Genshin Impact: 10 Things You Don’t Know About Lisa

At the beginning of Genshin Impact, players are given a team of four characters. There are some facts About Lisa. Lisa is the Knights of Favonius’s librarian, and she is one of these four people. Lisa is a four-star electro catalyst who likes to have fun. She is very interested in the books in the library and is always looking to learn more.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Lisa

She has a lot of respect for Jean, but she doesn’t want to fight often to help the other knights. Lisa also seems to spend most of her time in the library, which is where Fischl spends most of his time.


She Loves Sleeping

She loves sleeping
She loves sleeping

Lisa loves to nap just as much as she loves to keep her library in order. In fact, most people have noticed that Lisa often takes naps at her desk. Even her story’s dialogue calls her a lazy cat, which she doesn’t do anything to disprove.

Lisa’s love of sleep is so strong that people who try to wake her up early in the morning are said to attack them.


She went to school in Sumeru

She went to school in Sumeru
She went to school in Sumeru

Lisa wasn’t always a librarian. At one point in her life, she was on a very different path. In fact, she was the best student in her class at the Sumeru Academia in the dendro nation of Sumeru. She was very smart, so it was easy for her teachers to be impressed by her.

After she learned about the depths, she would have to explore to get more power. However, she decided to leave that life behind and start a new one.


She doesn’t spend much time in Town

She doesnt spend much time in town
She doesn’t spend much time in town

Lisa doesn’t really want to hang out with other people, but she is a little nicer to the traveller. She also doesn’t seem to be friends with many of the other characters based on what they say in her voice lines. Instead, Lisa helps characters like Amber and Noelle by being more of a guide.

She doesn’t seem to get along well with Klee either, because she won’t play her games.


She was a Great Witch

She was a great witch
She was a great witch

Lisa actually became a grand mage when she was younger. Even now, the title follows her everywhere she goes, but she says that’s not who she is anymore. Lisa probably has a lot more power than she lets on, and she might even be a five-star character in secret.

Lisa doesn’t seem very interested in talking about her past or really showing people what she can do.


She Shirked her Responsibilities

She shirked her responsibilities
She shirked her responsibilities

Mondstadt thinks that Lisa might be the laziest person he has ever met. It turns out that when she first joined the knights, she turned down jobs that had to do with fighting and then passed on the responsibilities she did have to other people. She even forced Diona to help her with some of her chores.

Lisa has cut down her list of things to do until she only has to watch over the library.


She Taught Razor

She Taught Razor
She Taught Razor

Lisa decided to be Razor’s mentor, but she did it in a strange way. Lisa showed the young boy how to use his electro vision, and she admits that she was impressed by his power. Even though her training is hard, she seems to like Razor.

Razor seems to respect Lisa and is glad she taught him how to use his power.


She Knows the Secret of Visions

She Knows the Secret of Visions
She Knows the Secret of Visions

From Lisa’s story and voice lines, players can tell that Teyvat doesn’t know nearly all there is to know about visions. Lisa seems to imply that visions can hurt people and that the longer someone uses a vision, the more likely it is that it will hurt them.

Lisa is the first person who seems to hint that visions can be bad or cause trouble for the person who has them.


She Makes Spells

She makes spells
She makes spells

Lisa is good at more than just fighting. She is also very good at alchemy, especially when it comes to making potions. Lisa is very good at making health potions, and she even has a cauldron that helps her make the right recipe quickly.

It looks like she learned how to make potions while she was in Sumeru to study.


She Doesn’t Eat Meat

She doesnt eat meat
She doesn’t eat meat

During Lisa’s first story quest, the player can find out that she doesn’t seem to like meat. Even though she doesn’t say she doesn’t like meat, she does like to eat vegetable dishes. Her favorite is vegetable soup. She seems to make the dish so often for herself.

Lisa seems to be very different from the rest of Mondstadt, which loves sticky honey roast.


She is Afraid of Pumpkins

10 Things You Don't Know About Lisa
She is afraid of pumpkins

Lisa’s dislike of food might be even stranger than Zhongli’s. She is said to have pumpkin-phobia, which means she is afraid of pumpkins. Because of this, she hates the fall, especially when everyone starts asking when they can eat pumpkin things.

She has even thought about trying to get rid of every pumpkin in the world, but she doesn’t know if that would be too much work.

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