game. But if a player gets within three blocks of a Creeper, it explodes and hurts the player.

The best way to stay away from Creepers is to kill them before they blow up or to have a cat around to scare them away. If you kill a Creeper, it will drop gunpowder when it dies. Creepers are also interesting because when lightning hits them, their bodies start to glow. They turn into a “Charged Creeper,” a type of Creeper that explodes more powerfully than a regular Creeper.



Guardians in Minecraft

Guardians are dangerous aquatic mobs that only appear near Minecraft Ocean monuments. They are naturally meant to be players, dolphins, squids, axolotls, and glow squids. Guardians don’t fight with their hands. Instead, they use lasers, which they charge every 3 seconds before firing.

The Guardians can live outside of water, which is different from other aquatic mobs. But they still swim around looking for water. Like pufferfish, they can defend themselves by extending the spikes on their bodies to attack their prey. If you kill the Guardian, it might drop raw cod and Prismarine crystals.


Elder Guardian

Elder Guardian

The Elder Guardians are Minecraft’s biggest and strongest water mobs. They are similar to the Guardians, but they are much stronger and bigger. Elder Guardians spawn only inside the ocean monument and don’t move much away from their spawn area even while fighting. The Elder Guardians have laser and spike attacks just like the Guardians.

But they can also make players tired of mining, which slows down the player’s attack and mining speed. Mining fatigue is an attack that can be done through blocks, so there is no way to stop it. When an Elder Guadian dies, it drops Prismarine crystals, Prismarine shards, wet sponge, or raw code.


Endermite – Smallest Hostile Mob of Minecraft

Endermite in MInecraft

Endermites are Minecraft’s smallest hostile mobs. When a player throws an ender pearl, there is a chance that they will appear. They have a natural tendency to be mean to players. Endermen and Iron Golems are also attacked by Endermites in the Bedrock Edition. Also, in all versions of Minecraft, all Endermen are naturally mean to Endermites.



Skeletons in Minecraft

Skeletons are dangerous mobs in Minecraft that are made of bones, just like their names say. They always spawn in the overworld with a bow at a light level of 0 and are hostile to players and Iron Golems. Skeletons, unlike players, can never run out of arrows, but they can’t live in the sun.



Stray in Minecraft

Strays are a type of Skeleton that only appear in ice, snow, and frozen biomes. They take the place of about 80% of the Skeletons that spawn in those biomes. If a normal Skeleton stays in powder snow for 7 seconds, it can also change into a Stray. Aside from being able to handle cold, Strays are the same as Skeletons in every way.


Wither Skeleton

Wither Skeleton in Minecraft

A Wither Skeleton is the most dangerous type of Skeleton and can only be found in Nether fortresses. This mob doesn’t use bows, but poisonous swords that can cause the Wither effect. If you aren’t ready, it’s best to stay away from them. But you have to kill them if you want to get Wither Skeleton skulls, which let you spawn the Wither boss mob in Minecraft.


Skeleton Horseman

Skeleton Horseman in Minecraft

The Skeleton Horseman is a hostile mob that consists of a Skeleton riding a Skeleton horse. It is a rare undead mob that only appears when lightning strikes a skeleton trap horse during a natural thunderstorm. The Skeleton horse can also be ridden by a Stray Skeleton or a Wither Skeleton. The only good thing about this dangerous mob is that you don’t have to worry about the horse, which is passive and becomes tamed when its rider dies.


Spider Jockey

Spider Jockey in Minecraft

Like a chicken jockey, the spider jockey has a Skeleton riding a spider. This rare mob can appear on its own in both the Nether and the overworld. You can also find versions of it where a Stray or a Wither Skeleton, or even a cave spider, is riding it (Bedrock only). Other than the fact that the two mobs’ strengths are added together, there is nothing special about this mob.



Pillagers in Minecraft

Pillagers are part of the Illager family of Minecraft mobs, which are sworn enemies of villagers. All of them are hostile to players, villagers, snow golems, wandering traders, and iron golems. The Pillagers are the weakest of the Illagers. They kill their targets with a crossbow. Pillagers can be found during raids, patrols, and near their outposts. If you kill a Pillager, it might drop a crossbow, an ominous/Illager banner, and arrows.




