10 Insider Tips for Making the Most of Get to Work Expansion

Get To Work, the first expansion for The Sims 4, has not held up as well as some other older content, but there is still a lot to find. This expansion added new systems and ideas that helped pave the way for later changes and gave players a taste of new things, like the interactive careers.

Get to Work was also the first pack to add aliens and the planet Sixam, which gave the game a mystical life state. There is also a lot more to find, even though some parts do not work as well as they should.

10 Tips for Making the Most of Get to Work Expansion

Here, we will look at the main features of the expansion to help you decide if it is right for you before you buy “Get to Work”.


It made active careers possible

Sims 4 get to work detective

The best thing about this pack is that it has active careers. Sims can choose to be a scientist, a detective, or a doctor, and players can follow them around and control them for their whole workday.

Each job has its own lot, and the tasks you have to do will be based on that lot. Scientists do experiments and make new things. Detectives collect evidence, solve cases, and put people in jail. Doctors look into, diagnose, and treat illnesses. The careers can have bugs, but they are all different and offer a new way to play.


Sims can give birth at the hospital

SIms 4 get to work doctor

The hospital is not just where doctors start their careers. Sims can also give birth by going to the hospital. Before being taken to a room, pregnant sims will have to sign in at the front desk.

The procedure looks scary, but it is a great option for people who do not want to just stand by a basinet and give birth quickly.


You can make stores that sell things

10 Insider Tips for Making the Most of Get to Work Expansion

There is more to retail stores than meets the eye. Sims can show off and sell their goods with the help of cash registers, shelves, mannequins, and display units. Prices can be raised to any level you want, and there are new ways to interact with customers that can help you sell more.

Most of the things you can build and buy can be sold in stores, right next to the clothes. The things Sims make can also be sold.


It lets Sims learn how to bake and take pictures

SIms 4 get to work photgraphy

Sims get a cupcake machine that is way too big and a new baking skill. You can then sell the things you make in a store, which means you can open your own bakery.

Photography is also a new skill that comes with this pack. Sims can use cameras to take still pictures of themselves and other sims, which they can then hang on the wall.


There is an area with Shops and Markets

Magnolia promenade sims 4

The new world for this pack is Magnolia Promenade. It is made up of just four lots and is set up as a separate shopping area. Three of the plots already have stores on them, and the fourth one is empty.

The world is one of the most boring and smallest in the game, but being able to completely separate stores can be helpful, especially if you do not want them to take over other worlds.


There is a new state where aliens live

The Sims 4 10 Ways That Aliens Couldve Been Done Better

Aliens were the first occult life state to show up in the game. Because of this, their implementation is not as good as that of later occults, but it works. They can look like aliens or try to look like regular sims.

You can use create-a-sim to make aliens or have alien children through relationships or being taken by aliens. The pack also lets you control abduction by changing the frequency of contact with a satellite made by the scientist career.


You can go to the Planet of Sixam

Sixam Alien World

The Sims 4 aliens live on the planet Sixam, which sims can visit with technology they make in the scientist career. It takes a while to unlock, but it makes moving from one place to another easy, and any sim can use it.

The planet is pretty empty, but it is home to a few aliens and some strange plants that collectors will want to get.


There’s A New Collection

Sims 4 get to work science

Now Sims can gather geodes. These are found when different gems are found and analyzed. You can find the gems on Sixam and around the science lab. They can be found in other places, but not as often. Scientist sims can then either send them to be analyzed or do it themselves in the lab.

The science career is not required to finish this collection, but it makes it go much faster because the science lab lot is hidden and can only be visited by scientists while they are at work.


Some of the items in Create-A-Sim are tattoos and makeup

Sims 4 get to work aliens

With the addition of aliens to the game, there are a few futuristic-looking outfits in create-a-sim that are made to fit the aliens’ natural looks. There are also a few pieces that regular sims can wear every day.

But what makes this pack stand out is how many hairstyles, makeup options, tattoos, and accessories it has. Many of them are bright and might not be good for everyday use, but they still have a huge number of options for both regular and alien sims.


Build and buy has a lot of shelves and places to put things

Sims 4 get to work fashion

As you might expect from a pack focused on retail, a lot of the new items are about storage. There are shelves, pedestals, mannequins, and counters. You will also find signs and other common office supplies.

Most of the items will not be used in regular homes, and some of them are related to detective, medical, and science careers. But there are ways to light the room, tables, chairs, and wall art that are more useful.

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