Ultimate Guide to Find the Coral Trout in Dave the Diver

This is a complete guide to find the Coral trout in Dave the Diver. Learn how to dive into an Epic Adventure and Find the Hidden Treasures Today. You’ll get special requests for dishes as you make your way through the heartwarming tale of Dave the Diver. These are occasionally worth the trouble because the payoff can be significant.

Guide to Find the Coral Trout in Dave the Diver

Michael Bang’s particular VIP order is one such case; you may need assistance locating some items for his meal. Since the Coral Trout is the most challenging ingredient to locate, allow me to direct your attention to its hiding place in Dave the Diver.

Where to find the Coral Trout in Dave the Diver

Ultimate Guide to Find the Coral Trout in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver’s fish don’t appear in entirely random spots. Somebody can only be found at certain latitudes or depths. Coral Trout typically school up to three strong at depths between 50 and 130 meters. The Oxygen Depth Gauge will always display your current depth.

Due to the dynamic nature of the Blue Hole, finding Coral Trout could take some time. I’ve observed them at the correct depth directly below the boat. I’ve seen them too, as far to the east as the eye can see. If you have a bad streak, I suggest heading east and diving to a depth of 50-130 meters.

Swim above or below the wall if you come up against one. If you aren’t using up your Oxygen by speed swimming, you should be able to find all the fish you need in a single dive.

Dave the Scuba Diver, emphasizes with a blue diamond the fish essential to achieving your operational goals. This marker will remain while you are still working on Michael Bang’s VIP quest.

Where can I find the remaining Michael Bang components?

The Coral Trout is the most elusive ingredient, but there are a few others you’ll need to find. How to locate each one is as follows:

Titan Triggerfish

Featured Dave the Diver Fish

Titan Triggerfish, which resemble yellow piranhas, is one of the first hostile creatures players will face. These are mere nuisances by the time you’re completing VIP missions. They inhabit the water between 0 and 50 meters deep.

Harlequin Hind

Harlequin Hind

Harlequin Hind are vibrant blue fish with green stripes that live between 50 and 130 meters deep. If you need help locating one despite its abundance, I recommend patrolling the appropriate depth patiently. If you don’t waste your Oxygen, you should be able to get them in a single dive.



At long last, the rice has arrived. Although you won’t know how farming works, you can rest assured that you will have enough rice before the VIP arrives.

And that wraps it up! That’s the spot to go if you want to catch a Coral Trout and make Michael Bang happy. Check out our guide on improving your ‘Best Taste’ rating if your ‘Cooksta‘ score stumps you.

Important FAQs

Where can I find Coral Trout?

Coral Trout can be found at depths between 50 and 130 meters. They are typically found in shoals of up to three fish. If you are having trouble finding them, try swimming east and diving to the appropriate depth.

You can also look for the blue diamond marker that indicates the fish you need for your current objective.

Where can I find the other ingredients for Michael Bang’s meal?

Titan Triggerfish can be found in shallow waters between 0 and 50 meters deep. Harlequin Hind can be found at depths between 50 and 130 meters deep.

Rice is a farmable crop, so you will have plenty of it by the time Michael Bang arrives.

How do I improve my ‘Best Taste’ rating?

To improve your ‘Best Taste’ rating, you need to use the right ingredients and cook the meal correctly. You can find recipes for different meals in the cookbook.

The quality of the ingredients you use will also affect your ‘Best Taste’ rating. Try to use fresh, high-quality ingredients whenever possible.

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