Diablo 4: Prologue: Wandering – A Comprehensive Guide

The first part of Diablo 4 is called “Prologue: Wandering,” and it is a short story. This gives you an overview of the game and tells you more about the world, enemies, and dungeons. Below, you’ll find a list of the 8 quests in the Prologue.

Prologue: Wandering

Below, you can find a list of the quests in the Prologue.

  1. Dusk on the Mountain
  2. Darkness Within
  3. A Hero’s Return
  4. A Hero’s Reward
  5. Prayers for Salvation
  6. In Search of Answers
  7. Rite of Passage
  8. Missing Pieces

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Dusk on the Mountain

After the exciting opening cutscene and making your character, you’ll be thrown right into the world of Sanctuary.

Diablo4 prologue 1

Your journey starts in a snowy area of Sanctuary called Fractured Peaks. When you wake up in the cave, you’ll need to find a safe place to stay because the storm is getting worse. Open your map and look for the gold symbol below to find where you need to go.

Diablo4 prologue 3

This is a nearby town where you can find safety. Follow the map in the top right corner and start going down the mountain. On the way down, you’ll run into some Wargs, which will be your first lesson in fighting and dodging.

Diablo4 prologue 4

If you keep going down the path, you’ll find more enemies to fight and some things to smash for loot! Then go through the gates into Nevesk, a small, deserted town. Here, you can hear the voice of a stranger calling out. Follow the voice to a house on the left and go through the door.

Prologue: Wandering - Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide

Inside, you’ll meet Oswen, Vani, and a man who is babbling about demons coming out of the ruins. Vani says she will tell you everything, so follow her outside to a small tavern where you can talk with other villagers about where you are and what’s going on. You can also find Isbel, who sells armor, and Stanis, who is a healer.

Diablo4 prologue 7

Vani may request your protection from potential dangers, and it is now your opportunity to venture into the ruins.


Darkness Within

Go to Icehowl Ruins, which is a Dungeon on your map just north of the town.

Diablo4 prologue 8

Along the way, you’ll fight many different kinds of new enemies. When you get to the gate, go inside the Icehowl Ruins.

Diablo4 prologue 9

This will be your first time in a Diablo 4 Dungeon. Go out the back door and through the next door on the right to start your journey. Continue going through these doors until you reach a place with two doors. The one to your right is empty, but the one in front of you is full of enemies waiting to attack, so move forward to deal with them.

Diablo4 prologue 11

Keep going through these rooms until you see glowing doors on the right that you can go through. You can use a Healing Well in this area.

Diablo4 prologue 17

If you keep walking down the hall, you’ll reach the Hell-Touched Corridors. If you go right when you first start to look around, you’ll find enemies ready to attack. After you’ve dealt with them, go into the following rooms to the left. Here, more enemies are ready to fight you.

Diablo4 prologue 18

Take them out, then move forward into a bigger room with more enemies to fight.

Prologue: Wandering - Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide
Prologue: Wandering – Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide

Now, go through the door on the right side of the room to get to another area with more enemies to fight. Please go through the door in the back of this room to find another Healing Well and follow the path past it.

Diablo4 prologue 20

This will take you to a room where a headless priest is lying on the floor. Uh oh. When you talk to him, the boss fight with X’Fal, The Scarred Baron, will start. Here is a guide that will help you beat X’Fal. 

How to defeat X’Fal, the Scarred Baron

Prologue: Wandering - Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide
Prologue: Wandering – Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide

X’Fal has a giant mace that he swings around quickly, so now is a good time to get good at using the Evade button. It’s Considering that Evade has a cooldown of five seconds, it’s crucial to be mindful of the timing. Therefore, it’s moving away as soon as he lifts his mace is essential.

Xfal diablo 4 5

X’Fal can do more than just hit the mace up and down, which makes a damaging ripple on the ground. He can also sweep the mace across the ground. When you see him move the arm holding the mace back over the shoulder of the other arm, move under the other arm to avoid the swing.

During this, he will also sometimes shoot flaming projectiles, so going around his back and around the other side of him is also helpful.

Prologue: Wandering - Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide
Prologue: Wandering – Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide

More importantly, X’Fal will form a pentagram on the ground at some point, which will charge him up for a stronger attack. The red dots on his health bar show that he’ll do this attack three times.

He will also send Hellstormers to attack you during this time. But while you’re killing them, you can also do more damage by hitting them while they’re in the air. After he gets this power-up, he will jump into the air and try to land on you. You can quickly get out of the way because a circle will appear on the floor where he plans to land.

Xfal diablo 4 3

When you beat him, he drops a lot of things. Pick those up, and then use the rope at the back to go back to the Icehowl Taiga.

Diablo4 prologue 22

A Hero’s Return

Go back to the town of Nevesk to tell the people there that the demon has been defeated. Talk to Vani in the tavern, and she’ll tell you how thankful she is. They don’t have any money to give, but they have stew and drinks, which is good enough.

Diablo4 prologue 25

But these villagers aren’t what they seem to be shown.


A Hero’s Reward

You’ll be saved by Iosef before you’re killed, but now you’ll have to fight your way out.

Diablo4 prologue 26

Clear a path through the town and talk to Iosef when everyone is down. Then, talk to Vani’s dead body in order to get the Chapel Key.


Prayers for Salvation

If you talk to him, you’ll find out that he was the man who was talking about demons in the ruins earlier. He will tell you that the villagers gave him drugs, just like they gave you drugs, and that you need to go to the Chapel to find out more. Now that you have the Key go to the Chapel. On the map, it is just south of you.

