The Sims 4: Discover The Top 10 Must Know Facts Before You Purchase Get Famous

In The Sims 4 Get Famous, there are many ways for your sims to become famous. There is a new busy job and some new items that can help you get famous in different ways.

Successful simmers can choose to live in a fancy house in Del Sol Valley filled with the most expensive furniture in the game. Note that the pack doesn’t buy you taste, you have to decide that for yourself.

Discover the Top 10 Must Know Facts About The Sims 4: Get Famous Before Making Your Purchase

Even though fame is the main point of the pack, there are also a few shocks. Here are the things you need to know about Get Famous before you decide if it’s the right pack for you.


In Del Sol Valley, you can live like a star

Sims 4 del sol valley bailey moon mansion

In the new world of Del Sol Valley, Sims can live in style. There are VIP bars, a walk of fame, and other neighborhood lots in the downtown area. There is also a wealthy area on a hilltop that is full of well-known people.

For people who are just starting out, the town also has a smaller neighborhood with cheaper houses and less interesting views.


Become a star with The Fame System

Sims 4 octavia autograph

This pack is for you if you want your Sims to become famous because it includes the fame system. As their work and name become better known, your sims will become more famous. Reputation also becomes important, and this is based on how you treat other people.

You can become popular for anything that lets people know about you, and the reputation you gain will be the same. Just know that fame comes with its own quirks. Sims can get hooked on juice or stuck to their phones, among other things.


VIP bars keep out the rude people

Sims 4 VIP Club

There are some VIP bars in the glitzy downtown area, where the names of celebrities are written on the streets and award shows are held. These use a new VIP door system to keep out sims who don’t have enough fame.

Anyone who isn’t popular enough to get in can try their luck with the sims on the door, but we can’t promise it will go well. Still, you’ll probably get to see a star, and one day it could be you slipping past the velvet rope as your fans scream your name outside.


Earn points for fame

Sims 4 fame points

Fame comes with a point system for rewards. This lets you get more perks as you get more well-known. It works like magical point-based systems and has some strange features as well.

Quirks happen by chance and will change how your sims act. They might become slaves to the media, get more fans, or become too dependent on their phones.


Watch Your Reputation

Sims 4 judith ward paparazzi

How you treat other people, including your fans, will also affect your image. The things Sims do affect both their quirks and their reputations. This means that a Sim’s attitude can affect how they deal with being famous.

Those who give to charity, talk to other people, and play well with others will make more friends and have better relationships than those who take a different road.


Try your hand at a career in acting

Sims 4 acting career promo

Aside from the fame system, the interactive acting job is the most important part of the pack. Before Sims can start going to auditions, they have to sign up with an agent. You need skills and courage to pass and move on to gigs that say what skills you need to do the job.

Starting with ads and moving up the ladder, players can help their sims learn lines, get ready for the camera, and do what the director tells them to do. If you keep working hard, you’ll get more jobs and make more money. Your fame will also grow. You can also get extra prizes if you talk to your coworkers.


Use new things to start a career as a content creator

Sims 4 yt station

You can also get famous with the new video production and music creation items if acting isn’t your thing. These desks are only in this pack, and they let sims make and edit songs or videos. Then, these can be released to make money and get known.

There are different kinds of music and videos, and you can build a business with them just like you can with books or songs. As you make content, you’ll also earn skill points, which will let you improve its quality and make it more popular over time.


Put your important things in a vault

Sims 4 money in vault

Now you can put your Simoleons in a vault if you’ve always wanted to. There is a huge vault door made just for your new house. It can be put in any room. This makes a safe place for your money, but it can also be used for other things that are much less safe.

Sims can have some fun with their piles of money and throw it around like Scrooge McDuck. People who want to steal simoleons should be careful, because sims can also get stuck in the vault.


Live Your Best Life With Extravagant Build And Buy Items

The Sims 4: Discover The Top 10 Must Know Facts Before You Purchase Get Famous

A lot of the build and buy things are expensive, flashy, and sometimes tacky. They are great for a mansion built by someone who has a lot of Simoleons and wants everyone to know it. If you’ve ever wanted a bathroom with marble walls and solid gold fixtures, this pack is for you.

But there are also some modern and classic pieces that can be used in more places, look great, and are worth putting in any home. Depending on how they are used and mixed, the different parts of many things can also make them look expensive or cheap.


Dress well with an award show Get Set to Make Sim Items

Sims 4 award show ready

Create-a-sim also has a number of looks that are ready for the red carpet. There are nice suits, long dresses, high shoes, and bright jewelry, as well as suits for kids. There are also a variety of costumes and even famous disguises for people who want to be a little different.

There are also some up-dos that have won awards, some display jewelry, and a few more casual pieces. The clothes are more flexible than they look at first, and you can wear some of them every day.

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