Diablo 4: How to Complete Ill Tidings Quest in ACT 1- A Complete Guide

Once you finish the Prologue and start Act 1 in Diablo 4, you’ll need to complete the Ill Tidings quest. This is one of the initial campaign missions that will take you to the Cathedral of Light and Reverend Mother Prava, who will assign more tasks for you. Read on to discover how to finish Ill Tidings with the help of Reverend Mother Prava and Lorath Nahr.

How to Complete Ill Tidings in Diablo 4

You’ll start Ill Tidings soon after arriving in Kyovashad with Lorath Nahr. It’s one of the first quests in Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith, and your main goal is to reach the Cathedral of Light and warn them about Lilith’s threat to Sanctuary. You’ll need to find allies to fight against the Daughter of Hatred in this new war.

Ill Tidings
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First, head north to the Cathedral of Light, which is located in the upper part of Kyovashad. Once you reach there, go inside and speak to Reverend Mother Prava. She’ll instruct you to talk to Vigo after learning about Lilith and her plans in Ill Tidings.

Ill Tidings Vigos
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As you approach, you’ll overhear Reverend Mother Prava speaking to someone else about how we were all born in sin as children of darkness. Still, we can find the Father’s Light if we keep our faith. This provides some insight into the Cathedral of Light and its workings.

How to Complete Ill Tidings Quest in ACT 1- A Complete Guide
How to Complete Ill Tidings Quest in ACT 1- A Complete Guide

Once she finishes talking to the other person and says, “Let the Light of Inarius burn away Wickedness,” you can talk to her. She’ll inform you that Vigo, one of her Knights, reported a demon sighting nearby, which confirms your fears about Lilith.

Before you leave, remember to pick up Vigo’s Knight’s report. Doing so will complete the Ill Tidings quest in Diablo 4, earn you 800 XP Points and 300 Gold, and unlock the Tarnished Luster quest.

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