Marvel’s Avengers Announcing End of Development

Crystal Dynamics has said that its live-service Marvel’s Avengers game will no longer be made. The news comes two and a half years after the game was supposed to come out in fall 2020. In that time, the team behind Marvel’s Avengers released 12 playable heroes (including Spider-Man, who was only available on PlayStation), a full expansion set in Wakanda, multiple character-focused Operations, and a few other smaller pieces of content.

Marvel’s Avengers Development Ending

The last new thing for Marvel’s Avengers was the 2.7 update, which came out on November 30, 2022. It added the Winter Soldier and the Cloning Lab Omega-Level Threat. Crystal Dynamics wants to release one last game update, version 2.8, on March 31, 2023.

No new content will be added by this update (including no additional cosmetics). Instead, it will send out the last balance updates and shut down the cosmetics market.

Once this update comes out, players won’t be able to buy credits anymore, and any remaining credits will be turned into game resources like units, fragments, upgrade modules, polychoron, and DNA keys. Since the marketplace is going away, all of the cosmetic content from the marketplace, challenge cards, and shipments will be free for all players to use.

Marvel’s Avengers Development Ending

All players will be able to get free outfits, takedowns, emotes, and nameplates from these sources starting on March 31.

On September 30, all official help for Marvel’s Avengers will end. After that, both single-player and multiplayer modes will still work, but Crystal Dynamics is unlikely to fix any more problems. At that time, the game will also be taken off the shelves of digital stores.

When it came out, Marvel’s Avengers got average reviews, but many people liked the single-player content. But many fans stopped playing because the multiplayer modes were the same, there were a lot of microtransactions, and the development team took a long time to add new content.

You spent a lot of time with Marvel’s Avengers, right? How did you feel about the game? Were you shocked that it went on for so long? Tell us what you think about this news in the comments.

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