Genshin Impact: Discover the Top Weapons for Shikanoin Heizou

Shikanoin Heizou is a Genshin Impact character who uses Anemo. He is from the Inazuma area and is the Tenryou Commission’s Lead Detective. His favorite weapon is the Catalyst. He has a few that he likes better than the rest, but he can use anything as long as his friends give him Resonance.

Discover the Top Weapons for Shikanoin Heizou in Genshin Impact

When you arm Heizou with weapons or artifacts, you should pay most attention to Crit damage and Attack. Since his stats go up or down based on his Attack, this will make his natural skills even stronger. Elemental Mastery is another thing you can think about when building him, but it shouldn’t be your main goal.


The Widsith – Four Star

Genshin Yae Miko Widsith

The Widsith can be found through Wishes, and Catalyst users often suggest it to other people. It will increase Heizou’s Base Attack by between 42 and 510, and based on his level, its Critical Damage substat will give him an extra 12% to 55.1%.

When Heizou goes out onto the battlefield, he hears a random theme song for ten seconds. This can happen every 30 seconds. Depending on the theme song he gets, his Attack could go up by 60%, his damage from elements could go up by 48%, or his mastery of elements could go up by 240.


The Mappa Mare – Four Star

mappa mare genshin impact

You can get the Mappa Mare for Heizou either by making it yourself at the blacksmith’s shop or by pulling it in the Stellar Reunion Event. No matter how you get it, putting it on Heizou will give him a Base Attack boost of between 44 and 565, depending on his level in the game. This Catalyst has a substat called “Elemental Mastery,” which can raise that stat by anywhere from 24 to 110.

Once you’ve set off an Elemental Reaction, Heizou will get an extra 8% Elemental damage bonus for 10 seconds. This event can happen twice.


The Solar Pearl – Four Star

genshin ningguangsolar

Genshin Impact will cost you some real money if you want to get the Solar Pearl. This Catalyst can only be gotten through the Battle Pass’s Gnostic Hymn part. If you choose that path, this weapon will increase Heizou’s Base Attack by 42 to 510 and his Critical Rate by 6 to 27.6%.

When Heizou uses his Normal Attack, the damage of his Elemental Skill and his Burst will be increased by 20% for six seconds. If he uses either his Elemental Skill or Burst, his Normal Attack will go up by 20% for six seconds.


The Sacrificial Fragments – Four Star

Genshin Impact Sucrose Sacrificial Fragments

Wishes is a good place to get the Sacrificial Fragments. When Heizou puts it on, it will give his Base Attack a 41–454 point boost, based on his level. His Elemental Mastery will also go up by between 48 and 221 points because of its substat.

After you use Heizou’s Elemental Skill to hurt a target, his Skill has a 40% chance every 30 seconds to end its own cooldown. This will give you more chances to use his Elemental Skill in fight.


The Frostbearer – Four Star

Genshin Impact Sucrose Frostbearer

The Frostbearer is a good weapon to aim for because you can make it yourself at the blacksmith’s shop. All you need to do is gather the materials. If you use this Catalyst, Heizou’s Base Attack will go up by between 42 and 510, depending on his level. It also gives him an attack boost of between 9.1% and 41.3%.

Because he uses Anemo, the Frostbearer’s other perks depend on the team you build around him. When Heizou hurts an enemy with a Normal or Charged Attack, there is a 60% chance that an Everfrost Icicle will form above that enemy and deal 80% more damage from an AoE Attack. This does more damage when the victim is already affected by Cryo, which increases the damage by 200%.


The Blackcliff Agate – Four Star

klee with blackcliff agate genshin impact

You have to go through Paimon’s Bargains to get the Blackcliff Agate. It raises Heizou’s Base Attack by 42–510 and increases his Critical Damage by 12–55.1%.

In battle, Heizou’s Attack will go up by 12% for 30 seconds after you’ve knocked out an enemy. This can be put on top of itself up to three times, and each stack has its own length. This means that you’ll be able to keep stacks going even as they disappear, which will keep his Attack going up even as the fight goes on.


The Memory Of Dust – Five Star

ningguang with memory of dust in genshin impact

To get the Memory of Dust Catalyst, you will need to go to the Weapon Event Wishes. Putting it on Heizou will increase his Base Attack by 46 to 608, based on his level. It will get another 10.8–49.6% boost from its substat Attack.

This Catalyst will make Heizou’s shield 20% stronger, and any hits that hit a target will make Attack 4% stronger for 8 seconds. When his shield is up, his attack does 100% more damage.


The Lost Prayer To The Sacred Winds – Five Star

Discover the Top Weapons for Shikanoin Heizou in Genshin Impact

The Lost Prayer is a five-star item, so it can be pulled from Wishes at a slightly higher rate than other items. But if you get it, Heizou’s Base Attack will go up by between 46 and 608. There is also an additional stat called “Critical Rate,” which, depending on his level, gives him a boost of 7.2% to 33.1%.

While Heizou is using the Lost Prayer, his movement speed will go up by 10%. Every four seconds he’s in fight, his Elemental damage bonus will go up by 8%, and this can happen up to four times. This effect will last as long as Heizou is on the field or until he is knocked out.


The Skyward Atlas – Five Star

skyward atlast in genshin impact

Wishes is where you can get the Skyward Atlas, but since it’s another five-star weapon, you’ll have to try a little harder. Once you have it, it will raise Heizou’s Base Attack by between 48 and 674. With its secondary number, it will also boost his Attack by 7.2% to 33.1%.

This Catalyst will make Heizou’s extra damage from elements 12% better. When he uses his Normal Attack on an enemy, there is a 50% chance that he will gain the Favor of the Clouds, which will look for close enemies for 15 seconds and hit them with 160% of his Attack damage. This can happen once every 30 seconds while Heizou is fighting.


The Kagura’s Verity – Five Star

genshin The Kagura Verity

The only way to get Kagura’s Verity is through the Weapon Event Wishes. If you get it, giving it to Heizou will boost his Base Attack by between 46 and 608 points, depending on his level in the game. This Catalyst’s secondary stat increases his Critical damage by between 14.4% and 66.2%.

After using his Elemental Skill, he will get a Kagura Dance effect that will make the damage he does go up by 12% for 16 seconds. This can be stacked up to three times. When you have the highest number of stacks, Heizou’s Elemental moves do an extra 12% damage.

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