Genshin Impact: Complete Build Guide for Sayu

In this Build Guide for Sayu, you will find every little detail about Sayu. Sayu, the smallest member of Genshin Impact’s Shuumatsuban, recently got a part in Inazuma’s Irodori Festival, where players got to talk to this sleep-deprived ninja dressed as a tanuki. Sayu’s main job is to do missions for Ayato, but that’s not all she does. She’s also one of the most creative and fun characters to play as in Genshin Impact.

Sayu is a four-star character who uses a claymore that probably weighs twice as much as she does and an Anemo Vision. Her signature move is to roll around the battlefield like a certain blue hedgehog. This can be useful for killing enemies and quickly getting around Teyvat. Read on to learn how to make this small, slow-spinning support work well.

Complete Build Guide for Sayu in Genshin Impact

Sayu has been a part of some of Genshin Impact’s most creative and effective teams ever since she was freed. Sayu has made a place for herself in the roster of Genshin Impact, whether she’s rolling over enemies in a Beyblade-like way or just being used to getting around the game’s huge world. This guide has been changed so that Sayu can keep moving forward.

Sayu’s Best Weapons

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Best Weapons for Sayu
Weapon NameBase ATKSecondary StatPassive Ability
Favonius Greatsword41Energy RechargeSayu’s critical hits have a 60% chance to create Elemental Particles, which will give the character who gets them back 6 Energy. Every 12s, this effect can happen once.
Rainslasher42Elemental MasterySayu does 20% more damage to people who are affected by Hydro or Electro.
Katsuragikiri Nagamasa42Energy RechargeThe damage done by Sayu’s Elemental Skill goes up by 6%. Sayu loses 3 Energy when her Skill hits an enemy, but she gets 3 Energy back every 2s for the next 6s. Even when Sayu isn’t on the field, this effect can happen once every 10s.
Wolf’s Gravestone46ATKSayu’s attack power (ATK) goes up by 20%. When she hits an enemy with less than 30% HP, the ATK of everyone in her party goes up by 40% for 12 seconds. Once every 30s, this effect can happen.

Sayu is usually the only Anemo character on her teams, so she needs a lot of Energy Recharge to use her Burst often. Favonius Greatsword helps a lot with this because its secondary stat, ER, and passive ability help Sayu fill up her Burst. When you have a lot of Refinements, the passive effect works even more reliably.

People often make fun of Rainslasher because it’s not a very good weapon, but Sayu can do more with it than most characters. This weapon’s Elemental Mastery will make Sayu’s Swirl attack do more damage and heal faster, especially when she is paired with Hydro or Electro teammates. If this claymore has been sitting in your inventory without being used, give it a try on Sayu.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa has a long name and a long passive ability, but what it does for Sayu is simple: it gives her a lot of Energy Recharge. This weapon helps Sayu quickly charge her Elemental Burst, which is great when you need extra healing during a fight.

Most of the time, five-star weapons are only for DPS characters, but you can equip one on Sayu if you have one lying around. Wolf’s Gravestone is the best one for her because its high ATK stat will help Sayu heal more, and the buff for the whole team will make your team do more damage overall.

Best Artifacts for Sayu

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Best Artifacts for Sayu
Artifact Set NameTwo-Piece Set BonusFour-Piece Set Bonus
Viridescent VenererAnemo DMG Bonus +15%Sayu’s Swirl does 60% more damage, and the opponent’s Elemental RES to the element in the Swirl is lowered by 40% for 10s.

Sayu’s Swirl does 60% more damage, and the opponent’s Elemental RES to the element in the Swirl is lowered by 40% for 10s.

Analysis of the Artifact Set:

The Viridescent Venerer Artifact Set is just too strong to recommend Sayu get anything else.

If you want to use Sayu offensively, you’ll use her Skill to roll between opponents and constantly swirl any elements that are affecting them. This Artifact set increases her Swirl damage by a lot, and because her skill lasts a long time, you can use Swirls for multiple elements at once, which makes your opponents’ defences much weaker overall.

Most people think that the Viridescent Venerer set is one of the most powerful Artifact sets in the game, and Sayu is a master at using its effects. You don’t have to look any further to find a better Artifact set for her.

Genshin Impact: Complete Build Guide for Sayu
Analysis of the Artifact Set

Artifact Stats:

Sayu’s skills depend on a few different stats, which can make it hard to figure out how to build her Artifacts. In general, EM Sands, EM Goblets, and EM Circlets will give her the most offensive power by increasing the damage of her Swirl, and the extra Elemental Mastery will slightly improve her healing.

If you’re having trouble getting her Burst to recharge, you can use ER Sands instead of Elemental Mastery. In the same way, you can choose a Healing Bonus Circlet if you want Sayu’s healing to be stronger. How you want to use Sayu in your own teams will affect this choice a lot.

Sayu’s best Artifact sub-stats are Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge, for the same reasons we talked about above. ATK% is also useful for her because it increases both her damage and the healing from her Burst.

Sayu’s Abilities and Constellations

Sayu’s Abilities and Constellations

If you only want to use Sayu as a quick-swap healer, all you need to do is level up her Burst. If you want to use her as an aggressive attacker on the field, you should also work to level up her Skill.

Sayu rarely uses her Normal Attacks, so you don’t need to level those up unless you have a lot of extra resources.

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Constellations of Sayu

Sayu has a lot of Constellations that can make her stronger and more useful.

Her C1 is similar to Bennett’s C1, except that her Burst doesn’t have a limit on HP and can attack and heal at the same time. This Constellation is great.

Sayu’s second Constellation is also great. It makes her Skill do up to 66% more damage. Sayu’s main offensive tool is her Skill, so this Constellation can help her a lot.

Sayu’s C3 and C5 will each give her a three-level boost to her Burst and Skill. There’s nothing flashy about these Constellations, but the extra power they give you will be clear.

When the Shuumatsuban scout starts a Swirl reaction, her C4 lets her get back a small amount of Energy. Sayu’s Skill doesn’t cost a lot of Energy, but this effect can happen more than once during its use. This can be very helpful for Sayu, who sometimes has trouble making enough Energy on her own, especially when she is the only Anemo on her team.

Sayu’s C6 lets her Burst power up based on how good she is at controlling elements. Sayu’s Burst heals your characters and does more damage to enemies the higher her Elemental Mastery is. Since you’re already putting points into Sayu’s Elemental Mastery, this Constellation gives a big boost to both parts of Sayu’s Burst.

Tip: If you like Sayu a lot but want to be careful with your Primogems, you might want to stop using them after you get her second Constellation. Sayu’s C1 and C2 are both very powerful and give you a lot for your money. Even though her later Constellations are nice, it’s the first two that stand out the most.

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