Genshin Impact: 3 Simple Steps to Complete the Skyfrost Nail

In Genshin Impact, the Skyforest Nail is a big part of the Dragonspine area. This is because it lives at the top of the mountain and is in charge of protecting a place called the Peak of Vindagnyr. It is also the only way for the player to get all of the Crimson Agate for the Frost Bearing Tree. The path to the nail is a bit complicated, though, because it’s a multi-part quest that doesn’t give much or any direction.

Simple Guide to Complete the Skyfrost Nail

When players get to the top of the mountain, they are confused because they can’t move it until they find the three crystals that are hidden around the area.

Getting the Nail Open (Cryo & Pyro Required)

Getting the Nail Open (Cryo & Pyro Required)
Getting the Nail Open (Cryo & Pyro Required)

You should turn on the three crystals before you even try to climb to the top of the mountain. You can find these crystals in the following places.

  • Tree That Gets Frost
  • Cave of Starglow
  • Wyrmrest Valley

The Frost Bearing Tree is the first place a player will find. The crystal that stops the player from using the tree at first is actually an important piece of the puzzle.

Just use the Scarlet Quartz around the tree to break the crystal, and a cutscene will show it flying towards the top of the mountain.

The player should then go to Starglow Cavern, a cave that goes all the way through the mountain. The cave will only have one way out until the player breaks the crystal. Follow the path that goes by Albedo’s camp to get there quickly. Once you’re inside, go to the bottom of the cavern. Three Seelie’s will be hiding there.

The first Seelie can be grabbed on the way down because it is out in the open. The other two are hidden behind the crystal on the ground floor. The second one can be opened by breaking a rock, and the third one is all the way down the path next to a broken ruin guard. After you bring the Seelie home, the shield around the crystal will fall, and the Scarlet Quartz around the cavern can be used to break it open.

For the next part, the player may want to have the following characters on their team because it makes fighting easier:

  • Amber
  • Fischl
  • Diluc
  • Bennett
  • Tartaglia
  • Xiangling
  • Diona
  • Ganyu

The last crystal is in Wyrmrest Valley, near the big circle of ruins that can be seen on the game’s map. In the ruins, there is a simple puzzle that you have to solve to start turning on the cube and seeing which cryo pillars the Seelie goes to. Hit the cryo pillars in the same order when he comes back to turn on two ruin guards. Keep a close eye on the “sheer cold” metre. During the fight, you will need to take turns running between the hot pillars. Goulash is also a good thing to eat before and during a fight.

Once the Ruin Guards have been killed, a Ruin Grader will come into attack. During these battles, it’s best to use a bow user to attack from far away. This keeps the sheer cold metre from going up while damage is being done. After the battle, you can drop down into a cavern with a crystal in the middle, lead the first Seelie to their pedestal, and then break the ice chunks behind the crystal to find the second Seelie.

After they are both on their pedestals, the cave’s gate will open, revealing the third piece of crimson quartz needed to break the crystal.

How to Get to the Point

Getting to The Nail
How to Get to the Point

Players seem to have trouble getting to the nail because the mountain is hard to understand. If the player tries to climb the mountain, Paimon will send them back down before they reach the top. Some players are led to believe that the Starglow Cavern will go all the way to the top of the mountain. This is not true.

To get to the top of the mountain, just go into the cave right behind the Dragonspine Statue of the Seven and follow the path up.

Activating The Nail (Anemo Required)

Genshin Impact: Simple Guide to Complete the Skyfrost Nail
Activating The Nail (Anemo Required)

Another confusing part of using the nail is that the crystals that flew to the top of the mountain are now floating around on small islands. The player will need to grab the Scarlet Quartz that is near the first set of floating islands at the base of the pillar and then safely jump to the crystal to break it.

Then, follow the path all the way up the mountain until you find a Frost Lawachurl. If you beat him, you’ll be able to get another scarlet quartz. The second crystal is on a floating island right outside the bosses’ area. Stop at the heat pillars along the way to keep the cold metre from going up.

The third crystal is the hardest because you have to move to the other side of the mountain. To do this, follow the fire Seelie who is near the second Scarlet Quartz. He will lead you to an anemo tower.

When you turn on the tower, you’ll be able to use the gliding rings to quickly get to the other side of the mountain. Once you’re there, kill the nearby hilichurls quickly. You will need to break the nearby Scarlet Quartz and then glide down to the crystal below you.

Once the last crystal leaves its floating island, the Skyfrost Nail will float above the mountain, revealing the domain, a lot of treasure chests, and a way to get a Crimson Agate by climbing the floating nail.

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