League of Legends: Top 10 Best Supports for Jhin in Season 12

Jhin is the best ADC marksman ever, and he can wipe out an entire enemy team with one shot. As long as he has a support that goes well with his unique, challenging, and very satisfying way of playing, of course. This sick, ruthless serial killer does horrible damage and has a vast range, but he needs help because he can’t move around very well and has an unusual way to reload.

We’ll talk about the 10 best supports for Jhin in this article. We’ll talk about their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how their skills work well with Jhin’s style of play. We hope that by the end of this article, you’ll know which support is best for you based on how you play.

Top 10 Best Supports for Jhin in Season 12 – League of Legends

Jhin is a Champion who uses skill shots. He does best with buffs that help him move, heal, and spell shields. He needs a supporter who is quick and can poke the enemy Champions repeatedly. If they can also stun and slow, that’s even better.

There are a lot of mage supporters in this group, but there are also tank supports that work just as well. Below, we’ll look at the abilities of each support champion and explain how they make Jhin great early and late in the game.




Blitzcrank is an aggressive, fast, and tanky support that works very well with Jhin’s ability set. When Blitzcrank lands his Rocket Grab hook, he pulls enemies toward himself, which is different from most tanky hook supports. This can be deadly, especially under a tower, if Jhin lands his Deadly Flourish and then roots the enemy.

This can set up Blitzcrank’s Powerfist, which throws the enemy into the air, or a jungle gank perfectly. Because Jhin can’t move around much, Blitzcrank’s unique hook is also very useful. It makes it easy for Jhin to follow up with a deadly series of attacks.

Blitzcrank’s Overdrive ability, which makes him move and attack much faster, lets him stop enemies who are low on health or mana from getting away from Jhin. He can also use this ability to get in front of Jhin quickly and protect him from damage or ganks that come out of nowhere.

Even though Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab is dangerous, it takes a long time to recharge. You will have to be very smart and make sure Jhin is ready to follow up if you get it. Blitzcrank is only useful if you can consistently and correctly use his abilities.

If Jhin is out of mana or needs to reload, hooking an enemy can kill him. Blitzcrank will help Jhin quickly wipe out the bottom lane if you play carefully and land your hooks at the right time.




Leona is another fast and powerful tank support that can stun, slow down, and quickly attack the enemy. With her Shield of Daybreak ability, the enemy is stunned by her next basic attack. This makes it easier for Jhin to hit his opponents with Dancing Grenades and Deadly Flourish.

Her Zenith Blade pulls her toward her enemy, stopping her and keeping her busy long enough for Jhin to attack. From here, he can do his Deadly Flourish or land most of his Curtain Call shots. When Jhin follows up with a Shield of Daybreak stun, he gives his opponents even more time to get them stuck and do damage.

You can stun or slow enemies with Leona’s ultimate, which can also stop them from running away if Jhin is trying to fight them or kill them with Curtain Call. Her ultimate is great for team fights and also does a great job of protecting her teammates if they need to run away.

She can also take a lot of damage with her Eclipse Shield, which she can use to protect Jhin from pokes that do a lot of damage.

Again, Leona is only useful if you can use her skills consistently and well. If you go into a fight with Zenith Blade when Jhin isn’t ready for it, you’ll probably take a lot of damage and have to recall, or the jungler will be able to easily kill you. Because Jhin is so slow and soft, leaving him alone for too long can set him back a lot. If you carefully plan your fights and always use your abilities, it will be easy to beat your enemy.




Lulu is a cute yordle mage, but she is also very dangerous, especially when she is helping Jhin. Her Glitterlance ability hurts and slows down enemies, making it easier for Jhin to hit them with Dancing Grenades and Deadly Flourish.

Whimsy lets Jhin move and attack faster for a short time, which can give him a big advantage early in the game. Whimsy turns enemies into harmless animals for a short time. This lets Jhin get closer to his enemies and deal important early-game damage. Her Pix ability is also very helpful because it gives Jhin a good shield and lets her see where enemies are when they attack.

Her poke damage is great, and her ultimate, “Wild Growth,” can protect Jhin and other teammates who are easy to kill in teamfights. It can also give Jhin the extra health he needs to kill the enemy Champion in lane. Her main weakness is that she is soft, which is especially bad when she is up against a tank support.

She can’t do what a tank does, but she can poke. Use her abilities to protect Jhin and kill enemy Champions without going too far into the lane, and you’ll always be ahead. You will eventually wear out the enemy and force them to give up their tower.




Lux is a fast, easy-to-use mage whose abilities to bind, slow, and deal a lot of damage work very well with Jhin’s abilities. Her famous Light Binding ability stops the enemy long enough for Jhin to use his Dancing Grenades and, more importantly, his Deadly Flourish.

