The OnePlus 10 Pro Is a Great Phone, But It’s Not Perfect

One Plus 10 Pro Closer Look:

For OnePlus, 2022 is a year of transition. The company is now fully committed to “OnePlus 2.0,” with the OnePlus 10 Pro serving as the brand’s first flagship phone following the merger with its sister brand Oppo.

With that in mind, the OnePlus 10 Pro’s initial release was unusual, at least for the “Never Settle” brand. The phone was announced much earlier than usual, at the beginning of 2022. However, several months later, the phone is finally making its way to global markets, albeit without any sign of a Vanilla OnePlus 10.

OnePlus 10 Pro new Spec
OnePlus 10 Pro new Spec

We’ve got all the official details on the OnePlus 10 Pro right here, including specifications, global availability information, and pricing.

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On January 11, 2022, OnePlus released the OnePlus 10 Pro in its home country of China. Buyers in China will be able to purchase the phone beginning January 13. OnePlus did not say when the phone would be available in other countries at first. The OnePlus 10 Pro would eventually be released in global markets on March 31, with pre-orders opening the same day ahead of an April 14 release date.

OnePlus 10 Pro vs OnePlus 9 Pro with camera modules
OnePlus 9 Pro vs OnePlus 10 Pro back Difference

The OnePlus 10 Pro is the company’s flagship phone for 2022. It has the best specs of any OnePlus phone to date, including the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, which is the most powerful processor in the Android world right now. It has up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, as well as a large 5,000mAh battery and incredibly fast wired charging at 80W. (though the US model only comes with a 65W charger).

OnePlus will also continue its collaboration with the photography company Hasselblad. The two companies collaborated to add numerous new photo and video features. They also improved on the original systems designed for the OnePlus 9 series.

The OnePlus 10 Pro 8GB/128GB starts at $899.

Is the camera on the OnePlus 10 Pro good?

Last year, the OnePlus 9 Pro’s camera was the best we’d ever seen from the company. The company’s strategy is changing slightly this year.

In other words, the ultrawide lens now has a ridiculous 150-degree field-of-view (FoV). Because it warps the sides of the image, this incredibly wide FoV is close to fisheye territory. Thankfully, the camera shoots at a much more reasonable 110-degree FoV by default. If you want, you can change the camera app’s settings to reach that 150-degree limit.

camera on the OnePlus
Cameras Spec on OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus is also offering an 8MP 3.3x telephoto camera, which is similar to the older phone. So, any zoom improvements will have to come from better software, but Dhruv believes there is a lot of sharpening and noise reduction when using this camera.

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Other notable features include 10-bit colour capture and 12-bit RAW capture on all three lenses, as well as an Extended Exposure mode for long-exposure shots (e.g., light painting, water). Optical image stabilization is also available, though we believe it is limited to the main camera.

The OnePlus 10 Pro has a 32MP selfie camera on the front. This has twice the megapixels as the front-facing camera on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

How does the battery life of the OnePlus 10 Pro compare?

Despite its fast charging speeds, the OnePlus 9 Pro’s battery life was disappointing. The battery appeared to be of adequate size, but software optimization must have been a factor, as we could only get 1.5 days out of it before needing to recharge.

On paper, the OnePlus 10 Pro offers a few improvements. First and foremost, the battery is significantly larger: 5,000mAh, which is 11% larger than the 9 Pro. Second, the inside chipset is said to be more power-efficient than the Snapdragon 888 found in the OnePlus 9 Pro. Finally, OnePlus is said to have tweaked its software to make its display more power efficient. All of this should result in longer battery life.

design phone cameras
battery life of the OnePlus 10 Pro

Fortunately, we found the OnePlus 10 Pro to be extremely durable, easily lasting all day and a little more. Dhruv also believed that the addition of 80W charging on global models was not a significant improvement over 65W charging. We discovered that the difference between the two was insignificant.

The phone also supports 50W wireless charging (via OnePlus’ proprietary charging stand) and 5W reverse wireless charging.

