Pokémon Go: Fashion Challenger lines and counters (Updated: Sep 2022)

Fashion Challengers are back in Pokémon Go for the Fashion Week 2022 event, and we have information about their lineups and the counters you can use to battle them.

Pokemon Go players look forward to Fashion Week every year. Last year, Furfrou and all of its trims came out. This year, Mareanie and Toxapex finally make their long-awaited debuts.

The Fashion Challenger is one thing that will be back at this year’s event. These are non-playable characters (NPCs) with a fashion theme who challenge players with their own unique Pokemon teams. They work a little differently this year, though.

So, if you’ve run into a Cool Challenger, a Rugged Challenger, or a Quirky Challenger, you can find their lineups and some suggestions for how to beat them below.

Pokémon Go: Fashion Challenger lines and counters (Updated: Sep 2022)

How to fight a Fashion Challenger in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, you can meet Fashion Challengers if you finish the Fashion Week 2022 Timed Research quest. At the end of each step, you’ll get a battle as a reward, so you don’t have to go out and look for them.

During last year’s Fashion Week, Fashion Challengers showed up at random PokeStops. This works a little differently. During that event, there were also six different Fashion Challengers to find, but this year there are only three.

Fashion Challengers will only show up during the Fashion Week event, which runs from September 27 at 10 a.m. to October 3 at 8 p.m. local time. This Timed Research quest needs to be done before the event ends.

Fashion Challenger lineups in Pokemon Go (September 2022)

The Fashion Challengers and the Pokemon they will use are listed below:

Cool ChallengerFurfrouFrillishCroagunk
Quirky ChallengerFurfrouMareanieDiglett
Rugged ChallengerFurfrouBlitzleAbsol

Best ways to fight back against Pokemon Go Fashion Challengers

Furfrou, a Normal-type Pokemon, will be sent out first by every Fashion Challenger to start the battle. So, you should always have a strong Fighting-type Pokemon on your team, like Machamp, Lucario, or Conkeldurr.

If you’re facing a Cool Challenger, bring a Dark, Electric, Ghost, or Grass-type Pokemon to beat Frillish and a Flying, Ground, or Psychic-type Pokemon to beat Croagunk.

When facing a Quirky Challenger, you’ll need an Electric, Ground, or Psychic-type Pokemon to beat Mareanie and a Grass, Ice, or Water-type Pokemon to easily beat Diglett.

Lastly, if you’re facing a Rugged Challenger, Blitzle’s only weakness is Ground-type attacks, so choose a strong Ground-type Pokemon and then a Bug, Fairy, or Fighting-type Pokemon for Absol.

Even though it’s always a good idea to have strong counters, this year’s Fashion Challengers are pretty easy to beat, so one strong Legendary or pseudo-Legendary of any type should be enough to beat them.

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