If Jhin can use Deadly Flourish again after Lux binds an enemy, he can do even more damage with his grenades and auto-attacks. It is also a great place for a jungle gank to happen.

Lux’s ability, “Lucent Singularity,” works great with Jhin’s abilities as well. She throws out a big circle of “twisted light” that covers a lot of ground. Once it’s under an enemy Champion, it’s very easy for her to quickly set it off and hurt them.

Then, Jhin can quickly use his Deadly Flourish skill to stop the enemy in his tracks. This combo is easy to do over and over again, and it quickly reduces the enemy to nothing.

Jhin can be saved by her Shield of Light when things get bad. Plus, her ultimate ability, “Final Spark,” can kill enemy Champions that Jhin’s “Curtain Call” shots don’t kill completely. But Lux is a skillshot support, like Blitzcrank and Leona.

If you can’t consistently hit her skills, she can easily slow Jhin down. She can be very good at avoiding being targeted, but she is also very weak and healer supports do a lot of damage to her. But you can quickly make Jhin an ADC star if you can land your binds, poke with your “twisted light,” and aim your Final Spark beam without making him look bad.



Top 10 Best Supports for Jhin in Season 12 - League of Legends

Morgana is another fast, powerful, and easy-to-use mage who, with Jhin by her side, can completely destroy the enemy Champion. Some people might say that Lux is a better choice, but Morgana’s Black Shield makes her a more valuable asset in the long run.

With her Shield of Light ability, Lux can protect Jhin, but it doesn’t stop enemy spells like Morgana’s Black Shield does.

When used correctly, Morgana’s Black Shield can protect Jhin from enemy spells that could kill him by making him unable to move. This ability helps a lot in team fights and can make Jhin a lot more aggressive in the lane. If you can learn how to use her shield and bind, you and Jhin will be able to face any hook or mage Champion with complete confidence.

Lux’s Dark Binding and Tormented Shadow are similar to Morgana’s Dark Binding and Tormented Shadow. Her dark magic ball keeps the enemy from moving. This is the best way to use Jhin’s grenades and Deadly Flourish ability.

Unlike Lux’s “twisted light” circle, Tormented Shadow does damage as soon as it hits the target. It is also easy to hit and works well with Jhin’s Deadly Flourish skill.

Her poke damage is great, and her ultimate, Soul Shackle, gives you the crowd control you need to make Jhin’s ultimate, Curtain Call, work as well as possible. Again, though, Morgana is only useful if you can keep hitting your enemies with her abilities. She is also very weak and doesn’t do well against healer supports like Soraka, who can quickly cancel out the damage from her pokes.




Seraphine is a support mage who has insanely good crowd control, range, and movement. Jhin’s strengths and weaknesses match up perfectly with her slows, shields, heals, and charm ultimate. She slows him down to make up for how slow he is, and she shields and heals him to protect him from pokes that keep doing damage.

Her High Note ability, which she uses to do damage to a certain area, affects a large area and makes it easier for Jhin’s Deadly Flourish to root his enemies.

Her Beat Drop ability makes it easy to hit enemies and slows them down so Jhin can get close to them and stop them from running away. Seraphine’s Beat Drop can also root enemies if she uses her passive ability just right.

It’s amazing and, well, kind of broken that she can slow, root, and charm. Her disgustingly high amount of damage is also nothing short of amazing.

When used with Jhin’s ult, her Encore ultimate, which charms all enemies it hits, is especially useful. Jhin’s Curtain Call shots are a lot easier to land because of how her ultimate controls the crowd. It also lets Jhin be a lot more aggressive in fights between teams. Seraphine’s main flaws are that she is soft and that she does not do much damage.

She was made to compete in the middle and bottom lanes, so her range and high damage output make it easy for her to steal minions and kills from her ADC.

Even though her abilities are easy to use, timing is still very important when using Beat Drop and Encore. If you want to give your Jhin those important chances to be aggressive and hit hard, you’ll have to plan them just right.




Pyke is the best hook assassin support because he is very mobile, can control crowds well, and does a lot of damage. When followed up by his Phantom Undertow, a dash that stuns enemy Champions, his Bone Skewer is deadly.

Once Pyke hits an enemy with his hook and stuns them, Jhin can come in and deal a lot of damage. He can also use Deadly Flourish quickly and stun the enemy again to do more damage.

Pyke is very sneaky, good at getting away, and deadly. His Ghostwater Dive makes him move faster and hides him from enemies, so he can sneak up on them and hook them or stun them with Phantom Undertow.

With his ability combinations, he can pretty much hand Jhin’s enemies to him on a silver platter. Because of how often he can stop the enemy Champion from moving, Jhin can also be very aggressive with his skills.

Pyke is quite slippery, but he is also very soft. He can also easily steal kills from the ADC, which can put Jhin a long way behind. He is also a support for skillshots, so if you miss too many of his abilities, you won’t be able to help Jhin crush the early game.

