Apple is better than Google at getting people to switch to iPhone

More Android users have switched to iPhones over the past decade. Those who switched for a specific reason cited issues with their device’s battery or internet connectivity.

The latest report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) takes a fresh approach to the topic by focusing on people who switch in both directions.

Apple is better than Google at getting people to switch to iPhone

Taking a look at the current user bases of iOS and Android reveals very loyal customer bases for both companies. More than nine in ten people who use iOS or Android will continue to use that platform on their next smartphone purchase. While 94% of iOS users are dedicated, only 91% of Android users remain faithful to their original provider.

CIRP Report

However, it is useful to understand the origins of new customers for both iOS and Android devices. According to the numbers, Apple has a better shot at convincing Android users to switch, while Android has a much tougher time doing the same with iOS users.

About fourteen percent of iPhone buyers over the past year also owned an Android phone. Among those who purchased an Android phone, only 4% had previously owned an iPhone.

Those who purchased phones on either platform made the switch from an unsupported OS, were upgrading from a feature phone or flip phone, or were purchasing their first smartphone.

So, despite the fact that both iOS and Android have a dedicated user base, the iPhone remains in the lead.

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