How to Change YouTube Channel Name & Custom URL – Quick Guide for 2022

It’s time to level up your brand and change your YouTube channel name and create a custom URL for your YouTube channel and this is the newest way to do it.

 How to change YouTube channel name & Custom URL (with Pictures)

But first we’re going to talk about how to change your YouTube channel name, then how to claim Your custom URL and the requirements that you need for it and also what if you want to remove your custom URL and claim a new one? 

Go to channel customization setting

We’re going to cover all of that you got in. Now there’s two ways to do this. 

You can start on your Homepage when you’re logged into your YouTube channel and you can go to Customize Channel or from the back end in your Dashboard when you’re looking at your YouTube studio, click on customization inside of sidebar menu. 

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Next, you’re going to want to go to basic info here right at the top it says channel name and description what you’re going to do is click this edit channel name. 

Edit your Channel Name
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And you’re going to change it to the new name that you want to update. Make sure I got the right spaces and every other detail and click Publish and you are good to go now. 

Don’t try it on a verified channel

Quick disclaimer. 

Here is that if your channel is very Inside and you’ve got the little Gray check mark. 

You will lose verification if you change your channel name. You can reapply and hopefully you get re accepted, but that’s just a quick disclaimer. 

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If your channel is a little bit bigger now, quick tip that a lot of people don’t know about. If you want to make your channel more discoverable for different languages.

Add multiple languages to your YouTube Channel

You can Scroll down a little bit to this blue plus sign and where it says add language under basic info and you can actually add translations of your channel name and your channel description so something you might want to consider doing. 

Add Language
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Create or Remove Custom URL of YouTube Channel

Let’s create a custom URL. Now a few details that you need to know. 

First of all, when you create a new YouTube channel, it has a channel URL that is the standard web address for your channel. It includes your channel idea in which numbers and letters are at the end of the URL

Default YouTube Channel URL

The URL that you can see right here is a bunch of characters. 

Channel URL
How to Change YouTube Channel Name & Custom URL - Quick Guide for 2022 10

So, your goal is to actually create a custom URL because you want to update your branding, unify it with your website or your social media accounts, and ultimately have a shorter and easy to remember URL. 

That’s not a bunch of characters but it’s YouTube forward slash Cool URL now to create your first custom URL you need a couple of things.

Basic requirements for claiming custom URL

  • You need 100 or more subscribe. 
  • Your channel has to be at least 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) old.
  • You have to upload a profile picture and you also have to have uploaded a banner image.

You can check detailed requirements from Official Google Support.

So, if you create a new channel, you are goanna have to wait for a while. 

Make sure you’re signed into YouTube studio and then in the same area you’re going to click customization and then custom URL and you’re going to enter your custom URL there.

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That you want your channel to be now when we started this channel after 30 days, we claimed think marketing for our custom URL. 

I’m going to show you how to do that in just a second. But if you’re just setting a custom URL for the first time, click publish, then click confirm and your custom URL be confirmed. 

Assuming it’s available now, the note that you to makes here is once a custom URL has been setup, you can’t change it or transfer the URL to somebody else potentially that URL is lost unless Google reclaims it. 

YouTube reclaims it someday in the future, but let’s go on to the next tip, how do you remove a custom URL and claim a new one

Delete custom URL of your YouTube Channel

First, make sure you’re signed into the YouTube studio, second, from the left menu, select customization and then basic info and then under your current custom URL, click delete. 

Delete Custom URL
How to Change YouTube Channel Name & Custom URL - Quick Guide for 2022 11

Next that brings me to this Google account page where I’m going and to click next to the YouTube custom URL.

YouTube Custom URL
How to Change YouTube Channel Name & Custom URL - Quick Guide for 2022 12

Click remove under who can see your custom URL. 

Remove Custom URL
How to Change YouTube Channel Name & Custom URL - Quick Guide for 2022 13

Refresh your page and now you can see that the custom URL is gone on this Google account page and back on channel customization, when you click refresh under customization based. 

Again, create Custom URL of YouTube Channel

Big info and once again you can see there is no custom URL. So now you’re going to set up a new custom URL. Now here’s this kind of a cool thing. You can actually see that it is going to suggest the name of your channel, which is what you want the custom URL to be.  

We want it actually to be (C stands for channel we think). 

So, you just click here and that’s the recommended name turning your channel name into the custom URL or if you want to add letters or numbers after that there are options listed.

Here it thinks we thought this through and really made this pivot of branding decision. So, we want it to be exactly that. 

It may take a couple of days for the previous URL to be deactivated, and if you have any questions about custom URLs, of course you can check out Google’s information and also you can send us a mail or tell us in comments. 

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