Top 10 YouTube Channel Ideas in 2022 – Best YouTube Channel Ideas

I have spent a lot of time scouring YouTube and these ideas behind me are the ones that I see going big this year, all right now. 

Look, I get it. You may already have an existing channel, and in fact, if you’re watching this, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re already doing something on YouTube.

Top 10 YouTube Channel Ideas in 2022 – Best YouTube Channel Ideas 

I wanted to get the ideas flowing either for future potential or for what you’re currently doing so you know how to pivot this year, so without further ado, let’s get to idea number one.


Recreating Items 

Recreating popular recipes, Recreating popular objects.

All right, the first big idea from our list of best YouTube Channel Ideas for 2022 that I see being successful this year is this one recreating items for lack of space. 

I couldn’t write the entire thing out here, but what I mean by recreating items is recreating popular recipes, recreating popular objects, recreating scenes from shows you see what is happening on YouTube right now is I’m seeing huge. 

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Listed by Ali

Trends towards nostalgia and or familiarity because we’ve had our lives shaken up these past few years. What I’m seeing happen is channels that are recreating the experiences that we commonly had or that we had in the past when times were good. For example, Restaurant Recipes

For a while there we couldn’t go to restaurants, so what you could do here is recreate popular restaurant recipes, but in a way that you can do it at home. 

This also applies if you’re doing works of art or if you’re doing parodies of things that we all know very well now, here’s why I like this one so much is because you have the advantage of nostalgia or already well known images in people mind. 

So, when you’re speaking in terms of thumbnails. You’re able to put something in the thumbnail, an object or a logo, or something that’s commonplace, because that’s what the video is about. 

You’re able to put it in the thumbnail so it’s automatically eye catching and automatically draws attention because of the familiarity aspect. And then of course, if you do it well, then that will translate into your viewers enjoying your content. 


Early Adopter 

Adopt early beta of Games to get first videos.

Overall, the next idea from the list of best YouTube Channel Ideas for 2022 that I see being very successful this year. He is being an early adopter specifically in the gaming niche. 

You know this, especially if you’re in gaming at all, or if you watch any gaming related content on YouTube Gaming is huge and the interest is only going up, it’s competitive, but it’s expanding at a massive rate because games are being released all the time. 

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Listed by Ali

I don’t know if it’s an indie developer or if it’s a AAA developer. I don’t care, because of the accelerated rate of games being released.  There is a huge wide open opportunity, OK, so here’s why I like this idea so much, there is a huge advantage to the game developers.

If you are able to get on the inside of what they’re developing, it’s free marketing for them Your channel you’re willing to create content for them, and it’s great for you.

Because if you get on the inside, you’re able to create video before it’s even launched, so that when the game launches, you have the first videos and I see this working whether you are an information style of channel doing tutorials or walkthroughs, or how TOS on that game, or a channel that’s just doing general gaming. 


Home, Office or Lifestyle

Stories about Your Lifestyle or Office Life.

Idea #3 in the list of best YouTube Channel Ideas is Home, Office life or lifestyle. There was a huge shift in the world really with the lock downs and everything going on and I know that was a while ago. 

Come on people this space of creating a channel all about transitioning from working and Office to working from home. 

All my goodness there is so much space there now as opposed to doing this as an informational style of channels. Strictly, I would definitely take the angle of a lifestyle type of channel where you’re just showing hey, I’m an average person. 

This is my story. 

This is what I did before and here is what I’m doing now again. 

Why I like this idea so much is because there’s huge potential for Affiliate Revenue, especially, if you become somewhat of an expert in the realms of you know, hate working from home. 

You create an awesome setup. You say this is what I use for my setup. And by the way, here’s my links in my description. 

There’s also a lot of space with this idea of putting humor into what you’re already doing. The all the funniness of you used to work in an office and contrasting it with working from home and I know that’s been done a lot but there. 


Unique Talents

Play violin and danced.

