6 Amazing Animated Movies that Surprisingly Aren’t for Kids

Welcome to our in-depth review of some of amazing animated movies which are definitely not for our kids. We’ll take a fascinating trip through the fascinating world of animated movies for adults. Get ready to have your ideas changed as we go beyond the usual limits of animation and deep into the uncharted realms of storytelling.

Amazing Animated Movies that are Not for Kids

Be careful to watch one of those Infront of your kids, because animated movies included in this list is not suitable for the kids. Now have a look on this list:


Akira (1988)

A Dystopian Cyberpunk Masterpiece
Source: IMDb

This fascinating cyberpunk saga shows how amazing visuals, gripping stories, and thought-provoking themes come together. Akira takes us to a dystopian future and shows how complicated power, identity, and the results of people’s darkest desires can be.

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Perfect Blue (1997)

An Exciting Look at Who We Are
Amazing Animated Movies that are Not for Kids
Source: IMDb

Perfect Blue walks the line between reality and illusion by going deep into the mind of its main character. This psychological thriller goes against what society expects of people and shows how the pressures of trying to be successful can change who people are.

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Waking Life (2001)

Letting the Subconscious Out
Walking Life
Source: IMDb

Waking Life takes us to a place where reality and dreams mix. It does this by having existential conversations and making us think about our lives. This visually stunning odyssey makes us think about the meaning of Life and where our consciousness ends.

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Anomalisa (2015)

A Thoughtful Look at Being Alone
Anomalisa 2015
Source: IMDb

Anomalisa shows sensitively how boring Life can be by showing how the main character feels alone and cut off. This introspective story uses beautiful stop-motion animation to explore how people want real connections and how fragile those connections can be.

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Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

A Devastating War Drama, Stories That Break Hearts
Grave of the Fireflies 1988
Source: IMDb

Grave of the Fireflies will make you sad because it shows the horrors of war through the eyes of two young children. This heartbreaking masterpiece shows how conflict destroys the lives of those caught in its grip.

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Heavy Metal (1981)

Heavy metal’s cult following is all about being different.
Heavy Metal 1981
Source: IMDb

Heavy Metal is a cult favorite that mixes sci-fi, fantasy, and rock music into a headbanging adventure. This rebellious collection breaks away from traditional ways of telling stories. It embraces the unusual and celebrates the limitless creativity of animation.

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Our Conclusion:

Ultimately, our trip into the world of animated movies for adults has shown how important this medium can be for telling stories. From the dystopian futures of Akira and Perfect Blue to the introspective journeys of Waking Life and Anomalisa, as well as the heartbreaking war drama of Grave of the Fireflies and the rebellious spirit of Heavy Metal, animation has stories that appeal to people of all ages and make them think.

As we say goodbye to this fantastic journey, we invite you to check out these incredible movies and discover the endless animation possibilities for adults. Join us as we celebrate the magic of storytelling, where the animation takes flight and takes us to places where our imaginations are the only limits.

6 thoughts on “6 Amazing Animated Movies that Surprisingly Aren’t for Kids”

    • Definitely! ‘Heavy Metal’ is a fantastic choice. It revolutionized animation with its innovative visual style, combining different animation techniques to create a visually stunning and dynamic film.

    • Yes. A great example is ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ by Studio Ghibli.
      It’s a powerful film set during World War II that delves into the harsh realities of war and its impact on children.

    • Absolutely! There are some incredible animated movies that cater to adult audiences. One of my top recommendations is ‘Anomalisa’ by Charlie Kaufman.
      You can also check our complete list above.


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