Genshin Impact: Discover the Top Builds for Shikanoin Heizou to Get Optimal Performance

After a long time, Hoyoverse has finally put out Genshin Impact, which has the first male Catalyst user. Shikanoin Heizou works for the Tenryou Commission in Inazuma as an agent. He is Kazuha’s best friend, and the game has already given him his own Hangout Event. The best thing about Heizou is that he can just punch his enemies.

Genshin Impact: Discover the Top Builds for Shikanoin Heizou to Get Optimal Performance

Heizou is a holder of the Anemo vision. Since he can Swirl every element, he is a great DPS and support player. With his Elemental Skill and Burst having high multipliers, he is getting close to being as strong as Kazuha, who is one of the best characters in the game.

Best Weapons For Shikanoin Heizou

Genshin Impact Heizou and Kazuha

Depending on how you want to play Heizou, you can give him different tools. There are a lot of different guns to choose from in Genshin Impact, and each one has its own advantages. Here are some of the ones that fit Heizou the best.

Weapon NameSecondary StatPassive
Lost Prayer to the Sacred WindsCrit RateIt makes movement 10% faster. Also, while in fight, the person using this weapon gets an elemental damage bonus every four seconds. This can be used up to four times.
Kagura’s VerityCrit DMGWhen you use an elemental skill, this effect increases the damage of your next elemental skill, and it can stack up to three times. If it has 3 stacks, it gets an extra Elemental DMG bonus.
The WidsithCrit DMGWhen the character who uses this weapon comes onto the field, it gives them a random ATK, Elemental DMG, or Elemental Mastery boost. This has a 30 second pause.
Solar PearlCrit RateWhen you get hit with a Normal Attack, your Elemental Skill and Burst DMG go up, and vice versa.
Sacrificial FragmentsElemental MasteryIf your Elemental Skill hurts an enemy, it might reset its own cooldown.

Each of the above weapons has a slightly different way to use it, so let’s look at that in more depth.


Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Since Heizou didn’t come with a signature weapon, this is the best tool for him at the moment. The faster movement speed bonus is great for him, and one of Heizou’s passives lowers the amount of stamina used while running by 20%. Resonance can give him even more speed if he is with another Anemo figure.

If you want to use him as a DPS on the field, you will need a high Critical Rate (70–85%), which this weapon lets you achieve. Also, every four seconds when you’re on the field, you get an elemental damage bonus that goes away when you leave the field. It’s the best tool for Heizou’s DPS on the field.


Kagura’s Verity

This is Yae Miko’s signature tool, and if you don’t have Lost Prayers on your account, it’s a good stand-in. Every time you use your Elemental Skill, it makes the next one do more damage. Since Heizou already has a high ratio, this helps him. It also gives Crit DMG as a secondary stat, so you can put more of your Artifacts’ attention on Crit Rate.


The Widsith

Wisdom is currently one of the best triggers in the game. In some ways, it can even do better than some five-stars. Depending on how you play, you should want either an elemental damage bonus or more elemental mastery from this weapon’s passive.

Elemental DMG bonus can increase your damage as a DPS on the field by a lot for as long as the buff lasts. Elemental Mastery can help you as a supporter by increasing the damage of your Swirl, which can deal a deadly blow with enough Elemental Mastery.


Solar Pearl

Getting all of the above weapons rests on how lucky you are when you click on the banners in the game. Solar Pearl is different because you can get it after buying the top tier of the Battle Pass. The passive of the weapon is pretty simple, and Shikanoin Heizou can use it well as a DPS weapon on the field.


Sacrificial Fragments

Last but not least, it’s important to talk about Sacrificial Fragments when talking about Heizou. This tool can be used twice in a row to use his deadly Elemental Skill. It’s great for making him a secondary character, but you can also use it to make him a DPS on the field. If you use this weapon, the only problem is that it will be hard for you to get a high Crit rate.

Best Artifact Sets For Shikanoin Heizou

Genshin Impact Artifacts

Heizou can be played in different ways, but when it comes to Artifact Sets, he doesn’t have a lot of options.

Artifact NameTwo-Piece BonusFour-Piece Bonus
Viridescent Venerer+15% Anemo DMG BonusIncreases the damage of Swirl by 60% and lowers the enemy’s resistance to the element that is being spun.
Wanderer’s Troupe+80 Elemental MasteryCharged attacks do 35% more damage for Catalyst and Bow users.

