Diablo 4: How To Complete Tarnished Luster Quest – ACT 1

After you finish Ill Tidings in Diablo 4, it’s time to move on and finish Tarnished Luster. Tarnished Luster is one of the main quests in Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith , and completing it will move the game’s story along.

It might seem like a short and pointless quest, but if you watch the cutscenes and listen to the dialogue, you’ll find out that it’s actually quite important. In this guide you’ll find out how to finish the Diablo 4 quest Tarnished Luster and find Vigo.

How To Complete Tarnished Luster Quest – ACT 1

How To Complete Tarnished Luster Quest - ACT 1
How To Complete Tarnished Luster Quest – ACT 1

You have to go to Yelesna after talking to Reverend Mother Prava in Kyovashad and getting Vigo’s report. Yelesna is south of Kyovashad, to the southeast. Suppose this is your second character; your first character already had mounts unlocked. In that case, you can get to Yelesna quickly, which makes Tarnished Luster easier.

You can see a red path on your minimap if you right-click on the waypoint on your map. This will show you how to follow the trail and the fastest way to get there. Be careful because there will be many Ghouls, Wargs, and other enemies along the way. Most of the time, ghouls come in big groups and can be hard to fight if you aren’t careful.

Knight’s Garrison

Tarnished Luster Knights Garrison

It would help if you went to the Knight’s Garrison when you got to Yelesna. The Knight’s Garrison is on the western side of Yelesna. It’s behind the Blacksmith and Armor Vendor. To enter the Knight’s Garrison, interact with the door and proceed inside. Once inside, make your way through Tarnished Luster until you locate Vigo.

Captain Ankers will be inside once you go in. Ankers will ask you right away what you want from him. He seems a little annoyed when you tell him that Reverend Mother Prava sent you to look for Vigo.

Captain Ankers

Tarnished Luster Captain Ankers

He says she has been bugging him all week about a demon. Captain Ankers tells you that Vigo has left the ship. A whole group of Knights went missing the week before, and you can find him in the Mining Camp at Pine Hill. Talking to Captain Ankers will end the Tarnished Luster quest and start the next one, “The Knight and the Magpie“.

Important FAQs

Is “Tarnished Luster” a crucial quest in Diablo 4?

Absolutely! Though it may appear short and unimportant, completing “Tarnished Luster” is vital for progressing the game’s story. Please pay attention to the cutscenes and dialogue to fully grasp its significance.

How do I start the “Tarnished Luster” quest in Diablo 4?

A great way to kick off the “Tarnished Luster” quest in Diablo 4 is by talking to Reverend Mother Prava in Kyovashad and obtaining Vigo’s report.

Can I replay the “Tarnished Luster” quest on different difficulty levels?

In Diablo 4, quests can generally be played on different difficulty levels through the game’s progression system. However, specific details regarding quest replay ability may vary. Be sure to check the game’s settings and documentation for more information.

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