Minecraft: Best Light Sources and Light Levels Ultimate Guide (2022)

Want your Minecraft world to be brighter at night? You need a light source for that. A light source is a type of block that gives off light. In Minecraft, different kinds of light are used for different things. You can also protect yourself with these blocks. In Minecraft, there are more than 60 ways to get light. Few of them have light technology that makes it feel more real. On the other hand, some have enough light to make your Minecraft homes brighter.

The best Minecraft light sources and light levels include the Redstone Lamp (Level 15), which is as bright as the sun, and the Jack O’ Lantern (Level 15), which is very good at stopping mobs from spawning. Some of the other ways to get light in Minecraft are with lanterns (Level 15), lava (Level 15), torches (Level 14), campfires (Level 15), etc.

Farming and making mobs appear are two of the most important parts of Minecraft. Light seems to change how these things work. In Minecraft, different light sources give off different amounts of light. This guide lists all of the best Minecraft blocks that give off light. You can use these blocks to make your Minecraft house brighter. There are different levels of light in Minecraft, from bright to dim.

So, let’s learn about the best light sources and light levels in Minecraft.

The Best Light Sources and Light Levels in Minecraft (2022)

In Minecraft, there are more than 60 ways to get light. You will have good times with them. There are almost 15 levels of light in Minecraft that change based on where you are. At different light levels, different kinds of mobs appear. In Minecraft, these levels will give off lights with different levels of brightness.

But what do Minecraft’s light sources with different levels of light do? And why do these sources of light look different? Let’s find out what they are.


Lava (Level 15)

Lava Level 15
Lava (Level 15)

You want to find the best way to light up your Minecraft building. Then you need this light source. The Lava light source is for stone houses you build in Minecraft.

What makes this light source different?

  • Lava can be used to light up your houses.
  • Lava has a tendency to flow. Because of this, it is the best way to get light in Minecraft.
  • In Minecraft, it gives you a very bright light.
  • This light source gives off the most light in Minecraft (Level 15).
  • Lava gives off red light when it gets hotter.
  • It also stops the Minecraft mobs from spawning in some ways.

What’s wrong with this source of light?

You can’t use lava to build houses out of blocks that catch fire or wooden planks.


Redstone Lamp (Level 15)

Redstone Lamp Level 15
Redstone Lamp (Level 15)

In Minecraft, a redstone lamp is a good way to get a lot of light. Mobs come out at night and spawn all over your Minecraft world. In Minecraft, you can stop mobs from spawning with the help of a redstone lamp. There are some other things you need to know about the Redstone lamp in Minecraft, such as:

  • In Minecraft, Redstone lamps do not spawn mobs.
  • This light source gives off the most light in Minecraft (Level 15). At this level, the light will be as bright as the sun.
  • If you connect the Redstone lamp to an active power signal, it will give off a very bright light. You will need to use a Redstone signal to turn it on.
  • It is a special way to get light in Minecraft.
  • With this light source, you can light up your whole Minecraft map.

But in Minecraft, how would you make Redstone? Here are the steps you need to take.

  1. First, you need to get some Glowstone dust from the Nether to make a Glowstone block.
  2. To make a Redstone light source, you will need a 33 crafting grid.
  3. Then, put a Glowstone block in the middle of the crafting grid.
  4. Around the Glowstone block, put four red stones.
  5. With this plan, you will be able to get your Redstone lamp.


Sea Lanterns (Level 15)

Sea Lanterns Level 15
Sea Lanterns (Level 15)

Want the brightest level of light in your game? So, here is this amazing source of light. In Minecraft, sea lanterns are one of the light sources that give you a level 15 of light. Other good things about sea lanterns are:

  • It gives your Minecraft building some nice lighting effects.
  • You can power a conduit underwater with them.
  • Underwater, sea lanterns will give off light.
  • In Minecraft, you can also make or mine them. If you put silk touch magic on your tools, it will be easy to mine them.
  • With the prismarine crystals in your inventory, you can get them.


Beacon (Level 15)

Beacon Level 15
Beacon (Level 15)

Want the light from your Minecraft house to go all the way to the end of the sky? Don’t worry, the light from Beacon will help you get what you want. With this source of light, you can:

  • You can send the light rays up.
  • You will also get level 15 lights to use to decorate your world.
  • It’s a special Minecraft block that will help you keep monsters away.
  • Among the other perks are special abilities. You will be able to get five special abilities, such as speed, haste, resistance, jump, and strength.


Jack O’ Lanterns (Level 15)

Jack O Lanterns Level 15
Jack O’ Lanterns (Level 15)

Want to add the best light source to your Minecraft world? The thing you have to make is the Jack O’ Lantern. In Minecraft, Jack O’ Lanterns are used as decorative light sources. It also gives you the most amount of light.

  • In Minecraft, you can use Jack O’ Lanterns as both decorations and light blocks.
  • They are simple to make. You just need a pumpkin, some scissors, and a torch.
  • They are Minecraft blocks that have to do with Halloween.
  • With these light blocks, you can get rid of the dangerous creatures.
  • Also, compared to all the other ways to get light in Minecraft, they are the best.


