20+ Best Online Tools to Resize and Crop Images Without Photoshop

Sometimes it seems like overkill to use Photoshop or GIMP for simple image editing tasks like cropping, resizing, etc. We’ve researched and collected some free online tools to resize and crop images instantly.

Also, we have a list of sites that take care of these simple tasks. The best part is that they are all free! Most of these sites aren’t full-fledged online photo editors, but some of them do things like custom cropping and can even edit multiple images at once.

Best Online Tools to Resize and Crop Images Without Photoshop

Now, take a break from Photoshop and try one of the tools below to change the size of a photo.



PicResize lets you change the size of a picture based on a percentage of the original image or a size you choose. You can also add special effects, crops, and rotate images.



Like PicResize, this tool lets you change the size of an image based on a percentage or a size you choose.


Social Image Resizer Tool

This image resizer is made for resizing images for social media sites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. If needed, you can also offer a custom size.


LunaPic Resizer

LunaPic is a popular image editor that comes with a lot of tools for editing. It also has a very good image resizer that lets you change the size of an image by grabbing it and dragging it.


Reduce Images

A quick and easy way to both compresses and change the size of an image.


Quick Thumbnail

Quick Thumbnail, as its name suggests, lets you quickly resize, add a filter, add a watermark, and download a picture. I also liked its pre-set ratio for resizing, which was made for different web apps and monitors.



You can change up to 40 images at once, and you can resize them using both custom ranges and ranges that are already set. It can even resize according to the size of an example image.



It has a Flash-based image editor with a resizing tool that lets you change the size of an image by a certain percentage or pixel.



B.I.R.M.E (Batch Image Resizing Made Easy) is a program that lets you crop and resize many images at once. You can also change the border and the quality of the image.



In addition to resizing by percentage and custom size, it can also fill the background with a single color or make it transparent to prevent distortion.



This is basically a converter for RAW images to a standard format like JPG or PNG. It not only converts them, but also lets you change their size to what you want.


Image Optimizer

Another easy-to-use tool to improve the quality of an image and change its size by setting the width and height in pixels.


Bulk Resize Photos

An image resizer tool that you can use to change the size of multiple images at once and in different ways.


JPEG Optimizer

Yet another simple tool that lets you both resize and compress images. However, you can only scale images based on width.



IMGonline should work better for more experienced users, but it also works fine for beginners. Apart from basic resizing it also lets you control interpolation, DPI, and EXIF data.



You can control size, rotation, quality, and effects of the image, but Picasion only allows a maximum size of 1300px width.


Universal Web Services

Upload the picture, choose the width and height, and then click “Submit.” Your image will automatically download after it has been resized. This is pretty much all there is to know about how this tool works. A tool that makes resizing images very easy.


Free Online Image Editor

The Online Image Editor is made so that you can always use it without installing any extra software. You can use the editor from work, school, or home as long as you have a way to connect to the internet.

It is the fastest and cleanest way to change an image on a PC, laptop, iPad, tablet, or smartphone.


Pixlr X

Start editing by clicking the “Open Photo” button, dragging and dropping a file, pasting from the clipboard (Ctrl+V), or choosing one of the templates below.



Best Online Tools to Resize and Crop Images Without Photoshop
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