Total War Warhammer 3: Console Commands and Cheats

The four Chaos Gods in Total War: Warhammer 3 can have a big effect on the game’s map, especially if you play as one of their champions. But the best thing about full mod support is that it lets you use the power console commands to become an equal or even greater god.

Even though cheating isn’t the way to play Total War: Warhammer 3, you might not always want to start a new campaign when your Skaven friend shows his true colours. You can even things out by getting a sudden influx of gold or stealing regions from your enemies. Console commands let you do this without dancing to Tzeentch’s tune.

Total War Warhammer 3: Console Cheats and Commands

Thanks to modder prop joe’s work, there are cheats in Total War: Warhammer III. If you played the last game in the series, you may already know what they do.

Total War Warhammer 3: Console Cheats and Commands
Console Cheats and Commands

If you subscribe to the above-linked mod, you’ll get a new button in the top left corner of the interface. This button opens a text box where you can type different console commands. Here are some of them, as described by the person who made the mod.

Total War Warhammer 3 Console Commands Cheats 2
Console Cheats and Commands
  • give gold number – gives number of golds to the player (can also be negative), if you have a settlement selected it will give gold to the faction owning the settlement
  • give gold – gives 50000 gold to the player, same faction things as above
  • fow on – fog of war on
  • fff – fog of war off
  • am – restore selected char movement points
  • mov – gives the selected character a buff with bonus movement points (applied after you end the turn)
  • mov off – removes the buff with bonus movement points from the selected character (removed after you end the turn)
  • au unit_key number – add number of units with unit_key to selected army*
  • au unit_key – add unit with unit_key to selected army*
  • add axp number – add number of ranks to all units of selected army
  • add axp – add 1 rank to all units of selected army
  • add xp number – add number of xp points to the selected character, unembed heroes to give them xp
  • primary number – set primary slot level of selected region to number
  • primary – set primary slot level of selected region to max
  • region – gives 1000 growth, 1000 horde growth and 1 turn build speed to all player regions
  • region off – turns off region
  • gr – gives the player ownership of the selected region
  • gr faction_key – gives faction_key ownership of the selected region, if a faction has no regions or armies on the map you can’t give them a region, spawn them an army first
  • abandon – makes the selected region be abandoned
  • kill – kills (or wounds if immortal) the selected character and his army
  • technology – gives the player +2000% research speed
  • technology number – gives the player number% research speed (can also be negative)
  • technology off – remove the technology bonuses
  • global rec number – changes the player’s global recruitment time by number of turns (use negative value to lower)
  • global rec off – remove the global recruitment time bonuses
  • heal number – sets health of each unit in the selected army to number, that is between 0-100
  • to_pool agent_key agent_subtype_key – adds a lord to the player faction recruit pool, the name will be blank and the character won’t be immortal, cross-race stuff won’t work without table adjustments, see link to my mod below for Lords
  • item ancillary_key – gives the player an ancillary (items characters can equip), giving mounts won’t work, some items are culture-locked
  • tele – first select a character, then select another character or a settlement as a teleport target, after that typing tele will teleport the character
  • at trait_key – adds a trait to the selected character, e.g. add trait wh2_dlc09_trait_defeated_settra
  • at trait_key points – for traits with multiple levels
  • rt trait_key – removes a trait
  • spawn subtype faction_key units – spawns an army next to selected character or settlement, use one of the general subtypes, faction_key and units are optional

You have a lot of choices, from giving yourself a small or big boost to changing your character or the map in powerful ways.

But if you try to add lords or units from other factions to your army, the console commands mod for Total War: Warhammer III might not work the way you want it to. In practice, they can T-pose or not work in battle, which requires table edits that are “beyond the scope/purpose of this mod.”

Here’s what you need to know about the console commands and cheats in Total War: Warhammer III. Check out the plans for the game after it comes out for more help with it.

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