Genshin Impact: 10 Things You Don’t Know About Venti

Venti is by far one of the most well-known people in Genshin Impact. Fans are begging Mihoyo to bring back the banner for this 5-Star character. There are a lot of things about this Anemo Archon that don’t make sense yet. He changes into this form in full view of other people, so it’s not a secret. But why isn’t there a cutscene where he changes into his Anemo form more often?

10 Things You Don’t Know About Venti

Venti is a god made of pure Anemo/Celestial Energy, but how does he feel about food and alcohol? How does he get drunk? What does he do to eat? Why can’t he look like someone else and get a drink in a bar? Why does Venti’s vision bring a lyre to him if he doesn’t use catalyst?

Why is Venti even an Archer? Why do his braids light up when he makes a small gust of wind?

But there are a lot of things about this Anemo Archon that don’t make sense yet. Genshin Impact is still an “incomplete” game, with new regions, stories, and characters coming out every month or so (such as with the Dragonspine Expansion). But here are some things about Venti that don’t make sense based on what players know so far.


Where’s His Beard?


Names are very important, especially in anime, comics, and movies. And because of this, a lot of properties like to give their characters names that directly mean something about their looks or personalities.

Diluc’s name means “dawn” or “daybreak” in Latin, which is fitting for a Pyro user like him. The name Xiangling comes from food—Water Chestnuts, to be exact—which couldn’t make more sense for a chef who moves around.

So, where does Venti’s real name, Barbatos, come from? Well, it comes from a Duke of Hell in demonology with the same name (as does Morax), but the name itself means “bearded” or “bearded one.” So, where is Venti’s beard? How can a person’s name mean something that he doesn’t have?


Why doesn’t he ever change back?

Venti God Outfit

In the Webtoon/Comic series that Mihoyo officially released, there are a few characters who seem to be wearing new clothes (as well as some pretty important plot implications). In his flashback, Diluc, for example, has a few new outfit ideas.

During the Lupi Harpastum festival, Amber wears a special outfit as well. And in the first chapter of the Webtoon, while helping Vanessa fight Ursa, Venti changes into what seems to be his Archon form.

Venti changes into this form in full view of other people, so it’s not a secret. He only uses a little bit of Anemo power, and it seems a bit pointless. But why did he do it if it wasn’t needed to help in that situation? And why doesn’t the game have a cutscene where he changes into his Anemo form, which he uses much more often?


How does a spirit turn into a person?

Spirit Form Venti

Early on, players learn about Venti’s past, but just in case, here’s a rundown. During the rule of Decarabian, the previous Anemo Archon, Venti appears as a small Anemo spirit and falls in love with a human boy named the Nameless Bard, who later leads a rebellion.

But the Bard is killed during the rebellion and never gets to see the world outside of that windy Prison.

So, to honour him, Venti turns into the Bard and takes on a “human” form. But Mihoyo kind of skipped over how that change from spirit to human really works. From what fans know about the story, Venti probably went to Celestia because the Gunnhildr Clan believed in him.

When asked, he took the form of his friend. Since it’s not explained in the game (yet), this is at best a fan theory (of which there are plenty).


How Can He Even Function With A Gnosis?


Venti’s Vision is a fake, and everyone knows it. It’s a fake device he made so he could look like a normal human while still being able to use his Anemo powers.

Archons get their power from a different source: a small chess piece they keep inside of them like an organ. This piece is called a “Gnosis,” and it gives them their power. But at some point in the story, Signora attacks Venti and steals his Gnosis.

How could Venti use any power at all without it? Remember that a Gnosis is basically a Vision for the Archons, and that without it, they shouldn’t have much of a connection to Celestia at all. How do Venti (or Morax, who is better known as Zhongli) keep using Elemental Energy after they have lost their Gnosis?


How could he have lost without even trying?

Genshin Impact: 10 Things You Don't Know About Venti

When people talk about the fight between Signora and Venti, they wonder how he could have lost so badly. Even though Venti isn’t actively ruling over Mondstadt, he is still an ascended being.

His power isn’t as strong as the other Archons, though, because he isn’t actively ruling over Mondstadt. Plus, he was with the Traveler, who is a warrior from another world who eats Fatui for breakfast.

How does it make sense that two Fatui Agents held the Traveler back long enough for Venti to lose a fight to Signora so easily? The difference between Venti’s power in-game and in cutscenes is so big at this point that it almost feels like a plot hole.


Why can he be healed in-game but not in the cutscenes?

Barbara Venti

Another difference between how Venti acts in the game and how he acts in the cutscenes is the one that happens right after his Gnosis is taken. Signora hurts Venti, but Barbara, the Idol who heals people in Mondstadt, says that she doesn’t seem to be able to help Venti.

Since Venti is a god made of pure Anemo/Celestial Energy, it’s easy to see that this kind of healing wouldn’t work for him. But if that’s true, how do food and alcohol make him feel? How does he get drunk? What does he do to eat? Why is it so easy for Barabara to heal him when they are both on the same team in the game?


Why Can’t He Use Magic To Disguise Himself & Order A Drink?

Venti Drinks A Lot

Fans know that Venti looks like a child because he wanted to remember his friend who had died. Yes, that’s very sweet, but why hasn’t he figured out how to dress up to go into bars?

The guy can use “magic” to temporarily make the broken Holy Lyre der Himmel look brand new again, but he can’t use the same trick on himself long enough to order a drink?


How does a god in the heavens get allergies?

Venti Cats

Genshin Impact must have a very different idea of what a “god” is than most people, because these Archons can die, get drunk, and eat food. They even seem to be allergic to something. In the “Venti’s Troubles” section of his Character Bio, it says that this Anemo Archon is so allergic to cats that he sneezes even when he just thinks about them.

Most fans think that cats probably picked on Venti when he was a little spirit, and that his hatred turned into an allergy when he “became human.” However, this is just another fan theory to explain away something about Barbatos that doesn’t make sense.


Why does his vision bring a lyre to him if he doesn’t use catalyst?

Venti Archer

From a design point of view, this next one just doesn’t make sense. Why is Venti even an Archer? Fans have already seen that characters can “fight” with music if the creators want them to; just look at Barbara’s “Let the Show Begin.”

So, wouldn’t it make more sense for Venti to use a Catalyst (like a lyre) to make his music and Anemo Energy move with dangerous force? One of the books in the game, “The Boy and the Whirlwind,” gives the impression that Venti uses a bow to honour Decarabian’s Former Lover, who joined the rebellion and died fighting for it. But that seems like a pretty big stretch.


Doesn’t anyone ask about his shining braids?

Venti Hair Glow

Last, why does no one ask why Venti’s braids are glowing? When the boy makes even a small gust of wind, his braids light up. Why hasn’t anyone in Mondstadt asked why? Venti is the only character in the game whose abilities other than Vision light up when they use an elemental power.

Since Venti is taking the power from his Gnosis and putting it inside himself, it makes sense that something on his body would light up. People seem to just ignore it, which makes no sense.

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