The Sims 4: Get Together Expansion Pack – 10 Essential Insights to Enhance Your Virtual Social Life

Get Together is the second expansion for The Sims 4, but it is still one of the most useful packs. Many of its features are much more useful than they seem at first, and their usefulness only grows over time.

The best parts of the pack are the world of Windenburg, the new club system, and the extra group activities. It combines all of these with some create a sim and build and buy items that can be used in different ways. Even the types of community lots are changing.

Get Together Expansion – 10 Essential Insights to Enhance Your Virtual Social Life

Here are the most important things Get Together has to offer so you can decide for yourself if it is worth it.


You can start a club or join one

Sims 4 get together group dances

The first big perk is the club system. There are several clubs you can join. They like to garden, fish, make art, go to parties, and do other things. Each club has a theme, and each meeting is a good time to do things that go with that theme. The clubs have a favorite place to meet, and they get together pretty often. There are also doors to clubs that only members can use. This means that these places can be private.

If you want to make your own club, it is easy to do so. When you do club activities, you can get new items, clothes, and other things for your club. Alternatively, if you want to, you can get rid of the leader of an existing club.


The club system lets you play in different ways

Get Together Expansion - 10 Essential Insights to Enhance Your Virtual Social Life

Over time, people have learned that the club system is much more flexible than it looks. It makes Sims gather in one place and changes how they act once they are there. Simmers have found some great ways to use it because there is a long list of behaviors that can be encouraged or discouraged.

Club gatherings can be used to make sims take care of your garden, clean your house, paint masterpieces for you to sell, and do other things. You can also make sure that everyone in the club wears the same clothes and meets in the same spot. It can also be used to make it easier for people in the same household to travel together or to encourage certain kinds of relationships.


The New World of Windenburg Is Huge

Sims 4 windenburg

Windenburg is the game’s biggest world so far. It has twelve houses that have already been built, as well as two nightclubs, two bars, and two cafés. There are also the special lots Von Haunt Estate, Ancient Ruins, and The Bluffs, as well as a library, park, pool, and gym. As if that was not enough, there are also two empty spaces, making a total of 27.

You cannot change the three special lots, but you can edit, bulldoze, or change any of the other plots. This gives you seven neighborhoods that you can change as you see fit.


There Are Cafés And Baristas

Sims 4 get together cafe

The café is on one of the new public lots. You can now build and buy serving counters and espresso machines, and cafes are a new type of lot. They are great for clubs and make regular games a lot more fun. Baristas are always working in cafés, so you can always grab a drink with friends.

There are two pre-built café lots, and the new espresso machines and coffee grinders that look like they belong in a store can also be used in a regular home. Sims can also work part-time as baristas, but this is a rabbit hole career choice that is not tied to café lots.


You can be a DJ, too

Sims 4 get together club

Get Together also shows how to dance and how to be a DJ. Sims can buy a small set of decks that look thrown together and practice at home. The DJ skill has five levels, and sims can show off their skills in public if they want to.

Sims can DJ at nightclubs for tips, and if they have Get Famous, they can also get famous. The more skills your sims have, the more money they can make. There is no set job, but skilled sims can easily make extra money and have fun doing it.


Pools can be changed in new ways

Sims 4 get together the blufs

The options in the base game pool are not very many, but this expansion adds a few more. There are now diving boards in the game, but they are tall instead of long. There are also new stairs, tiles, watercolors, and ways to trim.

You can add more plants and water to pools and make them more interesting. You can also make natural pools or fountains.


There are a number of new things to do

Sims 4 get together new activities

Sims can join clubs and go to the new community lots, but they can also do a few other new things. Playing Do not Wake the Llama, Foosball, and Darts is fun for Sims. These things can be done in local bars, but they can also be done at home.

There is even an arcade machine that sims can play together, but it is pretty big, so it may not be as fun.


Pick from one of two new Woohoo spots

SIms 4 get together woohoo bush

We learned about the woohoo bush from this pack. The bush is a versatile part of off-the-grid challenges. Sims can go to the bathroom there, but they can also have fun with a friend.

There is also a new four-square-large-closet option for those who do not want to woohoo outside. This option has enough room for two people.


The items you can build and buy have a Tudor-modern look

Sims 4 get together windenburg view official

The style of Windenburg is European Tudor Modern, and the build and buy items go well with it. Even though the new windows and furniture seem rigid at first, they are actually more flexible than they look.

The outdoor and decorative items go with a lot of different styles, and the new activities and pool options make it possible to build a lot of different things. Tudor and modern work together to make a unique palette.


Men Can Choose from Casual Clothes

Sims 4 get together gathering

Most packs of clothing for men do not have as many options as the create-a-sim clothing. There are different combinations of t-shirts, sweaters, and shirts, as well as new hairstyles, such as facial hair.

Children are also well taken care of, with a wide range of hairstyles, onesies, and casual clothes. This is one of the most well-balanced sets of clothes you will find in an expansion.

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