Best Team Build For Shikanoin Heizon in Genshin Impact

The famous detective from the Tenryou Commission has finally arrived in the world of Genshin Impact and has done so in style. Shikanoin Heizou is the first man to use the Catalyst. On the right side of his body, you can see an Anemo vision. He is just as well-known as Kazuha because he is his friend.

A Guide to Best Team Build For Shikanoin Heizon

Since the buff to the Swirl reaction, characters who use Anemo have become some of the best in the game. Even if they don’t get a critical hit with Swirl, they can still do much damage. Heizou is an Anemo character, but he has great multipliers that make him useful for many teams.


Double Anemo Trouble

Best Team Build For Shikanoin Heizon in Genshin Impact
Best Team Build For Shikanoin Heizon in Genshin Impact

The team with Heizou’s close friend Kaedehara Kazuha should get the first shout. The person who made Genshin Impact likes making four-star characters that directly help five-star characters. We saw this pattern with Kujou Sara, Raiden Shogun, Gorou, Arataki Itto, Kaedehara Kazuha, and Shikanoin Heizou.

After his Elemental Skill hits an enemy, one of Heizou’s passives raises the Elemental Mastery of everyone in the party except for himself. Based on his Elemental Mastery, Kazuha gives an Elemental DMG bonus for the element he Swirls with any of his skills.

So, it would help if you started with Heizou’s Elemental Skill, used all the other characters’ skills and bursts, and then used Kazuha’s skill and burst so he can make a lot of Swirls. The two Anemo boys can also be great with Xingqiu and Rosaria.

This is because both can use their Elemental Bursts to damage enemies outside the battlefield and freeze them. You can then use Kazuha’s Elemental Skill to group these enemies together. Since they are frozen, they will stay together. When the combo is over, you can switch back to Heizou and generally attack until you can do it again.

In this team composition, you can replace Xingqiu and Rosaria with Yelan and Shenhe, respectively, if you have access to those characters and have given them enough Energy Recharge to keep up with the rotation.


Vaporized Swirl

genshin impact xiangling heizou yelan bennett

Vaporize is one of the most powerful reactions in Genshin Impact because it gives a DMG bonus of two times when Pyro is used on Hydro and 1.5 times when Hydro is used on Pyro. This and Swirl from Heizou makes this team a formidable opponent.

Bennett is on this team because his burst increases his ATK. Having Xiangling on the team means you will have enough energy. When discussing this team’s rotation, you should have Elemental Burst ready for every character before you start. If that isn’t the case, keep using their Elemental Skills until you get it.

Start your rotation using Bennett’s Elemental Burst, but be careful where you put it because you can’t move outside the circle of his burst. Next, use his Elemental Skill to get some energy back, and then use Yelan’s and Xiangling’s Elemental Skills and Bursts in any order you like.

Switch to Heizou and do a few normal attacks until his Elemental Skill has all of its stacks. Then use both his Elemental Skill and Burst. When he explodes, the elements you use to make a Swirl reaction explode more than once. Then, you can keep attacking, usually while Xiangling and Yelan do damage from off the field.


Anemo Overload

Best Team Build For Shikanoin Heizon in Genshin Impact
Best Team Build For Shikanoin Heizon in Genshin Impact

Even though this team won’t cause a Swirl reaction on its own, consider every single Anemo team. Most of the time, you don’t have to do certain things in a game like Genshin Impact. Because of this, most of the time, each element has a single team.

This Anemo Overloaded team is happy with itself because everyone is on it. Jean is a great healer and cleans all of your characters. At the same time, Kazuha’s buffing abilities make him a great support. Heizou and Xiao can both be on-field DPS. Since so many Anemo skills will be active simultaneously, you will have energy.

This team can shine when you fight Slimes, multiple Abyss Mages with different elements, or an enemy standing in water or fire. This way, you can use four Anemo characters to make Swirl more often.


Overloaded Swirl

genshin impact xiangling heizou fischl venti

Overload is the most dangerous reaction in the game, which makes sense since it uses the two most dangerous elements, Pyro and Electro. But when you use this team, you can significantly use this reaction. Overload makes enemies move away from you and spread everywhere, which can be annoying.

Venti can solve this problem by assembling a group of enemies with his Elemental Burst. As for the rotation, you use Xiangling’s Elemental Burst and Fischl’s Elemental Skill before using Venti’s Elemental Burst and Skill. Lastly, change to Heizou and use your skills while usually attacking, which will cause a lot of Swirls. When you use this team, your screen will be full of damage numbers.

Suppose you want to use this team against an enemy resistant to crowd control, like Ruin Guards, Ruin Hunters, Ruin Graders, Ruin Machines, or bosses. In that case, you can switch out Venti for a damage buffer, like Bennett or Zhong Li, to get the most out of this team.


Electrocuted Wind

genshin impact zhongli heizou yae yelan

If the sheer number of damages on your screen in the Overload team doesn’t satisfy you, the Taser team is just for you! Electro-Charged happens when Electro and Hydro meet, dealing extra Electro damage to all Wet enemies nearby.

The definition of the reaction makes it clear that this team works best against a group of enemies. The more people on this team, the better they will do. All you have to do is place Yae Miko’s kitsune and use Yelan’s Elemental Burst to deal with off-field Electro and Hydro damage while using Heizou as an on-field DPS inside Zhong Li’s shield.

The only people this team really needs are Heizou, Yelan, and Yae Miko. You can replace Zhong Li with any character you want as long as it doesn’t hurt the team’s primary goal. Zhong Li is there to protect Heizou and stop people from taking control of him while he charges his Elemental Skill.


Who is the first man to use the Catalyst in Genshin Impact?

The first man to use the Catalyst in Genshin Impact is Shikanoin Heizou, the famous detective from the Tenryou Commission.

What makes Anemo characters, like Heizou and Kazuha, strong in the game?

Anemo characters, including Heizou and Kazuha, have become strong in Genshin Impact due to the buff to the Swirl reaction. Even without critical hits, their Anemo abilities can still deal significant damage. Heizou, in particular, has great multipliers that make him useful for many teams.

How can I create an effective team with Heizou, Kazuha, Xiao, and Jean?

To create an effective team with Heizou, Kazuha, Xiao, and Jean, focus on utilizing multiple Anemo skills simultaneously to increase the frequency of Swirl reactions.

Jean’s healing abilities and Kazuha’s buffing capabilities make them excellent supports, while Heizou and Xiao can fulfill the role of on-field DPS. This team shines when fighting Slimes, multiple Abyss Mages, or enemies standing in water or fire, allowing you to utilize the power of four Anemo characters.

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