Unique talents is at #4 in the list of best YouTube Channel Ideas. This is simply where you take something that you are even just slightly better than the average person on this planet, and you make a channel about it. 

I’m talking things like jug. 

Killing Rubik’s cubes. 

Playing the violin. 

Now the catch here is that with this idea, you have to actually make something unique out of it. It can’t just be about playing violin, for example, and in fact one of the best ways to do this this year is to do intersections of unique talents. 

The example that comes to mind for this one is, oh, this was a while ago. 

Actually, but it’s still. 

Working today and is the popular YouTuber Lindsey Stirling Play violin and she danced, and she did dubstep music. That was something that had never been seen before and because of it went huge on YouTube. 

So, I stand by what I said about your unique talent being something that you can just be slightly better at than the rest of the world, because in many cases, even if you’re just average good at something and you combine it with something else on. 

YouTube you inherently have an interest factor and an advantage over a lot of other channel types. 



Share your own ideas, in which you expert.

#5 in the list of YouTube Channel Ideas is Tradesperson Channels. This is if I’m talking to you watching this. If you have been doing something for a long time as your trade or your work, and you want to take it on YouTube, the time has never been better than right now. It keeps working. It’s almost like clockwork if you take something that’s. 

Somewhat interesting because not everybody is a woodworker, for example, or not everybody does blacksmithing and you take that and you put it onto YouTube, you’re all Most cheating because you have the recipe for success with something that’s inherently interesting that not everybody is experiencing, but you have tons of experience with it. 

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Listed by Ali

You already have an advantage over a lot of other channels. Now what I like so much about this one is it’s taking something that you’re already good at and you’re putting it on YouTube. 

It’s almost like half of the battle is already done for you. You still need to learn YouTube. You still need to make an entertaining video. I get that, but if you take something that you are an expert at, you’ve been doing it for 20 years. 

Let’s say that even if you think it’s fairly mundane, you learn how to make entertaining good videos. You learn about the algorithm. You learn how to build a successful YouTube channel. You combine the two of those you’ve got a form. 


Micro Skillsets 

YouTube Shorts is a wide example of these skills.

All right, next YouTube channel idea in the list of best YouTube Channel Ideas, I had to put this on here to pay homage to the YouTube shorts realm. You see, I see this one is very similar to the Tradesperson one over here with #5, but it’s #6 because it’s about YouTube shorts and you’re leading with YouTube shorts. 

Some shorts from the whole song. (A Punjabi song)

You could take almost any of these ideas that I have write about or will yet write about and turn it into a short. 

First channel, because you have the advantage of the additional Interest and spread ability of YouTube shorts and if you could do it in a micro skill sets format, you have some good stuff going now. 

I don’t have much more to say about #6 here, except that making YouTube shorts is a very different game than full length videos on YouTube and your whole game with YouTube shorts is. 

How can I deliver the most punchy, interesting thing in the shortest amount of time while cutting out absolutely Everything that doesn’t belong in that video. 


Back to Basics 

That are Homesteading, Home Skills, Gardening

The next one is about work from home YouTube channel idea. Now what I mean here is channels that are Homesteading, Home Skills, Gardening or that type of thing. 

Gardener Scott
Visit channel to see more Gardening Videos.

You see what? I see happening right now. Is that the world is leading towards more and more and more stress. You know this very well and lives are feeling faster and faster and faster pace. So much so that a lot of interest is actually going to the flip flop and people are starting to realize. 

I just want to have more me time I want to have more time when where I can feel connected with the Earth or with my family or with my home, or in many cases people just simply don’t feel like they have access to those thing. 

Or they simply don’t have access to those things. So, what do they have? 

They have you and your channel, so here if you have any level of expertise or even some land in your backyard, and you’re willing to do something about just sharing your normal life, let’s say you have goats in your backyard and you want to share what it’s like. Raising those Goats

You may laugh, but this is working right now on YouTube, and I really think it’s for the reasons that I already told. 

