Sony’s PS5 Will Reportedly May Have a Detachable Disc Drive

Insider rumours say that Sony is working on a new PS5 model with a Blu-Ray drive that can be taken off. This PS5 model is supposed to come out in a year, according to these reports.

Insider Gaming’s report says that this new PS5 model will be called the “D chassis.” Hardware-wise, it will be almost the same as the ones that are already on the market, except that the disc drive will be removable. On the back of the PlayStation 5, there is an extra USB-C port that will be used to connect the disc drive. The disc drives can be bought separately or with the console.

Sony's PS5 Will Reportedly May Have a Detachable Disc Drive
Sony’s PS5 Will Reportedly May Have a Detachable Disc Drive

Sony hasn’t said for sure yet, but it makes a lot of sense for the PlayStation 5 to come with an optional disc drive. It would bridge the gap between the PS5 consoles that already have a disc drive and the ones that only have digital games.
Also, the price of the console went up a lot recently, so selling the disc drive separately as an add-on would help cut down on production costs and make the console cheaper for the end user.

Sony says that 21.7 million PS5 consoles have already been shipped, and the company plans to make 18.5 million of the new PS5 model over the next financial year, when materials will be easier to get.
If these rumours turn out to be true, the D chassis PS5 will be released in September 2023, which is about a year from now. Sony hasn’t said anything about the rumours yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the next PS5 models.

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