Genshin Impact: Epitomized Path and Pity Systems and How They Work

Genshin Impact is a gacha game, which means that you have to wish and hope to get new characters and weapons. But, unlike some other games of this type, it has a built-in system for feeling sorry for the bad guys. This means that different weapons and characters are linked to a tracker that guarantees you will get a four-star or five-star if you don’t have one by a certain point.

Epitomized Path and Pity Systems and How They Work in Genshin Impact

We look at the basics of the Genshin Impact gacha system, as well as the pity system and the rules for different types of banners. In Version 2.0, there will also be a change to weapon banners called the “Epitomized Path,” which we will also talk about.


Different Wishes for Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact blue wish
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There are two types of wishes that can be used to get characters and weapons.

Acquaint Fate

These are used on the Wanderlust Invocation banner, which is always out there. They are also called “blue wishes” or “standard wishes.” This banner has weapons and characters that will always be there.

Intertwined Fate

People often think of these as the most valuable currency because they can be used to pull banners for both characters and weapons that are only available for a limited time.


The Genshin Impact Pity System and How It Works

Genshin Impact Eula Pull
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You will always get a four-star weapon, a four-star character, a five-star weapon, a five-star character, or a five-star banner character or weapon at certain points. There are also other rules that change based on the banner.

The basic idea behind the pity system is that if you make nine wishes in a row on any banner without getting a four- or five-star pull, your next wish will always be a four-star weapon or character. If you make it to wish number 89 without getting a five-star, your next wish will always be a five-star character or banner, depending on which limited-time banner you choose.

Note: If you wish on the permanent/standard banner, it will be a character or a weapon.


Does Pity in Genshin Impact depend on both Individual and Batch Wishes?

Genshin Impact Rosaria pull
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You can buy ten wishes at once, but this isn’t always a better deal than buying one wish at a time. This is because every group of ten wishes “guarantees at least one four-star,” but the pity system will assume that the last wish you made in that group of ten was the four-star, so your four-star pity will be reset after the group of ten wishes is made. When it comes to individual wishes, as soon as the four-star is pulled, it starts over.

When you make separate wishes, you can also easily keep track of your pity on the history list. This makes it easier to know when your pity will kick in.

Here’s when each type of banner makes you feel sad.


The Permanent Wanderlust Invocation Banner of Genshin Impact’s Pity System

Genshin Impact wanderlust invocation banner
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This standard banner is always available and shows both characters and weapons. Even though it shows Mona, Keqing, and Qiqi, as well as the Skyward Spine, all permanent four- and five-star weapons and characters have the same chance of being pulled from this banner. Here’s how bad things are.

RewardPulls Needed to Trigger PityPrimogem Cost
5-Star Guaranteed90 Wishes14,400 Primos
4-Star Guaranteed10 Wishes1,600 Primos

Both this banner and the banner for limited-time characters have a “soft pity” system. This means that there is about a 20% chance that a pull between 75 and 89 is a five-star, up from about a 60% chance for pulls below 75. Wish 90 has a 100% chance of pulling a five-star.


Genshin Impact’s Pity System on a Banner for a Limited-Time Character Banner

Genshin Impact Kazaha Banner
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Each limited-time character banner will have one five-star character that can only be used during the banner’s time, as well as three regular four-star characters whose rates will be raised. Here’s how many times you’ll have to pull for each if you keep getting pity.

RewardPulls Needed to Trigger PityPrimogem Cost
5-Star Banner Character180 Wishes28,800 Primos
Any 5-Star Character90 Wishes14,400 Primos
4-Star Banner Character20 Wishes3,200 Primos
Any 4-Star Character10 Wishes1,600 Primos

Because of the 50/50 system, banner characters can be wished for twice for both four and five stars.


The 50/50 Banner Character Pity System in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Zhongli banner pull
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When you get a four or five-star on a limited-time banner, you have a 50 percent chance of getting a banner character.

But if you fail the 50/50 by pulling a character that isn’t on the banner on the limited-time banner, your next “pity pull” for that level of character will always be one of those on the banner.

