Genshin Impact: The Best Weapons for Sayu

Sayu is one of the characters in Genshin Impact who can do a lot of different things. In this guide you will find the best weapons for Sayu. She’s cute and strong, and when she wants to, she’ll help out a lot. She can either heal or deal damage, so how you use her depends on what you want to do and how you want to use her. No matter what, it’s important to have the right build.

The Best Weapons for Sayu in Genshin Impact

The best setups will use Sayu’s skills to their fullest and let her do whatever you need her to do well. This is why it’s so important in Genshin Impact to make sure she has the best weapons. They may be hard to get, but there is no doubt that they are worth the trouble.


Prototype Archaic

Genshin Impact Prototype Archaic Sayu

If you want Sayu to do a lot of damage and hold her own in battle, you need to give her a weapon that lets her use all of her strength and skill. This is where the Prototype Archaic Four-Star Claymore comes in.

This sword is one of the easier ones to get, even though it looks great. It is usually thought to be one of the best free-to-play options in Genshin Impact. This is mostly because it gives you extra abilities and power, like the chance to deal 240 percent of her normal attack damage.

Not only does this happen 50% of the time, but it also does damage in a small area of effect, which can be very helpful when enemies start to swarm. It can also happen every five seconds, so this could be a part of your strategy that you use often.


Favonius Greatsword

Genshin Impact Favonius Greatsword Sayu

Nothing feels better than getting a powerful critical hit on an enemy who was about to beat you. If you and Sayu both like to do this, the Favonius Greatsword is a great choice. It’s a strong weapon that’s perfect for characters who often land critical hits and always seem to need a little more energy, like this cute but lazy character.

The Favonius Greatsword is a strong weapon with a high attack damage and the ability to give the person who uses it more energy. The only problem is that this doesn’t happen every time it hits. Sayu has a 60% chance to get her energy back when she crits with this weapon. It might not work every time, but it can save your life.


Katsuragikiri Nagamasa

Genshin Impact Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Sayu

The Katsuragikiri Nagamasa claymore is a powerful four-star weapon that was added to Genshin Impact not too long ago. It is one of Sayu’s best options that isn’t a five-star weapon. This is because of its power, the fact that it has a passive ability, and the fact that the elemental addition seems to help every time you use it.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa has a passive ability called “Samurai Conduct.” This ability boosts Sayu’s elemental damage by an impressive 6%. When you use this elemental skill to hit an enemy, Sayu loses three energies.

The good news is that this will heal itself because the passive gives you three energy every two seconds. This only works once every ten seconds and lasts for six seconds.


Luxurious Sea-Lord

Genshin Impact Luxurious Sea Lord Sayu

When people see the Luxurious Sea-Lord claymore, they might think it’s a joke. It’s a big fish, after all. Everyone, because who wouldn’t want to make things worse after killing a lot of enemies with a fish sword?

Even though this weapon looks silly, it is surprisingly strong and works well with a Sayu build. It works like the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa in that it increases the damage of your elemental bursts, but this time it’s by 12%.

This ability doesn’t make you lose or gain energy. Instead, it makes a huge wave of tuna that does 100% of Sayu’s attack damage in an area of effect. Even though it can only happen once every 15 seconds, this weapon is fun to use because it is both funny and powerful.


Wolf’s Gravestone

Genshin Impact Wolfs Gravestone Sayu

How you finish the rest of the build will determine which of the two five-star options is best for Sayu. The focus will tell you which weapon is best. Wolf’s Gravestone is a good place for people who want to get better at absorbing elements to practice. It makes your attacks 20% stronger and works best when the enemy has less than 30% of their health left.

This makes all attacks by the party 40% stronger for up to 12 seconds, which is great for fighting as a group. The power of elemental absorption comes from how much damage you do, so a boost to attack damage is perfect.


Skyward Pride

Genshin Impact Skyward Pride Sayu

This five-star weapon is perfect for those who want to focus on both Sayu’s burst and damage. It has one of the best base attacks and a recharge rate of 8%, which can be perfect for a character like Sayu.

On top of that, the damage done goes up by 8% and there is an AoE that can happen after almost any attack. This area-of-effect attack does up to 80% of your normal damage and lasts for 20 seconds, knocking down enemies like they’re nothing. It’s strong, flexible, and strong, just what a great character like Sayu needs.

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