The Sims 4: 10 Important Things to Consider Before Buying City Living

The Sims 4: City Living is the first expansion to add important features like apartments, table sales, and broken furniture. It also added the first jobs that people could do from home, as well as food stands and clothing. 

Important Things to Consider Before Buying City Living

It is easy to forget how many new things this expansion added to the game for the first time. Even though some of these features have been added to other packs since City Living came out, it still has a lot to offer. The apartments are quite different from those in the new world of Evergreen Harbor. The city is beautiful. 


Live in the busy city of San Myshuno 

Important Things to Consider Before Buying City Living

San Myshuno is the first city in the game, and it has everything a city should have. The styles of the neighborhoods are a little bit different, and there are apartments and penthouses as well as other types of buildings. 

The city living looks and sounds like a real city, with lots of cars and traffic noise. It is a modern world, but it feels very different from the other worlds in the game. More signs of diversity and culture can be found here than anywhere else. 


Get a taste of living in an apartment 

Sims 4 city living gaming together

Apartments are the biggest new thing in the city living. These are bought based on how much the furniture is worth, and then each month the rent is paid. They range from small apartments with pipes that leak to high-end penthouses that can be bought just like a regular house. 

There are also new cons to living in an apartment. Neighbors can be loud, bugs can get into apartments, and other problems can happen that need to be fixed or sometimes even a visit from the landlord. 


Look into new jobs you can do from home 

Sims 4 city living penny pizazz studio

This pack is the first to include work-from-home jobs. It includes a social media job, a job as an art or food critic, and a job in politics. All three-offer work-from-home or “rabbit hole” days. 

Some jobs are only done in one city, but these are mostly related to a political career that involves protests and speeches at podiums and in open spaces all over the city. 


Try food from new stands and learn new recipes 

Sims 4 city living new food stalls

There are a lot of new food stands in the city living with a lot of different dishes to try. Your sims can try more strange foods and even learn a secret skill that lets them handle spicy foods better. This will be useful at the spice festival. 

When Sims try new foods, they will also learn how to make these foods at home. This will give them more ways to cook if they want to impress their new neighbors. 


Go to events in the city 

sims 4 city living romance festival

There are many kinds of festivals in San Myshuno. There is a geek festival, a spice festival, a romance festival, a humor and hijinks festival, and a flea market. Events happen at different times and in different places. 

The geek festival is all about games and programming. The spice festival has a competition to see who can eat the spiciest food, and the romance festival is all about helping people find love. People who want to cause trouble or tell jokes can go to the humor and hijinks festival. Sims who need cheap furniture can find deals at the flea market. 


Sell your Art or other Goods 

Sims 4 City Living Flea Market

The pack also adds selling tables for people who want to sell paintings they have made or items they have made. Some of the later packs also came with selling tables, but only the City Living pack has an item that lets you show and sell paintings directly to people walking by. Sims can also make money by being a living statue or by busking in the city living. 

You can talk to sims and convince them to buy your stuff by having a yard sale or setting up a table at a flea market. 


Use Karaoke to test your Singing Skills. 

Sims 4 city living kareoke bar

There is a new karaoke skill, and there are a few bars in San Myshuno where you can test your skills. Karaoke machines let sims sing on their own or with other sims to improve their skills. 

When you are ready, you can put your karaoke skills to the test in the contests that happen often in both bars. 


Enjoy things to do in the city 

Sims 4 city living statue

The pack also comes with two new sets. You can find snow globes in boxes all over the city. They have different snowy scenes inside. People can put them on shelves and look at them. You can also find things that look like posters in the cupboard all over the city living. These change and reset every so often, so you can build up a collection of wall art. 

People who live in cities will also see street performers, living statues, and protesters. All these things can be done by Sims, and they can also play on the basketball courts. With community lots, festivals, and food stands, it means that the city living never sleeps. 


Wear bright Colors with Confidence 

SIms 4 city living diversity

The main idea that seems to run through the make-a-sim items is cultural diversity. There are many casual clothes in a variety of styles. The clothes you get look like they would appeal to a wide range of people in a big city living. 

You can also find new haircuts, tattoos, and facial hair. The main problem is that most of the clothes are for adults, and most of them are for women. 


Start with battered basics and work your way up to luxury 

Sims 4 City Living Dingy apartment

Some of the items in the build and buy mode look cheap and used, like a bed, a kitchen unit set, and other basic things. These worn-down items were the first ones added to the game. They can be used to build a cheap, simple starter home or apartment. 

You will also find some modern furniture and a lot of art to decorate those perfect penthouses. 

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