Diablo 4: The Cost of Knowledge Quest (A Step by Step Guide)

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to complete The Cost of Knowledge, the eighth mission in this Act 1. This main story quest comes after Storming the Gates. You have to look for Vhenard on the Mourning Shore.

A Complete Guide For The Cost of Knowledge Quest in Diablo 4


Search for Vhenard’s Records

A Complete Guide For The Cost of Knowledge Quest in Diablo 4

You’ll find another stone here with Vhenard’s Records written on it once you break through, so that’s not looking good. Then take the next set of stairs down.

Stop at the Healing Well to heal up before going to the next area. Then, go back up the stairs to find the Priest mentioned in Vhenard’s Records and Vhenard standing in the middle of the floor.

Talk to Neyrelle right here, and she’ll go talk to her mom. The conversation won’t go well, so you’ll have to fight Vhenard as a boss. You can read about her boss fight and how to beat her down below.


How to Defeat Vhenard

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Vhenard is a hard boss to beat because she makes you move around and wait a lot. To defeat her, you need to focus on the demon servants she calls Hell Spawn and kill them while she shoots projectiles at you from behind a barrier.

Vhenard’s health bar has three dots, just like X’Fal, The Scarred Baron’s. By the first marker, she will call up two Hell Spawn to protect her. If you have a ranged weapon, it’s easy to move around and shoot at them from a distance, but if you’re a melee build, you’ll have to dodge when they shoot their own projectiles. Go in, hit them a few times, and then roll around their sides, making sure to avoid Vhenard’s fiery lines.


Focus on HellStormers

A Complete Guide For The Cost of Knowledge Quest in Diablo 4

At mark two, things will really start to pick up. She will not only call up three Hell Spawn, but she will also send Hellstormers at you. First, run to the lower corner as soon as you see the red glowing pentagrams on the floor.

This will give you a head start on the Hell Spawn that appears here. Then, when the Hellstormers come running toward you, quickly kill them. Once they’re dead, go back to the Hell Spawn you started with.

Don’t take them all down at once, take them down one at a time. But if you take too long, Vhenard will send out more Hellstormers. So when you see more red pentagrams on the floor, you’ll know they’re coming.


The Chaotic Finale

A Complete Guide For The Cost of Knowledge Quest in Diablo 4

Vhenard will have one last chaotic surprise for them once they’re down. This is by far the hardest part, and you’ll need a lot of patience. Now, five Hell Spawn, a Pit Lord, and Hellstormers will be called forth. But that’s not all. Once you get going, she’ll call even more demons.

Start from the bottom corner, like you did before, to get a head start on killing the Hell Spawn that appears here. They’re your main targets, so you’ll need to move around the room until they’re alone so you can hit them. It also helps a great deal to slowly purge the world of the other demons.

After you beat her, she will drop different rewards for you to pick up. Also, this will finish the quest.

Important FAQs

What level should I be before attempting “The Cost of Knowledge”?

It’s recommended to be at least level [X] before taking on this quest. Make sure your gear is up to par as well.

What happens if I fail to defeat Vhenard?

Don’t worry! If you’re unable to beat her on your first try, you can always respawn and try again.

Are there any hidden secrets or side quests in this mission?

“The Cost of Knowledge” primarily focuses on the main story. However, keep your eyes peeled for any secret areas or hidden treasures!


With our detailed guide to “The Cost of Knowledge,” the exciting eighth mission in this Act 1, you can go on a trip you’ll never forget. As you go through action-packed battles and strategic encounters, you’ll learn how to beat the tough boss Vhenard. Prepare your gear, let out your inner hero, and win this epic quest.

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