Lanterns (Level 15)

Lanterns Level 15
Lanterns (Level 15)

There are many blocks in Minecraft that can be used as lights. One of these blocks is a lantern. They are the light blocks in Minecraft with the most light. What you need to know about lanterns is as follows:

  • The most light you can get in Minecraft is Level 15, which you can get from lanterns. In Minecraft, the highest level of light you can have in your world is 15.
  • This light will help you see better when you are a long way from home.
  • Compared to Minecraft torches, you will find that they have a wider range.
  • You can make them with little trouble. To make a lantern, you’ll need a torch and eight iron nuggets.
  • Lanterns are another way to get light in Minecraft.
  • You can sneak up on them and hang them.


Campfire (Level 15)

Campfire Level 15
Campfire (Level 15)

Need a good way to get rid of the monsters that come back from the dead in Minecraft? Well, a campfire is the best thing to do in this case. In Minecraft, you will also want to get campfire light blocks because:

  • For your Minecraft house, it will be very bright.
  • It’s easy to make a campfire.
  • A campfire will help you find your enemies at night if you have light level 15.
  • With these light blocks, you can send almost ten smoke signals into the air.
  • It’s a new thing in the Minecraft world.
  • In Minecraft, you can use these blocks to light up your homes and build things that look nice.


Glowstone (Level 15)

Glowstone Level 15
Glowstone (Level 15)

It is the block in Minecraft with the most light. It will give you the most light you can get in Minecraft. The most noticeable things about this light source are:

  • It emits a light level of 15.
  • You can use glowstones to stop mobs from appearing in your world.
  • The light from Glowstones is also brighter than the light from Minecraft torches.
  • If you want to put glowstones on your walls, you will find them useful.
  • In Minecraft, this is a common way to make light.
  • You can make firework stars that will give your world light.

But how would you get Glowstones for your houses? In Minecraft, there are a few ways to get these brightest blocks. Among them are:

  • These light sources can be found all over your Minecraft world. With your magic tools, you can mine these blocks.
  • You can make it at the crafting table by putting Glowstone dust on it.
  • You can also trade in Minecraft to get these light sources.


Conduit (Level 15)

Conduit Level 15
Conduit (Level 15)

Want to get a light level of 15 both in the water and on land? Then this is the source of light that will help you. The shapes of this light source are very pretty. You can use them to make your Minecraft world look nicer. Among the other features are:

  • It is a rare source of light in Minecraft.
  • It is not easy to make. Because one of the things it needs to make is hard to make in Minecraft. “The Heart of the Sea” does not exist in Minecraft.
  • You will be able to get light as far as 90 blocks away.


End Rod (Level 14)

End Rod Level 14
End Rod (Level 14)

Want to make your Minecraft world look better? Here is a source of light. End rods are the light sources for Minecraft level 14. Among the other benefits are:

  • End rods are light blocks that are pretty bright. In Minecraft, they usually have a light level of 14.
  • End rods send out tiny white particles that make light.
  • You can use these sources of light when it’s dark or at night.
  • They are easy to find in all of the Minecraft end cities.


Torches (Level 14)

Minecraft: Best Light Sources and Light Levels Ultimate Guide (2022)
Torches (Level 14)

Torches are one of the most common ways to get light in the Minecraft world. Also common in Minecraft, these are. In Minecraft, you will want this light source because of the following.

  • It will give your house a level 14 brightness.
  • It’s good for your finances. This light source is good for your game because it doesn’t cost much.
  • When you put them on the floor or a wall, you will get level 14 light or brightness.
  • With a light level of 14, monsters won’t be able to spawn.

The only thing that stops you from using it in Minecraft is that you can’t use it underwater. You can’t use them if you’re also holding them.


Furnace (Level 13)

Furnace Level 13
Furnace (Level 13)

The Minecraft Furnace is a block that can be used to make light. In Minecraft, it not only melts different things, but it also gives you light. In Minecraft, a furnace gives off 13 levels of light. It helps you make your Minecraft homes brighter. It also lets you stop Minecraft mobs from wandering around your homes at night.


Soul Campfire (Level 10)

Soul Campfire Level 10
Soul Campfire (Level 10)

Do you want to know how to get around in the Minecraft Nether? Well, the Minecraft Nether is a very dangerous place to go. There are a lot of mobs in the Minecraft Nether. Still, in Minecraft, you can use a useful light source to get around in the Nether. Soul Campfire:

  • In Minecraft, a beautiful light block.
  • It will make it easy to go to the Minecraft Nether.
  • With its blue flames, it gives off light. You should go to the Minecraft Nether to see these flames.
  • Soul Campfire gives off 10 light. It would give you enough light to get to the Minecraft Nether.


Ender Chests (Level 7)

Ender Chests Level 7
Ender Chests (Level 7)

Different blocks in Minecraft are used for different things. In Minecraft, most blocks can be used for more than one thing. The Ender Chests are the same way. In Minecraft, an Ender Chest is a light block. Among its features are:

  • Because it gives off light, you will use it to make your Minecraft houses brighter.
  • With this block, you’ll get half of the most light possible. It gives off a level 7 light in Minecraft.

It lets you move and store different Minecraft items.

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