Vindicators are the most important members of the Illager family, and they are the second strongest hostile mob that isn’t a boss. They spawn in mansions in the woods and raid with an iron axe. Sometimes, their axe is magical, which makes it even harder for them to fight. Aside from that, they are just like the Pillagers in every other way.




Evokers are the spell-casting member of the Illager family. They appear during raids and in mansions in the woods. Even though they don’t spawn very often, Evokers are the most wanted Illagers because they are the only way to get the Totem of Undying in Minecraft. But don’t underestimate them. Evokers are pretty dangerous, and they can attack their enemies by calling up fangs or Vexes.



Vex in Minecraft

Vex is one of the smallest hostile mobs. It has a tiny iron sword and can fly through solid blocks. It only comes into existence when an Evoker uses a Vex to attack. Vexes are hard to hit, so it’s best to stay away from them if you can. They already die after a few seconds anyway. So, you don’t have to worry about them unless an Evoker is still alive and able to bring them back.




Ravagers are large, powerful, and hostile mobs that only appear in raids with Illagers. Most of the time, they spawn without anyone on them, but sometimes Illagers will be riding them. Ravagers are different from most mobs in the game because they can charge into weak plant-based blocks and destroy them.

They don’t have any weapons, so they hunt their enemies by ramming them. Most of the time, it’s best to kill them from a distance. When ravagers die, they drop saddle and twenty experience orbs, the most amount of XP a non-boss mob can drop.



Witch in Minecraft

A witch is a common hostile mob that can appear during raids, in dark areas, in swamp huts, or when lightning strikes a villager. Most witches are not friendly to the players. The witches that appear during raids, on the other hand, don’t like villagers, wandering traders, or iron golems.

Instead of using weapons or close-range attacks, witches use splash potions. They can even use positive potions to heal themselves. If you kill a witch, it might drop sticks, glass bottles, glowstone dust, gunpowder, Redstone dust, spider eyes, and sugar. If you kill the Witch while it is drinking a potion, it will also drop bottles of potions.




Ghasts are large, hostile mobs that only exist in the Nether. They look like ghosts and have white bodies. They shoot fireballs that explode when they hit their targets. All ghasts are only hostile to the player. They don’t go out of their way to attack other mobs.

If a ghast throws a fireball at you, you can use a melee attack to hit it back. Ghasts get hurt when they are close to one of their own fireballs. Bows are much easier to use against Ghasts than other weapons. When a Ghast dies, it drops either gunpowder or “ghast tears.”



Slimes in Mangrove Swamps

Slimes are dangerous mobs that look like cubes and spawn at night in swamp biomes or in “slime chunks” in underground areas. When they get hit, they break up into smaller slime. But when the smallest slimes are killed, they drop slimeballs. The size of a slime is directly related to how much damage it does, except for the smallest slime, which does no damage at all.

All slimes are hostile to players, Iron Golems, and snow golems. In close combat, they attack them right away. Even though slimes move more slowly than other enemies, they attack much more quickly.


Magma Cube

Magma Cube in Minecraft

Magma Cubes are what slimes look like in the Nether. They also have a body in the shape of a cube that bounces and can be split up, and they want to kill players. But compared to slimes, Magma Cubes can jump much higher and do more damage. Also, they can’t be hurt by lava, fire, or falls. Don’t forget that even the smallest Magma Cubes do a lot of damage.



Hoglin in Minecraft

Hoglins are the only hostile mobs that can be bred in Minecraft. In a way, they are like the Overworld pigs, but they are much more aggressive and live in the Nether. When they die, they drop pork chops and leather. You can easily find a herd of up to four Hoglins in the Crimson Forests biome. They also appear in some broken-down bastion parts.

Hoglins don’t like the players because that’s just how they are. If you hurt one Hoglin, the rest of the group will come after you. Use warped fungi, nether portals, and respawn anchors to scare them away. Lastly, you need to feed these hostile creatures crimson fungi, which can be found in the Nether.



Zoglin in Minecraft

Zoglins are the zombie-like or undead versions of Hoglins that are made when a Hoglin leaves the Nether dimension. They are hostile towards all mobs except creepers, Ghasts, and other Zoglins. Like other zombie mobs, Zoglins can’t be bred and only drop rotten flesh when they die. But one good thing about being turned into zombies is that they can’t be hurt by fire or lava.



