Genshin Impact: Jean Ascension and Talent Materials

Jean is a 5-star Anemo with a sword who is the acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius in Genshin Impact. Jean is a powerful addition to any Anemo-based team because she can heal and help the team. Let’s look at what materials you’ll need to ascend her and upgrade her skills, as well as where you can find them.

Jean Ascension and Talent Materials in Genshin Impact


Ascension Materials for Jean

jean ascension
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This is everything you need to get Jean to level 90 so she can ascend.

Gemstones and Boss Loot

  • 1 Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
  • 9 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
  • 9 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
  • 6 Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone
  • 46 Hurricane Seed

Common Items and Monster Drops

  • 168 Dandelion Seeds
  • 18 Damaged Mask
  • 30 Stained Mask
  • 36 Ominous Mask

Hero’s Wits and Mora

  • 414 Hero’s Wit
  • 420,000 Mora

Talent Materials for Jean

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To fully improve Jean’s skills, you will need:


  • 9 Teachings of Resistance
  • 63 Guide to Resistance
  • 114 Philosophies of Resistance

Monster Drops

  • 18 Damaged Mask
  • 66 Stained Mask
  • 93 Ominous Mask

Rare Items

  • 18 Dvalin’s Plume
  • 3 Crown of Insight


  • 4,950,000

This is how much it will cost to improve all of her skills, which means that improving just one skill will only cost a third of the materials listed above.


Where to Find Materials for Jean’s Ascension and Talent

anemo hypostasis location
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The Anemo Hypostasis Boss can give you Slices, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones. You can find this boss near the Stormbearer Mountains, and it costs 40 Original Resin to get rewards from him.

The Anemo Hypostasis is another place where you can get Hurricane Seeds.


Common Drops and Books

dandelion seeds location
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You can find Dandelion Seeds all over the Mondstadt area, but there are a lot of them at the Mondstadt gate and in an area north of Sal Terrae and west of Wyrmrest Valley. You will need a lot of Dandelion Seeds, and they only come back every 48 hours, so gather them as often as you can.

On Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, you can find Teachings, Guides, and Philosophies of Resistance in the Forsaken Rift Domain. At an alchemy station, Teachings can be put together to make Guides, and Guides can be put together to make Philosophies.

Masks that are Damaged, Stained, or Ominous can be bought from Hilichurls. Hilichurls can be found all over the map, so if you need more Hilichurl Masks, look everywhere.

jean damaged mask
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Masks can also be combined at an alchemy station to make rarer masks.

Mora Cost

To fully level up Jean and all of her skills, you will need about seven million Mora. Mora can be found almost anywhere in the game, but the Ley Line Outcrop: Blossom of Wealth is the best place to get it.

You can find Ley Lines all over the map, and it costs 20 Original Resin to open one.


Experience and rare things

To level up Jean to 90, you’ll need about

  • Hero’s Smarts
  • 15 Adventurer’s Experience
  • 12 Wanderer’s Advice

If you spend a lot of time killing monsters for experience, you will need fewer books overall. However, the experience you get from killing monsters is very small. Experience books are much better to use because there are so many ways to get them, such as through events, quests, and the Ley Line Outcrop: Blossom of Revelation.

The Trounce Domain Stormterror Challenge has a chance of dropping Dvalin’s Plume. You can only get rewards from this challenge once a week, and only if you are level 4 or higher. Make sure to challenge this domain every week to get Jean to the highest level.

unreconciled stars event
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Lastly, for the last level of their talent upgrade, every character in Genshin Impact needs three Crowns of Insight. You can only get these rare items at events that last for a certain amount of time. These happen often enough, usually when a new update is released. Keep track of what’s going on to get more Crowns of Insight.

When the Frostbearing Tree is upgraded to level 11, you can also get a Crown of Insight. This is a one-time reward, so you’ll still have to do events to get the other Crowns of Insight you need.

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