Photoshop Beta: Installing and Using Photoshop with AI (Step by Step Guide)

Recently, Adobe updated the Photoshop application and released a new version called Photoshop Beta. This new iteration is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and provides editing suggestions.

A Step by Step Guide for Installing and Using Photoshop with AI (Photoshop Beta)

This is excellent news for Photoshop users who are still on the list to receive Adobe Firefly. In this guide, I will demonstrate how to acquire and install Adobe Photoshop with AI, as well as its capabilities.

Installing Photoshop with AI


Open Creative Cloud

update creative cloud app
Source: Hongkiat

Open the Creative Cloud application and check for available updates. If the Creative Cloud application requires an update, do so first.


Install Photoshop Beta

magically transform images with ai
Source: Hongkiat

There you’ll see is “Photoshop (Beta).” Tap “Install.” Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, this process may take some time.

Generative AI Art with Photoshop


Start Photoshop

A Step by Step Guide for Installing and Using Photoshop with AI (Photoshop Beta)
Source: Hongkiat

After the installation is complete, your computer will have a new Photoshop (Beta) application. Let’s switch it on and observe its operation.


Select Lasso Tool

drag image in
Source: Hongkiat

Drag an image onto the workspace and select an area with the Lasso Tool, as shown below.


Add Prompt & Hit Generate

add prompt generate
Source: Hongkiat

Click “Generative Fill,” then enter a description (such as a query) before clicking “Generate.” If you don’t see this option, you can also access it by selecting Windows > Contextual Text Bar.


AI Results

generative fill result 01
Source: Hongkiat

Here is what we can create if you tell us, “Big brown bear sitting down“, or if you propose that.


Generative Fill

image with blank sides
Source: Hongkiat

Generative Fill” works even if no description is entered. Now, imagine you have an image with vacant left and right sides.


Use Rectangular Marquee Tool

rectangular marquee tool
Source: Hongkiat

Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool in the sixth step.


Select Area to Generate

select blank left area
Source: Hongkiat

Select the area on the left as indicated, and then select Generative Fill > Generate without providing a description.


Results.. Boom

generative fill result 02
Source: Hongkiat

Photoshop will analyze the image to determine how to cover the left side. That is awesome, right?

We are just beginning to see what the latest version of Photoshop that employs AI is capable of. Now go enjoy yourself!

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