Undertaking: 4th Quest in Diablo 4 – A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the new quest of Diablo 4, where brave adventurers like you can go on exciting quests. After you finish the Prologue and move into Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith, the fourth quest in the game’s campaign, “Undertaking” will make your journey even more exciting.

A Comprehensive Guide to Undertaking: 4th Quest in Diablo 4

As your experienced guides, we’ll lead you through this dangerous quest and give you the tips and strategies you need to finish it quickly.


Down Into The Mine

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Once you’ve finished The Knight and the Magpie, it’s time to go deeper into the dangerous mine and find Lilith, who is very strong. Get ready to fight against hordes of enemies, such as dangerous Skeletons and strong Giant Bats.

If you keep going down the winding path, you’ll soon come to a set of steps that go down. But it looks like fate had other ideas when Vigo finds that the lift is stuck.


Finding an Alternate Route

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Don’t worry; a locked door close by gives you a way out. Neyrelle, your clever friend, offers to squeeze through a small hole to open the door so she can help you. While she works her magic, be ready to defend yourself against an unexpected wave of enemies.

Once the enemies have been defeated, go through the opened door. The adventure will continue as you go deeper into the tunnels.


Going into the depths

 A Comprehensive Guide to Undertaking: 4th Quest in Diablo 4
A Comprehensive Guide to Undertaking: 4th Quest in Diablo 4

As you move into the Collapsing Depths, be ready for more challenges. Go through the door at the bottom of the stairs and keep going down the path. Along the way, you’ll cross a strong bridge. You’ll find a new Opening, and as you interact with it, you’ll feel like the end of this exciting quest is getting closer.


Triumph in Undertaking

 A Comprehensive Guide to Undertaking: 4th Quest in Diablo 4

You could get past the problems and enemies in your way because you were determined and skilled. You’ve gone deeper into the mine, and your search for Lilith brings you one step closer to figuring out what’s going on. This victory marks the end of the Undertaking quest and prepares you for even more difficult challenges in Diablo 4.

Important FAQs

How do I start the Undertaking quest?

To start the Undertaking quest, you need to first complete the Prologue in Diablo 4. Afterward, you can move on to Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith, where the quest becomes available.

What is the Collapsing Depths in the Undertaking quest?

The Collapsing Depths is a section you’ll encounter during the Undertaking quest. You’ll need to navigate through this area, dealing with additional challenges and adversaries.

What should I be prepared for after completing the Undertaking quest?

Triumph in the Undertaking quest brings you closer to uncovering the mysteries in Diablo 4. As you continue your adventures, be sure to equip yourself with powerful gear, form alliances, and stay vigilant against the ever-present forces of darkness.


As you keep going on your adventures in Diablo 4, remember to get powerful gear, make alliances, and watch out for the forces of darkness. Each quest gives you a different experience; with our help, you can do all of them well.

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Stay tuned for more exciting guides and valuable tips that will help you face the challenges ahead. May your journey in Diablo 4 be full of victories and things that will go down in history?

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