This means that at least every other four-star pull will be one of the characters with higher pull rates, and at least every other five-star pull will be the currently featured character. The other pulls for pity could be any permanent four- or five-star game. As with the regular pity system, this 50/50 chance stays the same between banner changes. This means that if you pull, say, Diluc on a banner right before it changes, your next five-star character will be whoever is on the new banner.


Genshin Impact’s Pity System on a Limited-Time Weapon Banner

Genshin Impact weapon banner july
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The way pity works on weapon banners now is similar to how it works on character banners. The biggest difference is that there are now two temporary weapons instead of just one. The pity is also lowered a little, so now each pull has a 0.7% chance of being a 5-star pull instead of 0.66%. Here’s how the system of pity doesn’t work.

RewardPulls Needed to Trigger PityPrimogem Cost
Five-Star Banner Weapon160 Wishes25,600 Primos
Any Five-Star Weapon80 Wishes12,800 Primos
Four-Star Banner Weapon20 Wishes3,200 Primos
Any Four-Star Weapon10 Wishes1,600 Primos

Even though this banner still has a 50/50 chance, the banner weapon that is guaranteed to get five stars can be either of the two options. This means that it could take up to 340 wishes or 51,200 primos to get the banner weapon you want. But the development team is aware of this problem, and the Epitome Invocation banner will be the last one to work on this system.

Genshin Impact Version 2.0: The Unmovable God and the Eternal Euthymia will include the Epitomized Path, a new way to get the banner weapon you want more easily.


Epitomized Path System in Genshin Impact 2.0

Genshin Impact Epitomized Path
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This new mechanic will be connected to the banner for “Epitome Invocation” and all future banners for weapons. It will make it more likely for you to get the five-star banner weapon you want.

To do this, click the “Epitomized Path” button on the banner screen, which is right above the “Shop” button. Here you can see the menu that lets you choose the weapon you want to use. Once this is chosen, any five-star pull on this banner that doesn’t give you the chosen weapon will instead give you a Fate Point along with the weapon you got.

You can keep track of your Fate Points on the banner screen, and you can only have two at a time. If you get two five-star pulls and don’t get the weapon you want, the third one will always be the one you want.

This means that the weapon pity system is still not as good as the 50/50 system for characters, but it is now much closer thanks to the lowered pity level of 80 and the guarantee of your preferred weapon every third five-star pull.

Note: Unlike pity, Fate Points don’t carry over to a new banner. When a new banner comes up, you’ll have to choose a new weapon. Your Fate Points will be reset every time you switch weapons, whether it’s in the middle of a banner or because the banner changed.


How to Keep Track of Wishes and Pity in Genshin Impact

Genshin 3 star raven bow 1
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When you spend a wish, the game keeps track of your pulls and shows you in a list when you get a four-star or five-star weapon or character. Each banner has a tracker of its own.

Getting to the Genshin Impact History tab on the Wish Tracker

Genshin Impact History Tab
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You can look at your history to see how close you are to pity, but we still want a real counter. Just click the History Button at the bottom of the banner screen. No matter which banner you choose, this button is always in the same place.

Getting to Know the Categories

Genshin Impact wish tracker
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At the top of the list, where it says, “select wish type,” there is a drop-down menu. There are four things you can do with this. Here are the choices and what they keep track of.

  • Permanent Wish – Keeps track of wishes on the Wanderlust Invocation banner.
  • Novice Wishes: Keeps track of the first wishes made in the game.
    • Note: Only new players can see this banner, so you can just ignore it.
  • Character Event Wish – Keeps track of wishes on any character banner with a limited time.
    • Note: This tracking of pity stays with you from one banner to the next.
  • Weapon Event Wish: Keeps track of wishes on the banner for a limited-time weapon.
    • Note: This pity tracking also works from one banner to the next.

Every four-star pull will be shown in purple, and every five-star pull will be shown in a yellow-orange color. On each page, you’ll see the type of item, its name, and the time it was sent. Each page has six pulls, with the most recent ones at the top of the list. Use the arrows and numbers in the bottom right to move through the list.

Tip: Make sure to check the most recent pulls, as you may need to close the wish screen and open it again to make sure the entries are up to date. If they still don’t appear, you might have to start the game over.

You can keep track of how many wishes you’ve made since your last four- or five-star pull by looking at these lists. You can figure out when you will hit pity with this information. May 50/50 always go your way!

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