You see, people are feeling like they need more of that, and if they don’t have access to it right now your channel and you can be a huge service to people whether you’re showing things like how to, here’s how to bake your own bread, or you’re? Just showing a day in the life. 


Side Hustler 

Keep recording and speaking of side hustles.

#8 in the list of best YouTube Channel Ideas is speaking of things that people are really wanting right now, this year side hustles more than ever. People are feeling like what I’m doing right now isn’t working and I need something else now. 

This is a very competitive space on YouTube more than ever right now, but this year I see a way to differentiate yourself if you’re going to take a channel like this.

Do your best to actually test things and then share the story of how it went. You know, I just realized you can totally see my light over here reflecting on this. Well, keep recording and speaking of side hustles.  



Just tell story about your life or your photographs.

That YouTube channel idea too few people are doing it because of it. It is wide open story telling my friend there are channels here on YouTube that all they do is they find stories and they turn on a camera and they tell the story, or they tell multiple stories within one video and maybe there’s a few photographs or something. 

If it’s an old story, a few photographs of vintage. Wrinkle throughout that is it now. 

Why do I like this idea of storytelling so much? It’s because the potential for content ideas is almost limitless. 

What you’re doing, especially if you’re doing true stories or based on true stories, what you’re doing is you’re finding those stories, and then you can create a whole bunch of stories, create theme stories, create videos, telling stories and what you do then is you turn on the camera and you tell the story. 

Now obviously you need the skill set of good storytelling, but you have the advantage of a naturally higher retention rate because people are just interested in this story. 

They want to hear the entire thing, and also if you tell it in your own words with your own face with your own voice, then you never have issues of getting copyright strikes or things like that because the story was a public story in the 1st place and you created your own piece of content about it. That can’t always be said for reaction style of channels. 


Personality Focus

Just behave like a Personality like, Doctor, Real estate Agent.

This idea I’m calling a personality focus channel is at #10 in the list of best YouTube Channel Ideas. Now there are a lot of similarities between this one and the Tradesperson channel idea. This one what I’m talking about is you have an expertise. 

Let’s say you’re a Real Estate Agent and all you do is you create a YouTube channel based on the back story or the personality or the lifestyle of being A real estate agent. Now the major difference between a personality focus channel and a tradesperson channel is personality. Your focus is on the lifestyle and the reactions. 

And the I am a persona of a doctor, for example, and I’m reacting to scenes in doctor shows or I’m the persona of a real estate agent and I’m showing you the behind the scenes of what I’m doing. 

Personality like, Doctor

When I’m preparing a property for sale and red flags and things to avoid and things to do now the reason why I like this channel idea so much is because you can tap into something that nobody else is doing.  Relatively, when you look at all the numbers of what’s on YouTube versus not on YouTube, all of the people. Let’s use real estate as an example. All of the realist. 

Agents, how many of them are creating a really interesting YouTube channel? So few and it’s wide open. The opportunity is huge and every time that I see someone get on YouTube and they say I’m already an expert, something is similar to the Tradesperson right? 

But every time I see someone get on here and they say I’m going to make entertaining content whether or not. People actually care about buying a home right now, or not. 

I’m just using the real estate example. Right, whether or not they care about that. I’m just going to show up behind the scenes and I’m going to make it entertainment focused. I’m going to answer People’s questions are going to react to pieces of content that are already out there. 

Familiar pieces of content every time that I see a channel doing that and they do it well, they follow a sequence, and they make sure that they focus on the entertainment aspect, not necessarily on the Information aspect. 

The second thing is, as you are deciding which of these channel ideas to do on your own channel, you’re going to need a plan to implement it. Specifically, what sequence of events will you need to do? 

I picked an idea, Now what do I do with it? 

I would say this sequence so go ahead and watch either this one or this one or both next and we’ll see you next. 

Now, tell me what you think about these YouTube channel ideas. Anyone you have tried? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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