If you are too aggressive when Jhin isn’t ready, you will probably get fed and lose lane. But if you can consistently use his abilities at the best times, the bottom lane is yours, and he’s one of the best supports for Jhin, then you’re good to go.




Swain is a support mage who does a lot of damage and has great crowd control. He is a mage, but as the game goes on, he only gets stronger and tougher. With Vision of Empire, he sends out a big demon eye that hurts and slows down the enemy.

When he hits an enemy, he gets Soul Fragments. These heal him and make his maximum health higher for good. Just because of this ability, he is a very strong and durable support.

Swain’s ability, “Vision of Empire,” makes it easy for Jhin to use his ability, “Deadly Flourish.” His Nevermove ability is unique because it can stop enemies from moving and, if you want, pull them closer to Jhin. With this skill, Jhin can be much more aggressive. It can also save Jhin’s life if enemies are after him and trying to kill him.

Swain’s ultimate, “Demonic Ascension,” is a great way to control crowds. It can slow down enemies close by and do a crazy amount of damage. This skill works well with Jhin’s ultimate, “Curtain Call.” If Swain goes in front of Jhin and uses his ultimate to slow down and hurt enemies, Jhin can stay back and easily finish them off.

Swain is also a middle Champion, so his abilities are made to kill minions and get kills. He can accidentally steal valuable farm items and kills from his ADC. He is also at his best when he has enough Soul Fragments to make him impossible to kill.

If you keep poking and get more health from your Vision of Empire ability, you can become the all-powerful tank that Jhin needs to destroy the end game.




Senna is a support marksman whose abilities go well with those of Jhin. Her healing and shielding skills, which also hurt enemies when they hit them, make her a very useful and versatile support for Jhin. She does a lot of damage and is great at keeping Jhin safe during tough fights in the bottom lane.

When her Last Embrace ability hits an enemy Champion, it stuns them so Jhin can stun them again with his grenades or Deadly flourish. Her Curse of the Black Mist ability hides Jhin, makes him move faster, and makes it impossible to choose him.

This skill is very important for Jhin, especially when he needs to get in and out of a fight quickly or when an unexpected gank comes from the jungle.

Her ability, “Piercing Darkness,” can hurt an enemy and heal Jhin at the same time. Her ultimate, “Dawning Shadow,” is a powerful global beam that can protect allies and hurt enemies who get caught in its centre. This skill can be used to finish off enemies that Jhin’s ultimate, “Curtain Call,” wasn’t able to kill.

Senna can easily steal minions and kills, though, because she is also built to be an ADC. She is also very soft and doesn’t move around very well. But if you can constantly poke from far away and land your Last Embrace root at the right times, the bottom lane should be easy for your Jhin.




Nami: As a vastayan mage who focuses on buffs, heals, and controlling crowds, Nami is one of the best people to help Jhin. Like Senna, she can also hurt enemy Champions with her healing abilities. Her Ebb and Flow ability can constantly poke enemy Champions and heal Jhin at the same time.

Her Tidecaller’s Blessing lets Jhin do more damage with magic and slow down his enemies. These two skills are “point and click,” which means that you don’t have to aim or use skill shots.

Her Aqua Prison skill is also special because it hurts every enemy it hits. This means that minions won’t be able to stop it like they can with Lux’s Light Binding or Morgana’s Dark Binding abilities.

If it lands on an enemy and their minions, it will stun them all, which is a very helpful effect. This ability is also a great way to set up Jhin’s grenades and Deadly Flourish.

Her Tidal Wave is a great way to control a large group of enemies because it knocks them down, slows them down, and hurts them. It also makes allies move faster when they are hit by it. This ultimate ability goes well with Curtain Call. It can slow down enemies and make it hard for them to get away from Jhin’s shots. It can also stop low-health enemies from running away. Then Jhin will be able to catch up to them and kill them.

Even though her Aqua Prison ability and Tidal Wave ultimate require more accuracy, Ebb and Flow and Tidecaller’s Blessing are very useful and easy to spam over and over again. Together with Tidal Wave, these abilities give Jhin a faster move speed, which helps him a lot. The faster Jhin’s moves are, the more he can push in lane.

Nami’s ultimate is very useful, but if the enemy sees it coming, it’s easy to avoid. Her Aqua Prison bubble is also hard to hit, and it can pull minions away from the ADC by accident. Since she moves slowly, you won’t be able to face your enemy head-on.

But her amazing poke damage, move speed and damage buffs, and slows make her an invaluable asset, especially when she is with Jhin.

That’s the end of our list of the best League of Legends support for Jhin. Thanks for reading! Who do you think would be the best Champion for him? Tell us in the comments, and if you want more content like this, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.

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