Diablo 4: How To Complete The Knight and the Magpie Quest

Welcome to the magical world of Diablo 4, you brave adventurers! In this epic journey, we’ll go on a thrilling quest called “The Knight and the Magpie,” where bravery and smarts work together to find secrets deep in the Condemned Mines.

As skilled people who look for hidden truths, we will find our way through dangerous paths and fight off dangerous enemies to help a lost soul find her mother.

Act I: A Cold and Iron Faith – The Knight and the Magpie Quest

After we beat the Prologue in Diablo 4, we can go to Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith and start our adventure. The story starts as we stand on the edge of the Pine Hill mining camp, which is our next stop. To move on, we have to leave Yelesna and go north, using the map to lead us to the next chapter.

A Meeting with Vigo

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When we get to the Pine Hill mine, our path crosses with destiny when we meet the mysterious Vigo. In a strange turn of events, a young girl named Neyrelle comes out and says that she and her mother saw Lilith in the mine. Neyrelle asks for our help because this news makes her feel bad. With our hearts full of compassion, we agree to help this desperate family get back together.

Rescuing Lilith

Act I: A Cold and Iron Faith - The Knight and the Magpie Quest

As our journey goes on, we have a heartfelt talk with Vigo in which we tell him that Prava sent us on this good mission. Vigo lets us come into the mine with Neyrelle because he trusts us.

The Ore Hoist, which was our first mode of transportation, stopped working, so we had to walk. We don’t know that danger is coming, but Risen Miners are coming out to test our strength.

The Way Back to Freedom

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We move forward with unwavering courage, even if it means going down dangerous paths. The path takes us deep into the Condemned Mines, where dangers and secrets are waiting. With our unwavering determination leading the way, we face every challenge with the spirit of a true hero.

Victory and Coming Together

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As we get closer to redemption, our bravery and courage bring us face to face with the end of this story. Neyrelle and her beloved mother, Lilith, meet again after a lot of trouble. It’s a heartwarming moment full of hope and gratitude. Our good deeds have brought light into the darkness and brought people back together in this troubled land.


In the world of Diablo 4, every quest is an odyssey, and “The Knight and the Magpie” is a great example of how empathy and perseverance can win in the end. As we come to the end of this chapter, our hearts are full of the satisfaction of having finished a good quest. We will never forget this amazing trip, on which we made new friends and changed our lives. Now head to the next Undertaking: 4th Quest in Diablo 4.

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Remember that the world of Diablo 4 is big and constantly changing, so move carefully and with a sense of wonder because there are a lot of secrets to find. Good luck on your journeys, you brave heroes!

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