Phantom in Minecraft

Phantoms are the controversial winners of Minecon 2017’s mob vote. Some people don’t like them, but others voted for them to be added to the game. They are flying zombie mobs that appear at night if a Minecraft player doesn’t sleep or dies for more than three days.

If you kill a Phantom, it may drop a Phantom Membrane. But if you don’t sleep or die, another ghost will appear the next night. Phantoms are like zombies and skeletons in that they can’t live in the sun or when set on fire.



Shulker in Minecraft

Shulkers are a type of enemy mob that only appear in the end cities. They hide in their shell, which looks like a block, to blend in with the blocks around them. All Shulkers are hostile to players and attack them with Shulker bullets. If one of their bullets hits you, it will make you float in the air.

Also, killing a Shulker is hard because they keep moving around to avoid being hit. But if you kill a Shulker, it might drop Shulker Shells, which are the most important thing you need to make Shulker boxes.



Silverfish in Minecraft

Silverfishes are tiny hostile mobs that spawn in strongholds, igloo basements, and woodland mansions. Most of the time, they stay hidden until the player breaks the block they are in.

Silverfish attack players, Iron Golems, and Snow Golems in groups because they don’t like them. Silverfish are easy to kill and don’t drop anything but experience orbs, which is a good thing.


Piglin Brute

Piglin Brute

The Piglin Brute is a mean Piglin who is part of the family. They are much stronger than normal Piglins and can be found in the remains of bastion walls. You can’t trade with Piglin Brutes, and you can’t distract them either. Even if a player is wearing gold, they will attack them. Every Piglin Brute has a golden axe, which may or may not be enchanted when it spawns.

You can try to kill the enemy mob to get the weapon it is carrying. The Piglin Brutes don’t just attack the player. They also attack Wither Skeletons and Withers. By the numbers, Piglin Brutes are the second most dangerous non-boss enemy mob in the game, after Vindicators. The Warden is the only enemy mob that is stronger.


Warden – Minecraft’s Strongest Mob

Warden in Minecraft

The Warden is the most dangerous enemy mob in Minecraft. In some situations, it can even kill the boss mobs. It has the most damage of any Minecraft mob when it attacks with its hands, and it can also fire sonic attacks from a distance. The Warden is also the first blind mob in the game. It finds its target by feeling vibrations and smelling it.

Only when a Sculk shrieker is turned on four times does a Warden appear in one of the Ancient cities. It hates every single mob in Minecraft in its own way.

Boss Mobs:

Minecraft has two boss mobs that are extremely powerful and only spawn in particular circumstances.


Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon

In a way, the Ender Dragon is the last boss in Minecraft. She is also the biggest enemy in the game, and since she only appears once in the End Dimension, which makes sense.

Put four end crystals on the edge of the exit portal in the End to bring her back. It is the most resilient mob in the game that only takes damage from explosions and damage caused by the player.

On the offensive side, the Ender Dragon has many ways to fight, such as direct charge, knockback, dragon’s breath, and fireball. Also, it’s almost impossible to kill the Ender Dragon without first destroying the End crystals, which keep the dragon from getting hurt. When the Ender Dragon is killed, she drops 12,000 experience orbs and makes an exit portal with a dragon egg on top.




Wither is a boss mob that is hostile and can only be made by a player. It is very strong, and when it spawns, it makes a big explosion. Wither throws Wither skulls at all mobs and players in the game to hurt them.

When the hit is successful, the target receives damage and the poisonous Wither effect. If you manage to cut Wither’s health in half, it will put up a shield that stops all attacks for a few seconds.

At the same time, it also spawns Wither Skeletons for support. Compared to other mobs, Wither has tremendous health in Minecraft, second only to the Warden. Now that you know all this, fighting the Wither feels like a way to hurt yourself. On the other hand, it’s the only way to get Nether stars, which are needed to make a beacon in Minecraft.

Find out about all the Minecraft Mobs

With this information, you now know everything you need to know about every mob in Minecraft. Our guide will help you with your Minecraft plans, whether you want to breed them or kill them. But if you want to meet all the rare mobs first, you should start using the best Minecraft commands.

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