Diablo4 prologue 27

Go through the doors when you get there. You can pick up Blood Petals from the floor and use them. When you do this, a cutscene will start showing a Priest ringing the Chapel’s bell back when the town was a bit busier.

Prologue: Wandering - Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide
Prologue: Wandering – Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide

But petals will start falling from the ceiling before he can finish talking to the villagers. Then Lilith will show up in a big way, and the truth about what happened to the villagers will come out.

Prologue: Wandering - Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide
Prologue: Wandering – Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide

Talk to Iosef again when the cutscene is over. If you ask him what he was doing in Nevesk, he’ll say he was looking for the Town Priest, and we now know what happened to him. You can then ask how you got out of the Chapel. He’ll tell you that you passed out, and he pulled you out of the Chapel and set it on fire.

Diablo4 prologue 29

You’ll tell him what you saw, and he’ll tell you that he needs to return this information to the Cathedral. He will then tell you to go north to meet a Hermit who may have something to do with what is going on.


In Search of Answers

Follow the path on the map in the top right corner of the screen to find the Hermit. When you leave the town’s gate, you can also interact with an Altar of Lilith. All characters on the realm will get permanent stat boosts from these.

Diablo4 prologue 40

You’ll face many enemies, such as Skeletons, Wargs, Hatchlings, Spiders, and Spider Hosts. On the other side of that cave is the area where you can look for the Hermit’s cabin.

When you leave the cave, go north to the Eastern Pass. Follow the path until you reach an area with more space to explore. You can also find items here for Harvesting. And the Windswept Cabin is over on the left.

Diablo4 prologue 30

Use the door to the cabin and go inside. You’ll first notice the bookshelf, which you can interact with. You can also get information about the house from the Kettle by the fire, the Mortar and Pestle by the door, and the Jars on the wall.

Diablo4 prologue 31

Go to the bookshelf and do something to it to open a secret room. Here, you can interact with Scattered Books on the floor that have Specimen Notes. There is also a Rusted Trap on the floor, but the Strange Skull in the back is more important.

Diablo4 prologue 34

If you talk to it, a cutscene will start with the Hermit going home. This Hermit’s real name is Lorath Nahr, and he can tell you a lot about what the villagers did to you and how Lilith’s plans for everyone are much bigger than we think. Next, you and your friend will go to Kyovashad.

Prologue: Wandering - Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide
Prologue: Wandering – Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide

Rite of Passage

Use the top right corner map to find the path north to Kyovashad. You’ll meet a lot of enemies along the way, such as Fallen, a Fallen Shaman, and a Fallen Overseer. When you get to the city, a Guard will stand in the street and tell you to stop before entering. Talk to Lorath at this point.

Diablo4 prologue 33

He will tell you that you must do a cleaning ritual before you can go into Kyovashad. He gets to skip, so you will have to do it by yourself. First, you’ll need to go to the shrine, get a Holy Cedar Tablet, and write on it the sin that bothers you most. You can be afraid, angry, proud, greedy, or feel nothing at all.

Diablo4 prologue 36

Then, throw it in the Brazier right next to it. After that, go back to the Guard and tell him it’s done. You can now go and see Lorath again.


Missing Pieces

Once you find Lorath, he’ll tell you that he needs to go to the Dry Steppes to find the Pale Man from your vision, but he needs you to get something for him from a Merchant in town. Before you do this, you can talk to him again and ask him more questions about Nevesk, Inarius, and Lilith.

Diablo4 prologue 39

Now, go to town and find the Merchant. Tell him that Lorath sent you, and he’ll tell you that you have to pay for the weapon. You can get his Polearm for only 20 Gold, so go get it. He will also give you a Strange Amulet to give to Lorath, so make sure to take that with you before you leave.

Diablo4 prologue 38

Give them both to Lorath, and he’ll tell you that the amulet is the mark of the Horadrim, an ancient group of Scholars and Mages who swore to protect Sanctuary from demons. Even though there aren’t many left, he tells you about someone who might help you on your journey.

The opening chapter of Diablo 4 has reached its conclusion.

Prologue: Wandering - Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide
Prologue: Wandering – Walkthrough & A Comprehensive Guide

Important FAQs:

What is the name of the first part of Diablo 4, and what does it entail?

The first part of Diablo 4 is called “Prologue: Wandering.” It is a short story that serves as an overview of the game, providing information about the world, enemies, and dungeons. It introduces players to the snowy area of Sanctuary called Fractured Peaks and involves quests like “Dusk on the Mountain” and “Darkness Within.”

How do players defeat the Pale Man in the quest involving Lorath Nahr in the Dry Steppes?

The guide doesn’t mention a direct quest involving the Pale Man in the Dry Steppes. However, players may encounter the Pale Man in later stages of Diablo 4, and defeating powerful enemies often requires a combination of well-timed evades, strategic attacks, and making use of character abilities and skills.

What is the significance of the Strange Amulet given to players by the Merchant in the “Missing Pieces” quest?

The Strange Amulet is significant as it serves as the mark of the Horadrim, an ancient order of Scholars and Mages in Diablo’s lore. When players give this amulet to Lorath Nahr, it reveals the connection between the villagers’ actions and Lilith’s larger plans for Sanctuary.

Are there any vendors in the town of Nevesk during the Prologue of Diablo 4?

Yes, during the Prologue in Diablo 4, players can find Isbel, who sells armor, and Stanis, who is a healer. These vendors offer valuable items and services to aid players in their journey.

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