Fortnite: Phantasm’s Level Up Quest Pack Guide

You can get the Phantasm skin and a bunch of quests to help you finish your Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass with this new Fortnite pack.

We all know that the third season of Fortnite Chapter Three is almost over. The Battle Pass will be gone after the next two weeks, so this is your last chance to finish it and get its rewards.
At the end of the season, a new Level Up pack is usually released, giving players a chance to get those last few levels and keep their well-earned rewards. We’ll cover everything you need to know about this pack in this guide.

How the Level Up Packs Work

phantasm skin fortnite
How Level Up Packs Work

Level-Up packs are a great way to level up in a season without having to do a lot of weekly quests and milestone quests to get experience points. Every week, seven new quests will be added, and you’ll have to complete them to level up.

Even though tokens won’t be given out until September 8, 2022, the pack will be available until the end of Chapter 3 Season 3, which is September 17, 2022. During this time, you can get it whenever you want. It’s in the Item Shop under “Special Offers and Bundles.”

Even if you don’t start during the first week that quests come out, you can still do them all until the end.

This Pack is not eligible for Return Requests, so once you confirm that you want to buy it, you won’t be able to get your 1,200 V-Bucks back.

Reward for the Phantasm Pack

Fortnite: Phantasm's Level Up Quest Pack Guide
Reward for the Phantasm Pack

The main benefit of this pack is that every time you get a Level Up token from the Phantasm Pack, your Pass level goes up by one. If you were about to level up without the token, don’t worry. The token will take you to the next level, but your current level progress will stay the same.

For each set of seven Phantasm quests you finish, you’ll get a cosmetic reward on top of your level. Every week, a new cosmetic is made available. Here they all are:

Complete 7 Phantasm quests The Beyond Portal Back Bling
Spectral Vision Wrap
Complete 14 Phantasm quests The All-Seeing Scythe Harvesting Tool
Complete 21 Phantasm quests The Beyond Portal Back Bling – Ruby Revenant Style
The All-Seeing Scythe Harvesting Tool – Ruby Revenant Style
Complete 28 Phantasm quests Phantasm Outfit – Helmeted Style

Phantasm Pack Quests

level up token fortnite
Phantasm Pack Quests

All over the map, there are seven Level Up tokens for every week that passes. This will give you a total of 28 Level Up tokens, which is how many levels your Pass can go up by when this pack is finished.

We’ll add more tokens to this guide as soon as they’re available.

Week One (Fire Level Up Tokens)
To finish the first week of Phantasm’s Level Up Pack, you will need to collect seven Fire Level Up tokens. Here are where the tokens are:

Chonker’s SpeedwayYou’ll find the most tokens at Chonker’s Speedway, with four Fire Level Up tokens on the racetrack. Get yourself a car and do a full lap around the track to collect them easily.
Condo CanyonThe token is in the northeastern area of Condo Canyon, between the two large tree trunks.
Impossible RockImpossible Rock is a landmark between Rocky Reels, Condo Canyon, and Chonker’s Speedway. It’s easy to find since it’s a huge part of last season’s mech. You’ll find the token just next to the mech part.
Shuffled ShrinesThe token can be found right beside the large purple tree in Shuffled Shrines, you really won’t miss it.

Week Two (Earth Level Up Tokens)
Week 2 is all about collecting Earth Level Up tokens, and it looks like each week will be based on a different element. Here’s where they can be found:

Butter BloomYour first Earth token can be found underneath the large tree root that’s coming out of the ground.
Greasy GroveThe Earth Level Up token is on top of the Bouncy Slurpshroom, just behind the gas station.
Southeast of Greasy GroveIf you look at your map, you’ll notice a growth of large blue mushrooms between Greasy Grove and the Overtaken Outpost landmark. That’s exactly where you’ll want to go to get the next token, where it’s on top of a Bouncy Slurpshroom.
Reality Falls Go to the plateau west of the Reality Tree, next to the waterfall. There are two Bouncy Slurpshrooms up there, with the Level Up token found on top of one of them.
Then, jump down into the water and go to the area where the tree meets the ground. The next token is in the northern area of its roots.
Keep going up the tree, and once you’re on top, you’ll notice another token.
Southwest of Reality FallsSouthwest of the Reality Tree, there are a bunch of large blue mushrooms, just like near Greasy Grove. When you arrive, you’ll notice a Bouncy Slurpshroom with a token on top.

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