Genshin Impact: 12 Best Tips for Playing as Ganyu

Ganyu is a five-star cryo character in Genshin Impact who shoots a bow. She uses a bow, but unlike most bow users, she is designed to be a DPS character, like Tartaglia was before her. Here we got the 12 Best Tips for Playing as Ganyu to enjoy this character in well means.

Ganyu is one of the most powerful characters in Genshin Impact because she has a wide range of skills. In the lore, she participated in the archon war and has honed her craft as a warrior over thousands of years, even making her own weapons.

12 Best Tips for Playing as Ganyu

Genshin Impact: 12 Best Tips for Playing as Ganyu
Genshin Impact: 12 Best Tips for Playing as Ganyu

Ganyu is known for having unbeatable aim, and even before she got her vision, she was thought to be a very good fighter. With the right amount of knowledge, it’s easy to master her in the field.


Strengths & Weakness of Ganyu


  • A strong Cryo damager and support that can deal strong but raw Cryo damage.
  • CRIT Rate scaling makes her easier to build.
  • Her Charge Attack makes the next Charge Attacks more likely to hit.
  • Very high base Attack.


  • Without constellation, it takes time to shoot with Charge Attack.
  • Shield might be better, so she doesn’t have to stop charging to do something else.
  • She has low Defense and HP, which makes her easy to hurt.

Set Your Enemies Up

Ganyu has a kit that helps her control the battlefield and do a lot of damage at the same time. Both her elemental burst and elemental skill have short cooldown times, which means that, with the right setup, players can use them over and over again.

It’s important to remember that Ganyu is not a tanky character and won’t be able to take a direct attack from an enemy for long.


Use Trail of Qilin

Trail of Qilin, Ganyu’s elemental skill, should be used every time the CD fills up to take control of the battlefield. This puts a lotus on the field that will quickly move Ganyu out of harm’s way, draw the attention of the enemies, and deal a small area of effect (AoE) amount of cryo damage when it’s done.

Ganyu can take a step back and keep attacking enemies with her charge shot thanks to the lotus. The Lily also makes sure that a lot of enemies gather in one place, which makes the area-of-effect damage of the charged shot even stronger.


How to manage Celestial Show

Celestial Shower, Ganyu’s elemental burst, tends to use up the CD pretty quickly. The burst makes a large area of effect (AoE) where icicles fall and do damage. This can be used at random with her elemental skill to do a lot of damage, or Ganyu can work with another character to deal elemental reactions to her opponents more easily.


Playing as a DPS

Ganyu can be a DPS because she has everything, she needs to control the flow of battle. Support is the most important thing to remember when Ganyu is your main character. When fighting bosses, Ganyu can stay on the field much longer if she has a healer to take care of her wounds.


Bring a Healer

For players who prefer not to fill one of their party slots with a healer, using a hydro character is a great way to further reduce the damage Ganyu takes in battle. When Ganyu can’t use her elemental skill, enemies can be frozen with the help of hydro characters. This short reaction greatly reduces the time enemies can spend attacking Ganyu.


Freeze Enemies

If a player has Mona, they should put her and her elemental skill on the same team. Her elemental skill summons a pulsing talisman that deals hydro damage to enemies and keeps them frozen. If you want to be more aggressive, you can use Fischl’s Oz or Xiangling’s burst to help Ganyu deal a lot of elemental reaction damage to your enemies.


Playing as a Back-Up Support

Ganyu is also a good choice for a supporting character because her skill and burst continue to work even after she leaves the field. Because of this effect, Ganyu can help DPS characters like Tartaglia, Diluc, and Razor by causing constant elemental reactions.

It’s also important to note that Ganyu’s elemental burst lasts for a long time, letting him do melt and superconduct damage over and over again.


Group Enemies

Ganyu is also a powerful ally to have if you need to get a group of enemies together. Sending out Ganyu’s Lotus and switching quickly to a character with a DPS attack can help deal a lot of damage to a group of enemies.

Ganyu can be a great way to set up attacks from characters like Keqing, who do better when they can get a lot of enemies in one place before they attack.

Ganyu is great because she can quickly switch from being a supporter to a DPS. This lets players switch Ganyu’s role on the fly if their main DPS dies or if they just want to switch things up for a few hours and use another main.


Setting Up Ganyu’s Team

Setting Up Ganyus Team
Setting Up Ganyu’s Team

It’s pretty easy to build a team around Ganyu, whether you play for free or pay. Ganyu is a character who works well with electro, hydro, and pyro elements. This gives Ganyu a wide range of possible partners, whether players want to use her for DPS or support. Here are some great options for a DPS Ganyu:

  • Xinqiu’s elemental burst would attack Ganyu by surrounding him with water swords.
  • Xiangling: Both Xiangling’s burst and skill do pyro damage outside of the battle field.
  • Barbara can be used to freeze enemies and heal Ganyu at the same time.
  • Mona – Mona’s elemental skill causes pulsing hydro damage.
  • Fischl – Oz causes continuous electro damage.
  • Lisa: When Lisa bursts, she sends out a floating lantern that does constant damage to electors.
  • Beidou: Beidou’s explosion sends out circling eels that do constant electro damage.

Support Ganyu Set-up

Playing as Support
Support Ganyu Set-up

There are also a lot of great characters that Ganyu can help improve for players who want to add her to their team:

  • Keqing: Ganyu can use her lotus to draw enemies to Keqing’s burst by using it to pull them in.
  • Tartaglia: Ganyu’s elemental skill and burst let Tartaglia freeze enemies over and over again.
  • Diluc: Ganyu’s burst and Diluc can be used together to do a lot of melt damage.
  • Razor – Like Diluc, Razor can be used with Ganyu’s skill for constant overload damage.
  • Klee: Klee’s bombs can cause constant melt damage when used with Ganyu’s burst.
  • Bennett – His pyro skills mix with Ganyu’s burst for reactive damage.

Best Weapons for Ganyu

Best Tips for Playing as Ganyu
Best Weapons for Ganyu

Amos’ Bow is by far Ganyu’s best weapon. But she has a few free-to-play options. That is, Prototype Crescent and Hamayumi. Most 5-star bows will work if you don’t have Amos’ Bow.

Weapon Namein-Game Description
Amos’ BowBoosts the damage done by Normal Attack and Charged Attack by 12%. When a Normal Attack or Charged Attack is fired, the damage done goes up by 8% for every 0.1 seconds the arrow is in the air, up to 5 times.
Prototype CrescentWhen a Charged Attack hits a weak spot, Movement SPD goes up by 10% and ATK goes up by 36% for 10 seconds.
HamayumiIncreases the damage of normal attacks by 16% and the damage of charged attacks by 12%. When the Energy of the character wearing the item reaches 100%, this effect gets a 100% boost.

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