Viridescent Venerer

This is the best artifact set for Shikanoin Heizou because it gives him an extra bonus to Anemo DMG that stacks with the Anemo DMG boost he gets from ascending. To get the most out of the four-piece extra of this set, he should be paired with characters who can deal damage from off-field.

One of Heizou’s passive skills gives all of his teammates (except for Heizou) an extra 80 Elemental Mastery. This can help you deal more reaction damage if you use a lot of off-field characters with different elements on his team. With this and the four-piece bonus, Heizou’s DPS on the field is very high.

If you don’t want to go for a four-piece on Viridescent because it can be annoying to farm, you can combine two Viridescent Venerer pieces with any artifact set that gives ATK Percent as a two-piece extra, like Gladiator or Shimenawa.


Wanderer’s Troupe

Only Normal and Weekly bosses and Tier II Domain Reliquaries can give you items for this set. So, farming it can be even more of a pain than farming Viridescent. But if you plan to use Heizou as a backup and got lucky with the pieces for this artifact, the Elemental Mastery it gives can be very useful.

This artifact’s four-piece set bonus is good, but it’s not really a good choice for him because he doesn’t use Charged Attack that often. Instead, you should mix this artifact set with a Viridescent Venerer or Gladiator/Shimenawa two-piece.

Priority of Artifact Stats

Genshin Impact: Discover the Top Builds for Shikanoin Heizou to Get Optimal Performance

Heizou has a lot of different ways to play, but the main thing that makes him interesting is how much damage he can do. So, the order of importance for his artifact stats is:

Artifact TypeMain-Stat PrioritySub-Stat Priority
FlowerHPCrit Rate/DMG > ATK Percent > Elemental Mastery
FeatherATKCrit Rate/DMG > ATK Percent > Elemental Mastery
SandsATK PercentCrit Rate/DMG > Elemental Mastery > Energy Recharge
GobletAnemo DMG BonusCrit Rate/DMG > ATK Percent > Elemental Mastery
CircletCrit Rate/DMGCrit DMG/Rate > ATK Percent > Elemental Mastery

How Shikanoin Heizou’s Talents Rank

Shikanoin Heizou Trailer Still

In Genshin Impact, each character has a set of six skills, and three of them can be upgraded up to ten levels. The fact that Shikanoin Heizou is a fighting Catalyst unit makes it clear that he has a unique set of skills.

At the end of the day, if you want to use him as a DPS on the field, you should make sure that each of his skills is at least level 8. But sometimes you might not have the materials or Mora you need and have to choose which talents to work on first. So, in that case, Heizou has a pretty clear idea of which ability to work on first.

First, you should definitely start with his Elemental Skill, since this is where most of your damage will come from. Heizou is one character whose skill does more damage than his burst. When your Elemental Skill is at the level you want, it’s time to use Elemental Burst.

Once you’ve improved his skill and burst, it depends on how you play to decide if you need to improve his normal attacks. If you want to make him a DPS on the field, you need to level up this skill. But if you want to play more of a secondary role, you can skip it.

Shikanoin Heizou Constellations

Shikanoin Heizou Normal Attack

You can get a constellation in the game if you get more than one of the same character. This can be hard to do with five-star characters, but four-star figures often have duplicates. Heizou doesn’t depend on the constellations, but they make him better and more fun to play. The stars in his sky right now are:

  • When Heizou comes onto the field, his Normal Attack SPD goes up by 15% for five seconds. Every ten seconds, this can happen. He also gets a stack of Declension, which boosts the damage done by his Elemental Skill.
  • The duration of Elemental Burst has been raised to one second, and the pull effect of the Windtunnel it creates has also been made stronger.
  • Raise his Elemental Skill by three levels.
  • When he uses Elemental Burst, the first explosion gives him nine Elemental Energy. Each explosion after that gives him another 1.5 energy, for a total of 13.5 energy.
  • Boosts his Elemental Burst by three levels.
  • During an Elemental Skill, each stack of Declension will increase the Critical Hit Rate by 4%. When you have four stacks, which is the most you can have, you also get 32% Crit DMG.

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