Performance of the OnePlus 10 Pro

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is found inside the OnePlus 10 Pro. This is the flagship Android chipset for 2022. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is widely regarded as the best of the best in Android.

In theory, when this chipset is combined with up to 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and up to 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage, you have a performance beast.

OnePlus 10 Pro Performance
Performance of the OnePlus 10 Pro

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Our reviewer thought the phone performed well in almost every situation, but he added that the OnePlus 10 Pro throttles performance out of the box. Fortunately, there is also a performance mode to help with more demanding games, but this comes at a significant cost in terms of battery life.

Software and updates for the OnePlus 10 Pro

The changes made to the company’s Android skin, Oxygen OS, are one of the most significant (and contentious) aspects of “OnePlus 2.0.” In late 2021, the company began merging Oxygen OS with Oppo’s Color OS, which caused some serious issues. While it has since reversed its decision to create a unified operating system that combines Color OS and Oxygen OS, the former’s influence can still be seen in the latter’s look and feature set.

OnePlus 10 Pro white
OnePlus White

The OnePlus 10 Pro ships with this version of Oxygen OS in most parts of the world. Oxygen OS 12, which is based on Android 12, will be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, India, and other supported countries. Meanwhile, Color OS 12 will be available on the OnePlus 10 Pro in China.

OnePlus claims that its merger with Oppo will result in faster, more stable platform updates. So far, however, we haven’t seen much progress. We’ll give OnePlus the benefit of the doubt here because the merger was so recent. However, the company still has a long way to go in regaining user trust in software updates.

Having said that, OnePlus has promised three Android updates for the OnePlus 10 Pro, as well as a fourth year of security patches. That means the 10 Pro should be able to run Android 15 and beyond.

What’s new between the OnePlus 10 Pro and the OnePlus 9 Pro?

On the surface, there don’t appear to be many significant differences between the OnePlus 10 Pro and the OnePlus 9 Pro. Consider the following differences:

The design of the 10 Pro’s rear camera module differs significantly from that of the 9 Pro. This gives the 10 Pro a distinct appearance. Aside from this change, the phones are very similar, with the exception of the lack of an IP rating on any model not purchased from T-Mobile. That is a real puzzler.

OnePlus Capture
OnePlus 10 Pro Live Capture

Performance: The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset in the 10 Pro is newer and better. However, performance specifications such as RAM and storage speeds remain unchanged.

Power: The OnePlus 10 Pro has a larger 5,000mAh battery than the 9 Pro. It also charges faster at 80W when wired outside of the United States (and 65W in the US). Wireless charging speeds remain constant at 50W.

Camera: When compared to the 10 Pro, the OnePlus 9 Pro has an additional rear sensor. However, this monochrome sensor isn’t crucial to photo/video quality. The 10 Pro comes with an ultrawide lens with a much wider field of view and supports new high-end photo standards such as 10-bit color and 12-bit RAW. However, both on paper and in practice, the new phone’s ultrawide sensor falls short. The selfie camera has a 32MP sensor, which is twice as many megapixels as the 16MP sensor on the 9 Pro.

Price and availability of the OnePlus 10 Pro

  • OnePlus 10 Pro 8GB/128GB: $899 / €899 / £799 / Rs 66,999 / 4,699 yuan 
  • OnePlus 10 Pro 8GB/256GB: 4,999 yuan 
  • OnePlus 10 Pro 12GB/256GB: €999 / £899 / Rs 71,999 / 5,299 yuan 

On January 11, 2022, OnePlus released the OnePlus 10 Pro in its home country of China. Buyers in China will be able to purchase the phone beginning January 13. The price of this phone in China starts at 4,699 yuan ($737) for the 8GB/128GB variant.

The device will also be available in Europe, India, and the United States. The 8GB/128GB variant will cost $899 in the United States, which is less than the $1,069 price tag of the OnePlus 9 Pro. A 12GB/256GB model is also available, but US pricing was not available at the time of writing. Pricing for all regions (including Europe and India) can be found in the bullet list above.

Unfortunately, the Vanilla OnePlus 10 will not be available at either the Chinese or global launches.

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