Below Quest in Diablo 4 – A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the next Below Quest of Diablo 4, fellow adventurers! After the exciting Undertaking Quest, it’s time to start Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith’s next quest, which is full of mysteries and challenges.

A Comprehensive Guide for Below Quest in Diablo 4

In this guide, we’ll go into detail about “Below” the 5th quest in Act 1 that comes after the exciting story of Undertaking.


Meeting Vigo and the Trapped Tunnels

As you move through Act 1, your journey will lead you to Vigo, a very important character in your quest to become great. When you get to the other side, talk to Vigo. He’ll explain how bad things are in the closed tunnels because they don’t have the Ore Hoist, which they need to get out.


The Mysterious Vision and the Chase

D4 Below Quest 1

The caves are dark and full of mysteries, and your path leads you to the mysterious Neyrelle. The name Lilith comes up in a dream she had, making her want to run away and urging you to follow. Talk to Neyrelle about the strange statue she saw to find out more about it.


Looking for a Way to the Depths

A Comprehensive Guide for Below Quest in Diablo 4

If you need to go deeper into the caves, you should return to where you came in. You come to a good spot on the edge of a cliff that calls you to carefully make your way down.


The Broken Hoist and the Slain Demon

D4 Below Quest 3

As you walk down the path, it becomes clear that you need to fix the hoist. Sadly, you’ll run into a problem, a Slain Demon has stuck itself in the mechanism. Don’t worry because your courage and skill will get you through. You’ll have finished this exciting quest when you kill the demon and fix the hoist, which really needs it.

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Important FAQs

Who is Neyrelle, and why is she important in the quest?

Neyrelle is a character you’ll encounter during the quest in Diablo 4. She plays a pivotal role in the storyline, having seen a mysterious vision involving Lilith, which leads to a chase that sets the quest in motion.

What do I need to repair in the “Below” quest?

During the quest, you’ll need to repair the Ore Hoist, which is essential for the characters’ escape from the trapped tunnels. However, a Slain Demon has lodged itself in the hoist, posing an obstacle that you must overcome.


So, there you have it, you brave explorers! You have gone through all of the twists and turns of the this quest in Diablo 4. You have learned the secrets of the caves and beaten the challenges that stood in your way. Your bravery and cleverness have helped you get closer to solving the mysteries that lie ahead on this exciting journey.

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