The Sims 4 – 10 Must Know Things Before You Buy Cats and Dogs

The Sims games have traditionally featured a wide variety of pets, but with The Sims 4, the developers decided to narrow the focus to just two. The addition of cats and dogs to the game is exactly what the title promises.  

10 Important Facts to You Need to Know Before You Buy Cats and Dogs

However, it is included of more than just what meets the eye. Furniture and Clothing have been updated, as was to be expected. A new career and an entirely new environment also await. In this article, we will go over the core features of Cats and Dogs so you can decide if it is worth it to you.  


Pick Any Kind of Dog or Cat You Want

Sims 4 other pets

Create-a-sim allows users to make their own pets, such as cats and dogs, with a wide variety of breeds to pick from. Every breed has its own distinct physical appearance and personality quirks. You can also create raccoons.  

You can alter your pet’s appearance, size, and behavior after selecting a breed. The gallery can feature a wide variety of fascinating animals thanks to the fur color wheel.  


Pets Have Special Personalities 

Sims 4 play with dog

Even though you cannot control the pets in this expansion, that does not mean they do not have a personality. Just like with Sims, their traits decide how they act, and just like in real life, their needs must be met. 

Meeting a pet’s needs can be a guessing game, but this makes owning a pet feel more real. Pets can also run away. Sometimes this is because their owners do not take care of them, but sometimes it is just a fluke.


You can give your animals clothes and other things

10 Important Facts to You Need to Know Before You Buy Cats and Dogs

There are many kinds of clothes and accessories for your pets. This includes things like food bowls, beds, toys, and litter boxes. Colors and clothes are also a part of it. You can decide which things to use. 

There are also things like a leash on a hanger and other things that show how much you love your four-legged friend. 


Things Cats and Dogs Can Be Taught 

Sims 4 dog training

Cats can only be trained to stop doing bad things. They can eventually be taught to use litter boxes, not eat people’s food, and not jump on counters, among other things. Aside from this, cats, just like in real life, mostly do their own thing. 

Dogs can be trained, too, but the way they are taught is different. Dogs can be taught to sit, shake, play dead, or roll through behavior training. There is also a specific set of things to teach dogs to jump through hoops, etc. 

Every time you train a pet, you get better at being a pet trainer, and the better you get, the easier it is to train other pets. 


You can send your animals out to look for items. 

Sims 4 exploring animals

You can send animals out to look for things to collect. Cats will go out and look for trouble on their own, but dogs will need a bit more guidance. Both can dig in Brindleton Bay‘s dirt mounds, which can have collectibles. 

Feathers are often brought home by cats, and these are the first ones in a new collection. The best cats for this job will be those who like to prowl. 


You can take in strays 

Sims 4 cat hangout

There are new lot traits that make it possible for more cats and dogs than usual to hang out at a certain lot. Many of them will be lost animals from the area. 

Sims can make friends with strays, and once they know each other well enough, they can adopt them. Animals want food and love, so giving them these things is a quick way to win them over.


Animals can go to the new vet clinic if they are sick 

Sims 4 examine cat

Your pets can get sick, so you need to take them to the new vet clinic. Sims can build and run clinics, and any sim with a pet can take their pet there. This means that players can see both sides of how things work. 

Clinics are busy places that combine parts of being a busy doctor with the star ratings you see in restaurants. The rating of a clinic will depend on how quickly animals are diagnosed and treated. 


Brindleton Bay is lovely

Sims 4 cats and dogs brindleton bay

The new world of Brindleton Bay is lovely. It has a variety of rustic country homes, a museum, vet clinics, and lots of places to walk. It is a great place for people who love animals, and there is even a place for cats to hang out. 

You will be able to walk your dogs on the beach and let your cats roam around freely, bringing back treats for your sim. 


You will see cute and comfortable clothes 

Sims 4 brushing dog

Some of the clothes in Cats and Dogs look a little bit bohemian and country. It is casual and cute, with a color scheme that is mostly neutral and pastel. There are also casual looks for walking your dog. 

There are some cute animal-themed tops for kids, as well as accessories, hairstyles, and other things that fit the life of a country animal lover. 


Build and Buy Sells Common Items for the Countryside 

Sims 4 build and buy cats and dogs

Both the things you build and the ones you buy are rustic. There are some rustic pieces as well as the obvious pet items like beds, training tools, accessories, and more. There is a cute bedroom set for kids with a pet theme and a lot of windows and doors that can be used in different ways. 

Overall, the items fit the world very well, but many of them can also be used in other places. Especially the decorative items go well with storage solutions from other packs. 

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